Let's all have a better week in the MMP

Today I watched the last boil of Turkey Buzzards on their way south. Winter is really here darkness will rule for forever. Thankfully I was able to fill a bowl with cherry tomatoes today and our Romas are doing pretty well too.

I finished my library ebook and now must go do battle with the face-eating thing (actually, with my CPAP it’s more of a nose-eating device).

Some devilish cat is knocking things over, I keep hearing crashes. While I was gone today they pushed a jar of pesto out of the cupboard, which knocked a new-to-me last week bud vase onto the quarry kitchen tile floor, with predictable results. The pesto is fine, the bud vase, which was destined for my daughter, is no more. Has to be either Pudgebutt or Moxie crashing around now. Sal is too timid.

Tomorrow I teach an English literacy class for adults, which I’m enjoying. So many opportunities to say “English, it’s a mighty funny language”. They are refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, India, Myanmar and Iraq. All of which puts my measly troubles in perspective. We meet at the library and I never have to run around after them, referreeing like metal mouse has to in his volunteer work.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

Morning, mumpers! It’s 13c/56f with a predicted high of 15c/59f and mostly cloudy. Weather app says “This might very well be the perfect day to shit in the yard. If you’re a fucking dog.” Fair enough, it’s cloudy but there are patches of blue and it’s sunny at the moment. Still taking advantage of plumbing and indoor facilities though!

From the last MMP, Nellie - the political situation here is causing a lot of confusion and bad feeling. The total mismanagement of absolutely everything by our current government has done nothing but make a bad situation even worse. They have been in power (in one form or another) for the last decade so it’s not like the self-serving pocket-lining cretins are something new. They allowed a referendum on Brexit but said it was only as a guideline which they weren’t obliged to follow, then followed it anyway, and that’s what has caused the most trouble out of all the ridiculous things they’ve done.

BBBoo you are such a kind soul to help refugees with their language skills, it is something basic and practical that will help them in so many ways. It’s good that they have someone with such patience, kindness and empathy to help them.

I am at irk, it is irksome. We have no access to our shared drives due to some technical jiggery-pokery that’s gone wrong so the only files I can do any work on are the ones we have stored in Teams. 'im indoors booked us a short trip to Spain for the end of January so I am creating a simple annual leave tracker for next year. Very good use of my time!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 49 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 81 and N.O.S. for the day. Cleanin’ lady comes to spiff up da cave today. That is the big item on the agenda. Sup shall be steak (ribeyes to be exact), baked N.O.T., sallit, and cheesey garlic bread. This due mostly to a gnawin’ and a cravin’ for a ribeye on my part. The usual sloth shall take care of the rest of the day.

Nellie YIKES! That had to be scary for you cause it was scary for me just to read.

Boo good on you with the English literacy class! Also, from last week’s MMP, Harriet’s Hallowe’en costume sounds like it will be da bomb!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

From the last MMP:

That would be raku, unless there’s a ceramics streaming channel I don’t know about… :wink: I took a class in raku some years back, and it resulted in one of my favorite pieces. I considered having FCD make me a raku kiln, but somehow, I kinda forgot.

Woke stupid early again, but I fell back to sleep for a couple more hours, so it’s good. FIL is getting a tooth pulled today - FCD will be leaving for their place shortly to help his mom get his dad ready. I pulled the car into the drive so when the HVAC guys get here to do the semi-annual system check, he won’t be blocked in.

I need to bring the smoker inside and clean it up, and I’m going to rotiss the last chicken, hack it up, and freeze the hacked parts. :open_mouth: Once the HVAC guys are done, I intend to mop the kitchen floor - it’s looking kinda gross. I may clean the bathrooms also. We’ll see how long my motivation lasts.

And so it begins. Happy Moanday!!

Morning everyone. 71F here w high of 79 predicted. Already raining and supposed to continue the whole day. We’re still camping (since Wednesday) and decided to stay another day or two. Easier/safer than driving home in the rain. Nothing planned but lounging, cooking, and watching movies. Will probably put chicken in the air fryer for dinner and various vegetables.

Hope everyone has a good week!

My nephew posted a “memory” on FB of their trip to Puerto Vallarta a few years ago. I commented that “Good thing you’re not there today.” He is. The storm just missed them. They were there years ago when a hurricane came through, and were evacuated.

I woke up 30 minutes ago because I heard a weird sound , and my stoopit over-dramatic brain shouted, HE’S IN THE APARTMENT! :roll_eyes: So I did what every horror movie ever written says not to do: got up to check. And now I’m wide awake. And I have no idea what the sound was. It sounded like a cat yawning. I don’t have a cat…or a cat burglar, apparently.

Today I have an appointment with the itch doc, which is a good thing because the shots didn’t work so well this time. Then I have to hustle home and wait for a call from anesthesia re: next Monday’s surgery. Oh, and before all that, I have to call the eye clinic about THAT surgery. I’m starting to feel like Swiss cheese . And I need to head to the gym. I would do that now except I’m too chicken to go out there in the dark.

BooFae, that sounds awful, like Sari’s Cerby is running the country. I don’t know what’s going on in the world, but the inmates do seem to be running the asylum.

It sure is a hodgepodge. When a student complained about it, I’d say,“I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them. A little old lady in Last Frump, Kansas makes the rules. She lives to torment people.”


It’s raining again. :slight_smile:

Morning all. Up at 7am, it’s 46F but heading for 80F and still no rain in the forecast. Today is the “S” day (shopping/sammich/swimmin/sauna/soccer), so should remain reasonably active.

Should be a good week, only 2 soccer practices (it gets to dark these days to practice without lights) and the last games should be this weekend. Do banking and the Great November Shopping trip sometime later this week.

nellie, you’re brain is not being over-dramatic; admit it or not you had a scare last week and your brain remembers that. Take care.

FCM, hope the tooth-pulling goes OK; if FIL is still hallucinating badly, hard to say what he’ll think of the dentist.

Boo Fae, hey, look at the good side; You might be getting BoJo back… :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :wink:

BBBoo, glad you’re doing the ESL thing, hope it goes well. And yeah, like the old quote goes: “English doesn’t “borrow” from other languages: It follows them down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes through their pockets for loose grammar and valuable vocabulary.”

JtC, well, if darkness is to rule, at least you have tomatoes…and the sun will come back in a bit; there is a reason for everything, and that reason is usually physics…

OK, that’s all for the morning shift. All y’all take care.

Mornin’ all. I’m up and at the shop, killing time until the glasses place is open. Might spark up the CNC and make some things, then get on the horn to clients I sent quotes to last week. Well, let’s not be silly, I ain’t actually calling anybody, I’ll send follow-up emails.

Perhaps you dreamed the sound? I often hear people walking around in my house… OK, it’s the cats, but it sure sounds like people. Interesting how in the dark of the night, things can sound so different.

If past events are any indication, he’ll think the dentist has cats and birds in the office. No clue why cats and birds seem to dominate his hallucinations these days.

I am somewhat pissed. Yesterday, I got email and a text from the HVAC company about today’s appointment. After they were not here when expected, I called and was told I wasn’t given an appointment time, but a 1-hour call-ahead. OK, whatever. Then they called back and said they’d schedule me for another day - also as a 1-hour call-ahead. Nov 21. Sheesh. It’s not a huge deal - our system is about a year old, so I’m sure it’s fine. But this still ticks me off. I"m thinking an email to the company may be in order. It’s more of an annoyance than an inconvenience, but considering the two contacts yesterday, I gotta wonder, WTF???

I’ve cleaned the icky parts from the smoker, and it’s back in its home. I’m making ice. I’m going to finish reading my cheesy novel, then attack the kitchen floor. FCD might get home early this afternoon.

Yep, it’s a Moanday.

Last week was exhausting. Weather swings from barn jacket/ear muffs/gloves to “it’s 76 in the house, should I turn on the a/c?” Ariel had the vet, body work, and her feet trimmed on consecutive days so I was at the barn all the time. Mix in a few dinners out. I spent Saturday in my pjs. Today is the last 74 degree day then the rain moves in.

We’re looking at low- to mid-70s for highs here, with lows in the 40s.

It’s just as well I don’t have any in-person medical stuff scheduled for at least a couple of weeks. I finally scraped up some motivation to tackle the chaos zone known as my walk-in bedroom closet, and managed to have a fairly heavy box slip and a corner of it hit my face while I was lifting it onto a high shelf. At Kaiser, just about every visit I’m asked about my safety at home, so I suspect an actual facial injury would really worry them. :slight_smile:

Of course, I neglected to grab the back brace, so now need to let the Advil kick in before I continue operations.

Hippovovalisation the Feces.

There. I finally said it.

In other news, Jumpin’ Jiminee! I just happened to see my horoscope on Yahoo.

You are thinking and maybe worrying about your health, and today is the right time to take a positive step. Make an appointment, take a long walk, or steam some broccoli, but do it soon!

I’m leaving for my physical therapy appointment in about half an hour, I take 3+ mile walks regularly, and I often steam (or microwave) broccoli. *LOL*

So, Super Ken is on vacation, as is the back up supervisor for Smalls. So guess who gets to come in early this week, and set up the accursed machines?

Happy Moonday!

It was a not so bad 56 degrees at the park this morning.
That was good.
Barky and Humpy are back.
Everybody got there at the same time, and Ripple and Echo wouldn’t even go into the big dog side once they saw Lucy dad. Rocky went on the small side too, although his mom came on the big side with me. Until the barking became too much.

Barky and Humpy got Cerby barking with them.
At least he shuts up when I tell him to. Without thinking I hushed Humpy too.

Cerby is bad with barking. He wants to stay outside all day and night, but he barks at EVERYTHING. He will stop when I tell him NO, but then something else sets him off again.
A leaf blows by, a car goes by, he sees a squirrel, he sees a cat, he sees a rabbit, the people two doors down are outside talking, just bark bark bark bark bark.
He doesn’t come when called, I couldn’t find him this morning. At least my dogs will lift their heads or peek around the corner so I know where they are,
It’s hard to get him to come inside. Treats don’t irk for him.
He knew I was mad at him last night for barking, so he wouldn’t come near me.
He needs so much irk.

I’ve been on the phone most of the morning, most of the calls for him.
He needs his scripts filled, and I want all of his records transferred to my vet. He’s been to several vets, and under different last names.
I want to start him in daycare this week if possible. I’m waiting for a call back from them.

Then in the middle of his calls I got a text from my Dr about an appointment Hump Day. I’m like oh shit, I can’t do it. but managed to get it turned into a televisit.

Still, on my list for today is to call unemployment, re-pot the plants, and make stuffed shells (no real irk there) and a few other things that I can just heat and eat, and finish the last load of laundry. The dryer just stopped so I can put the clothes in a basket for my son to carry upstairs. The way things have been going, I will be living out of the basket. I need to switch the summer and winter clothes anyway. I really need to call to set up physical therapy. I have no idea when I can fit it in, but I guess I need to do it.

I wonder how many plants I can re-pot while sitting on hold with unemployment?

We should fill out our ballots today too. Voting day is coming up quick, and I have to do some research on a few more candidates and issues.

And call and check up in the downspout.

Ugh, it never ends.

BooFae Good luck with the new government. “New”, ha. Does this start the clock again on timing for a General Election?

Good for you :slight_smile: Mumpers are the nicest people!

Ack! I hope you heal up quickly.

Hippo roar the sh*t?

Extra money? :money_mouth_face:

The nice thing about sheep dogs is that they are smart. Once he gets the rhythm of things, he should settle down. I know you’re up to your ears in feces at the moment, so it’s really nice of you to add him to your mix. Hugs

The movers are here today packing up the house. The dogs are not yelling their fool heads off, which is lovely of them. I took the 2 little dogs over to my parents’ house, and the big 2 are sitting very, very close to me. Something is clearly up and they are keeping a close eye on me.

I hate moving, but if I have to do it, then doing it with help is the way to go. The move itself happens tomorrow and then I’ve got organizers coming the 2 days after that to help me unpack. I still can’t quite visualize myself in another house, but reality is overtaking me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take care and Happy Monday.

It’s not quite 1:30. The kitchen floor is clean. The bathrooms are clean. The upstairs is vacuumed. I fed my face. Plus I did a fair bit of reading of my trashy romance novel. Back to it, then.