Life's a beach: A vacation MMP

It’s 0730 on a Monday, and I’m still on vacation. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s 2:30 PM on a Monday, and I’m well towards the end of my second Work Day this week. :frowning:

Also, first!!

Second. I got nuthin.

No vacation for moi this year. I get to pack and move. Wahoo!


I’m at irk, it is irksome. It’s also wet, cold and miserable outside. Inside at least I am warm and have a cup of tea. Why is there no cake? I need cake. I deserve cake. I should definitely have cake.

Ahem. Fourth. :smiley:

Fifth. It’s both my place & what I want. Scotch, Vodka, Rum, I don’t care because I need to go to irksome irk. :(:frowning:

Yeah, **Boo **-- go Fourth and… learn how to count or sumtin’… :stuck_out_tongue:

Read but did not post last week. **Boo **-- sorry to hear of your relationship difficulties. Anything up with that?

Also, yay(…?) to Rosie for getting the ball rolling on moving!

Vacation is one of those long multi-syllable words whose meaning eludes me.

Good morning, welcome to Monday! :stuck_out_tongue:

I started my day with paint. **FCD **wants his ugly metal storage cabinets painted a nice, fresh almond. He cleaned and masked so that I could apply the paint today (he hates to paint, he does a crappy job, and it’s just best that I do the painting in this household.) Anyway, I was in the basement a bit before 6 and I wrapped it all up a bit after 7:30, including being interrupted by the phone. The first coat looks less awful than the unpainted cabinets, so there’s that. It may take 2 more coats to look good.

But for now, it’s drying, I’m showered and half-dressed (don’t get pervy - I put on my robe for now - real clothes will follow later.) I just had some breakfast - PB& peach J on whole grain toast, washed down with diet coke - breakfast of champions!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: About 9:30, I’ll don attire appropriate for being seen in public and haul my assorted ceramic creations down to the almost-ready-to-open store. I’m hoping they can help me price the stuff reasonably. I don’t expect to make any real money to speak of, but if it covers my supplies, that’s great.

I finished my monstrously huge afghan last night. I think it definitely qualifies as “big enough for a twin bed” so the veterans’ home ladies will be pleased. Note the mysterious orb in the middle of the picture!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

One of my sisters went on a ghost tour and was convinced that all the “floating orbs” in her photos were evidence of mysterious presences. Silly me - I thought it meant there was dust on the lens… :rolleyes:

Thanks to a super good deal, we are going to have a vacation this year - an 8-day cruise to Bermuda and New England. We can manage it because it’s going out of Baltimore - no need to fly somewhere else. I decided in January that I like cruising for a vacation - they feed you and make your bed and change your towels and entertain you and you can do as much or as little as you want. And since we don’t drink or gamble, it really is a good deal for us.

**FCD **has built an ad for selling our boat. We shall see what comes of it.

And so goeth the morning… Happy Monday!

It’s hot, we’re in a drought, I hate summer. I had the hot flashes from hell yesterday and een though I took a shower after I worked out in the afternoon, I had to take a bath after Mad Men. I hate menopause. And how come I never get hot flashes when I’m cold?

It is 2:30 pm where I am at the moment and I am headed to LeMans, France to ooh and ahh over race cars.

It is cool and rainy and I will be camping but who cares? I will be at the 24 Heuers du Mans.

Mawnin all,
Up and caffinenating. Have to go to irk shortly, this is not why I got into the rock and roll biz. I am supposed to get up at noon

Blurfity blurf blurf

That is all


I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Up early Saturday, fired up the “Why the hell do I have a Ford F350 Diesel?” pickup, drove to Baltimore to pick up the kids, turned around and hauled ass to Delmar Delaware to a shop called Pedal Works, a bike shop owned by a family friend to pick up my reconditioned bike and buy a new bike for my daughter (to match the one we bought my son 2 months ago), then on to Princess Anne Maryland to my parents home.

There we all piled into my parent’s Honda & towed their boat (a 1966 17’ Boston Whaler that dad bought a month after I was born) to the Pocomoke River to go drag the kids on a tube for awhile. Both my parents are up there in age so driving the car and running the boat are my jobs (which is cool - dad only keeps the boat for me and my sister really) and we had fun though it was tough balancing the kids’ desires (faster, turn harder, try to throw us out of the tube!) and still not kill my mom & dad in the boat but everyone was happy in the end.

Then back home (picking up pizza at Pizza Hut) and a quiet night watching Where Eagles Dare with Richard Burton & Clint Eastwood. It was a short night of rest because… at 5 am I was up with my 12 year old daughter and off we went to go crabbing! By noon we were back with 2/3 of a bushel, 70 crabs and by 1 we were cracking & eating. From this came a nap then at 4 we were back on the water and off to the Nanticoke at Roaring Point, a cool sand bar that juts out into the river. It was high tide so the bar was under about a foot of water so I anchored tight to it and we all went swimming along the bar with the tide racing by for 3 hours, staying mostly underwater because of the greenhead flies. By 7:30 it was getting late so we jumped back in the boat, ran back to Deale Island, back on the trailer and then back to my parents for a quick cleanup then into the oversized pickup for the 3 hour ride back to their mom’s house in Baltimore.

Along the way a pit stop in the newly rebuilt McDonalds in Princess Anne (many of the McDonalds on the Eastern Shore are owned by the same guy - Kent Island, Easton, Cambridge & Princess Anne that I know of and in the last year he’s knocked each one down and rebuilt them. Clean, well designed, great service - honestly the best ones I have ever been to, and I’ve been to too many.) Then the long ride back as my son played a game on the laptop and my Energizer Bunny daughter passed out in the back. As we approached the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Kent Island I looked in my rear view mirror as a Honda Ridgeline pickup nearly runs into the back of us and then comes close to sideswiping the car next to us. As he sped by us I hit #77 quick and got MD Transportation Authority Police on the line as we hit the bridge (literally - the guy ran into the railing on the bridge 2x) and gave them location updated to try to catch him but he spun off at Sandy Point State Park before they could catch him. I turned on my handheld scanner and we listened as they tried to find him for a few minutes the suddenly one of the officers who wasn’t looking for him spotted him back on Kent Island on the other side of the bay (he had doubled back across the bridge!) Last we heard as we pulled out of range they were doing the soberiety game…

Finally back to Baltimore at midnight, then back home to Annapolis at 1 am. Into bed, passed out watching Mythbusters and only just woke up a little while ago to write this.

I’ll post pics and video soon.

After next week I will be on vacation where I will spend most of it with the kids doing this again and more. I can’t wait!

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

I’m with gotti. What’s a vacation? Is it one of those things where we go away and it’s a lot harder than being at home?
No, I didn’t get much sleep last night, thanks, so today I reserve the right to chocolate, baking a cake and eating it, and whining. :smiley: While eating cake. What kind should I make?

Ahem, an announcement: VunderKind is coming for a visit at the end of the month, and he’s bringing The Little Woman with him. The fact that she’s coming does not indicate wedding bells are in the near future, because she was invited and she’s still in college.

Yes, we plan on embarrassing him by showing her his baby pictures. :smiley:

We are also in the market for zebra-related stuff, 'cuz she’s a big zebra fan.

Back from turning over my inventory to the nice ladies running the new farmers’ market. If everything that I left there sells, I might get about $100, maybe. I didn’t realize they’d be taking 43% off the top. But many of the things I took didn’t cost me anything - I made them in class. And frankly, it’ll be nice to just get the stuff out of my basement. So we shall see. They’re hoping to open for business next Monday.

Not sure how I’ll spend the rest of the day. I’ve got some ground beef in the fridge - maybe I’ll build a meatloaf…

Howdy Y’all! Irk is livin’ up to its name today. ICK!!! However I have gotten a ton o’stuff out of the way so go me! I just had N.O.L. a bbq poke sammich and a bag o’ chips washed down with a bottle of water so tummy is happy. Now I get to drive to large and in charge Sylvester, Jawja. Tonight I have Vestry meetin’ over to the church house so I’m not sure dindin will be. The King of Burgers may end up makin’ it.


WTF, UPS?? Brown left a gigantic box on our front porch. The address label was messed up - I could make out a few letters in the addressee’s name (none of which match our name) the first 3 numbers of the address (which do match ours) and the zip+4, which is what got it to our street, I guess. For whatever reason, UPS stuck a new label on it with our address.

The only things I have on order are some summer dresses, and while I do wear plus size, I can’t imagine anyone putting 4 dresses in a box that’s 24X24X48 or so. Anyway, since the tracking number was worthless, I decided to open the box, hoping there’d be an invoice inside with the buyer’s name. Nope. I thought about calling amazon, since the box did have an order number on it, but before that, I went to the county property records site and did a search on our street name. Four houses down, the owner’s name matched the 7 legible letters on the address label. It’s an unusual enough name that it couldn’t have been anything else. So I loaded it into the truck and hauled it over there. Lo and behold, there were 2 other boxes from amazon on their porch. BINGO!! No one was home, so I just left a note with the monster box. Hope it doesn’t blow away…

Do I get my junior detective badge now?? :smiley:

Moooom, you’re like Sherlock Holmes! Or at least Encyclopedia Brown. And a very kind person to do all that work.