The Spring Break Beach Party MMP

All the people I know around here seem to be in agreement that this winter has been particularly annoying. Last winter, it felt like it would never stop snowing (I’m looking at you, February!), but this year we’ve wanted winter to be over sooner and more enthusiastically, mainly because of the ice we’ve…ermmmm…enjoyed.

Even though it’s warmed up in the last couple of days, I think it’s time for Spring Break. I would quite happily head to someplace warm where I could hang out on the beach, enjoy a refreshing beverage and generally forget that it gets cold in winter.

So let’s have a beach party! I’ve brought some huge beach umbrellas and there are some lovely fresh coconuts with straws in them. What are you bringing? And what are we going to play?

first? Yay.

now back to work fileing reports.

Good morning, up and caffeinating, even though it is Monday. :wink:

Oh yeah, beach party for sure! I’ve got the makings for strawberry daquiris and pina coladas too, so that’s definitely party time. :slight_smile: I just need sunglasses to keep the bright sunlight out of my eyes. LOL

Thanks GT, I think we all need this! Oh, and be looking out for the NCAA tournament pairings - my son’s school is New Mexico Highlands University. Don’t know if they’ll get an invite this year, but I’m watching for them. :slight_smile:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN ‘Tis Monday. Le Sigh. Today besides irk I need to take twuck in for an oil change. Sometimes that can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Sometimes not. I’m hopin’ I can get in and out of the Ford place quickly.

Beach party! Can we hold it by the pool? I’ve got a cooler full of beer. Cans only. No glass at the pool please. We need chips and dip too! Woohoo!!!

Ok that was enough excitatement for this early in the day. I need me some more caffiene and some brekkie for rumbly tummy. Then irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!

I’ve got sand castle stuff. Who wants to build?

Ps. I still like winter…

Thank you for absolving me of OPing this week. :wink:

I’m going back to Mayberry this coming weekend, so I can supply sand for the party if you like.

Where is the beer? I’ll only need 3. Where are the nubile women? I’ll only need 3 of them, too… :wink:

I’m sure I’m the equivalent of 3 women - will I do? oh, and I’ll bring the frisbees (I won’t play, but I’ll bring 'em)

it’s a rainy blech-y day, but AT LEAST IT AIN’T SNOW! :wink:

How you doin’?

Off to the base for Monday meetings. Blech.

I got two coolers we can use.

I’ve got sunscreen.
Quick, what type of soup would go with rosemary raisin bread? I’m having people over for lunch.

The swap was great and I stole hundreds of clothes from Muppet. I admire her taste in clothes.

Morning! Yeah, I’m sick of winter. We didn’t have one. We got one small spitting of snow, which only stuck for a couple of hours. All I want is a good snowstorm. Is that too much to ask?

LiLi, having never had rosemary raisin bread, I’m no help. I’d probably just make a tomato soup, just because it sounds good.

I’m pretty much good with a bottle of water, some low SPF, a comfy chair and a book. But I’ll bring whatever anyone doesn’t want to carry!

I’ve got the aloe. You know someone will get sunburned.

I’ll bring a big stack of frisbees and I just may know where I can get my hands on an original Coyote dune-buggy. Anyone else want to play Rat Patrol with me?

That would be me. I need an SPF equivalent to a lead suit if I get out in the sun.

Yet another sure sign of the end of winter: Tornado watches covering Navytown, Mayberry, and all the land in between. Boo-yah. :rolleyes:

Last day of February in CA is 65 and sunny :D. This has been a long winter though it just seemed to start sooooo early. Anyway I can bring snacks.

I am off to Atlanta tomorrow for a flying visit.

I’ve got veggies and dip. And a little bikini. :wink:

My on call weekend actually went really well! It was shocking. I’ve been pulled back from the ledge as far as looking for a new job goes. I really do like this job so as long as it doesn’t include miserable weekends of work, I’m happy.

I went a little crazy with cooking this weekend. I made buckwheat buttermilk blueberry pancakes, a beet salad, a wheatberry salad, a black sesame and tofu soba noodle thing, spaghetti sauce, and I finally tried the ugly chocolate cake. The ugly cake is also the PITA cake. It’s a loaf cake, and I just figured that loaf pans are a standard size and didn’t measure mine, which turned out to be considerably smaller than the one the recipe should be baked in. So the cake batter went all over the oven. ::sigh:: So despite the recipe’s admonition to wait until the next day to eat it, we sampled the pile of cake that had formed on the bottom of the oven. I liked it, but KT thought it tasted like someone was trying to make a healthy dessert (I didn’t have spelt flour so substituted rye.) and compared it to making s’mores on a rye cracker. So not a fan. I still served it at lunch the next day when we had friends who are open to experimentation over, and it was really really good. The health-food rye flavor was completely gone, replaced by a dense chocolate flavor combined with a really rich molasses flavor and just a fresh hint of lemon. Very good. One caveat if anyone does consider making it, the muscovado sugar is super expensive. I wanted to try it just to know how it tastes, but I’d probably use brown sugar in the future.

Would turbinado work? (“Sugar In The Raw”)…

Woo! taxi, if I didn’t have cake coming out my ears right now I might make that. I’m still thinking about our conversation about roasts, but honestly I only do pot roast or roast chicken.
I made a sweet potato and parsnip soup with ginger for lunch. It was gooood. We’ll have it for dinner with cheese on toast. Mmm.