Life is a Beach-An End of Summer MMP

A friend of mine decided to throw an end of summer party at his brother’s house on Lake Gaston. My friend McGyver(a well earned nickname, he whittled a cork for a wine bottle while we were there) brought his boat. We packed up Saturday morning, and headed north. We ran into a slight problem, as the van’s front tire threw it’s tread. Why? It was manufactured in 2001 :eek: After much tinkering, McGyver replaced it with the doughnut spare(made in 1992) :eek: :eek: (Key quote from M, “But it only has 37,000 miles on it!”) The rest of the trip was uneventful. We unpacked, put the boat(a nice 30 footer with a 454 in it) in the water, and grilled some burgers and had a beer. After lunch, we headed out on the boat. We ended up on Womble Island. Womble island is a small island, connected to the shore by a sandbar. People anchor there boats, put chairs on the sand bar and hang out. Saturday, there were 14 boats, 100 people, and a lady cutting hair. We hung out and had a beer, the went tubing. I was one of the few to not get flipped off the tube. We headed back, then did dinner. We had raw oysters, Low Country Boil, and my friend C baked brownies and cheesecake. We stayed up a bit and talked, then crashed. Sunday breakfast was scrambled eggs with peppers, fruit, and the pack of English muffins that the one dog didn’t eat. We went back out to Womble Island, and helped a guy catch a catfish(he had 4 rods going). It started to rain, so we packed up, and headed back. We dried off, had lunch and packed the cars for the ride home. As the last bag went into the cars, the sun came out. :smack: The ride home was uneventful, but I got rained on when I got to the apartment. Oh well, back to work in the morning. If anybody puts up their pictures, I will post them here.

Sounds like fun!

Also, I wanted to send a shout out to my sweetie, TVMan…

**I love you!!! ** And thanks for making my days a little brighter. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a fun weekend! One of my friends threw an end of summer BBQ at the end of August, it was quite poorly attended and for one reason and another turned out to be the miserable event I’ve been to in a long while.

So much for the end of summer, over here it doesn’t feel as if summer ever really got started. Maybe next year, huh?

I am at irk, irked and irksome. I do not predict a very good day. And my crates haven’t arrived yet so I can’t start packing. Good. I don’t want to move, so I might just refuse to pack anyway.

Up, caffeinated, off to irk.

I am VunderBob, Massacre-er of Frogs.

Said rain that DogBut and Spaz mentioned hit Cottonfield County late in the day, and fell for most of the night, which had the effect of bringing out the frogs and toads wherever the roads I travel to work pass through the swamps. At one point, I passed through an area where there must have been a density of jumping amphibians reaching 1 per square foot. Driving the Foombile at 50 MPH through the frog parade left a wake of carnage that the crows will appreciate once daylight is full.

Other than that, all I have to say is my butt hurts, and I’ll be calling the doctor’s office shortly to see if they can fit me in. I fear that it may be sciatica. :frowning:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’.

Sounds like a good time was had by all doggio! It’s been a while since I’ve hung out at a sandbar on a lake or river. It’s kinda hard to pack up and go when all I have to do is walk a few feet out in my back yahd to the cee-mint pond. Still, I’ve had some good times (some of which I even remember! :smiley: ) on lake and river sandbars.

It rained most of last night apparently but I did not know it cause when I went sleepy bye I went sleepy bye big time. It’s supposed to rain most of today too. We shall see. It’s also a bit cooler. Not that it’s cool weatherwise by any stretch of the imagination, just cooler.

I have chicken boobs on to boil. They shall be turned into chikin ‘n dumplin’s cause I got me a gnawin’ and a cravin’ for some.

My stomach feels all jibberty.

Howdy all.

Waiting for a back X-ray. My self diagnosis of sciatica was concurred. The silly hospital left a terminal out where I could use it, too.

I walked down to feed the horses this morning in the grey before the sun was up, and walked face-frist into a cobweb spun across the path. Ugh! It always feels like you don’t get it all off.

My next door neighbor went in this morning for a cesearian. I figure I ought to do something nice for them and buy their kids a puppy. Or a pony. Maybe I’ll just make a cheesecake.

Nice OP, doggio! Hanging out near the water is always a good time.

Ouch on the sciatica, Bobbio. I have that, too, and it can be a big pain (literally!) I find that lying on my back and pulling my knee up to my face helps stretch it out some. Your frog story reminds me of when I was a delivery driver near Waco, Tx. It was the summer of turtle migration. It was so sad. I tried to save many of them, but it was impossible to save them all.

I am going over to the welder’s shop in a bit to look at my latest creation in progress. That will be fun!

We got a cool front in yesterday. I awoke to the loveliness of 62° amurrikun this morning!! And low humidity. That’s the best part!

My x-ray tech was a comedienne.

“What brings you here for an x-ray?”

“Well, my butt hurts.”

She had me drop trou before I got on the table. The last shot of a series of 5 had me laying on my left side, so my substantial ass was pointed directly at her control booth. After it was done she came out from her roost and said, “I think I know why your butt hurts.” There was a twinkle in her voice.

“OK, why?”

“You have a big ol’ crack in it.” :smiley:

“Ya know, you’re a smartass. I like that in a person.”

I think I’m in luuuuuurve…


The server gods are messing with me. My queries are just sitting in queue. ARGH!

standing ovation

I woke up grumpy. I need to quit doing that.

You should have let him sleep…

Those of you who don’t play the Celebrity Deathpool might have missed this new entry in Ironic Deaths of Amusement. It is very much worth your while to click on that link.

I am on the horns of a dilemma, and have decided to turn to my fellow Mumpers. :smiley:

Two weeks ago I got the contingent job offer that I told y’all about. The final approvals have taken awhile, but I got “the call” today and now we’re working out my start date. Seems like it might work out best for all parties if my last day at my current job is 10/15, which just happens to be my official layoff date. If I stay through 10/15, I become eligible for a severance package equal to three weeks’ salary. Not a fortune, but money is tight (as always) and it would be really helpful. But would it be wrong to file the severance claim if I already know that I have a job starting the next business day? It certainly wouldn’t be illegal, and there are no prohibitions regarding employment outside of the company, but it feels a little…weird. The angel on my shoulder says “severance is for the unemployed, it wouldn’t be right to take it” but the devil says “you wouldn’t be changing jobs if it weren’t for the layoff, take the money.”

What do y’all think? Am I making too big a deal out of the severance thing? Am I a bad person if I take it and start my new job right away?

Missy, work at the old job to keep the severance coming. They’re buying you off to go out the door quietly.

It’s not (state) unemployment money, which would be illegal and unethical to take when you have a different gig.

ETA: Besides, you way well have a gap in insurance coverage with the new guys, which is covered by the severance period and money. I went to a new job where health coverage started 2 weeks after the first day.

So, I haven’t made an appearance in a MMP in a long time, just droppin’ by to say “hi”.
And, I don’t want to say goodbye to summer.

BBBobbio ouchie on the sciatica but yay on the smartass xray tech. I love me a good smartass too. :smiley:

Missy take the severance. IMO you earned it and deserve it. I’d have no qualms whatsoever.

{{{Misstee}}}. Would it help if we sent you all our love in a letter sealed with a kiss. Howzat for an earworm!

Spaz I shall have to check that out.

BooFae has it been a pointy stick kind of day?

I went to Tarjay. Coke products were on sell, twelvpacks four for eleven dollars. I bought eight cause I already had a bunch of the diet kind and I got regular for OYKW. Exit fee (why do we call it an entrance fee when you have to pay it to get out?) twenty two dollahs and eight eight cents Amurrkin.

Chikin ‘n dumplin’s smellin’ good! MMMMMMMMM

And now for some TMI…

I got booty called! HEE! Not that I am the least bit interested and said so (politely of course, da bear gots manners after all!) but still, ya know, sometimes it’s nice to get asked ain’t it! He made it explicitly clear he wanted to have sex. Guess I’m just too sexy and attractive for my own good. It’s a curse I’ve learned to live with. :stuck_out_tongue: