Lesbian Support Websites?

Does anyone have input on some good lesbian/bi-sexual support websites (or at least one) that can give be given to a teenage girl that has questions about her sexuality?

No website, but if you want to pass my e-mail along to her, you can. I’m a twenty-three year old Catholic lesbian who used to be VP of my university’s LGBTQA organization. I’ve given the it’s okay to be gay talk to a wide variety of different people. Of course, if she doesn’t feel comfortable e-mailing a complete stranger about her personal life, that’s okay too. I’ll do some digging for websites.

After some searching, here are websites that I’ve come up with. I’d preview them first to see if they look like something that would work for the teen in question:

Ask Alice’s Section on GLBTQ issues
Planet Out’s Teen Section
Out Proud, this one should be good. It’s The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth. It loaded really slowly for me.
Scarleteen, a sex ed site for teens; definitely check this one out before sending her the link. I haven’t done any sort of thorough checking out of the page. It looks okay, but it could easily be totally bizarre.

**MissMossie[/B, does that offer extend to other girls? I have been in touch with a nineteen year old Mexican girl…her parents actively and loudly disparage gays in front of her, and she is not out (to them at least). I don’t know if she’ll take you up on the offer but I’d like to pass it along to her. I can talk to her about growing up in a repressive house but she has it worse than I ever do.

I was trying to remember a couple but quickly found that every search I could come up with was giving me porn…I decided to wait until I’m home to do anymore looking.

Anaamika, I don’t see why not. Pass along my e-mail address and let her know, if nothing else, that I’m there as an anonymous person to vent to.

Not lesbian help but…I have a friend who went through both becoming a vegan and m-f gender reassignment with the help of her friends from LiveJournal. I don’t think anyone in her “meatspace” life could have helped her but was amazed to see the support she got and the friends she made through posting entries on LiveJournal and joining groups of other journalers who went through the same thing.

Your friendly pediatric consumer health librarian (me) recommends the book “GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer and Questioning Teens” by Kelly Huegel.


Freespirit publishes some seriously amazing books, I love them!