Like a thief in the night......MMP

“So” I thought to myself (as one does when one is not alone and does not wish to look like a raving idiot) “What better way to introduce myself to a group of people I know, but who do not know me, than so hijack one of their most sacred rituals, the MMP”. I snickered to myself (as one does when one is filled with fiendish pride).

Alas, the Ogs were not smiling upon me. As penance for my weekend of margarita fuelled glory, I was forced to walk in the rain to work.
“Ha” I said out loud (as one does when one thinks he or she has the best of the Ogs) I was prepared for the rain and the wind!.

So I set out through the weather in a long flowing jacket to the nearest bus stop. I was within twenty metres or so when the bus whooshed by. Luckily, there was one in the distance so I stood there, all smug and gleeful with the promise of another bus to take me to work, thinking I had outsmarted Og again.

Alas. My gorgeous chariot with it’s shiny wheels, comfortable seats and warm interior was not in service.

With a slight frown I continued to walk to work, stepping in the odd puddle but arriving on time.

To the kitchenette I went to complete the other Monday Morning Ritual…only to find a complete lack of milk.
Yep, this week has to be a great week…surely it can’t get worse than this! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, good morning all. How was your trip to work?

All leaps in logic, offending of Og and spelling/grammar mistakes blamed on a complete lack of coffee.

Dude, where are you that it’s Monday morning for you already?

wanders off into timewarp, shaking head


and disrespect

Mama Tiger, you asked my question! It’s 2:00pm on Sunday here.
frogger world champion 1981, welcome, we are happy to see you.
Do you live “down under”? Asia? Or some other where?
Most of us are in the U.S. so your question will go unanswered for a few more hours.
I can tell you that Sunday in Seattle is beautiful, but I did get wet too. I washed the hubby’s truck while he was napping.
I am a Goddess. :smiley:

(bolding mine) and perhaps the fact that it’s still Sunday?

Rest assured I am somewhere where it’s Monday! I thought I’d get in early as it’s been my dream in all my time lurking to be the first in with the MMP.

As for the timewarp, I’m stuck in that too, so for me it’s still 1998.

Apologies to all located on the other side of the International Date Line and thanks to picunurse for the warm welcome!.

Wow, man. This is totally blowing my mind. It’s Monday already?!? I didn’t go to work! Damn.

Oh, and welcome to the SDMB! I predict great things for you, young Jedi.

Smitty, I didn’t go to work either, because it’s SUNDAY here. By the way, did you ever hear anything back about the interview/job? Did I miss it in the other MMP?

frogger world champion 1981 is posting from the future.

Greetings from the future Patty…still no flying cars and still no updated model of that damned Death Ray either.

The hiring manager’s boss has been out sick for over a week, so the wheels of progress are rusted to the track. At least that’s what the hiring manager told me when I emailed him to follow uo last week. It’s also possible that they offered to job to another applicant and they’re waiting to see if (s)he accepts. :slight_smile: what’s an extra week of anticipation anyways, eh?

I suspect many of the posts will be guessing the OP’s whereabouts. So let me take the first stab.

The timestamp was Today 04:58 PM. Anything east of Cairo at that time would technically be 00:01 or “earlier” on Sunday.

The OP has taken the bus to work and is already trying to start the morning coffee. So let’s go eight hours past Cairo. I’m guessing either Sidney or Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka.

Monday morning, for me, will mean working at our big, drafty metal shop. The owner likes to keep the thermostat at 62 degrees. Sometimes we nudge it a little higher to keep from freezing. Friday, I wore a record four shirts at work.

Heh! I feel triumphant getting a post in reletively early on an MMP. Thanks, Frogger, for making this possible, where ever you are! My guess is that you’re in the tiny Pacific nation of Kiribati, which moved the Dateline in 1995 so that its scattered islands would be all on the same side.

OK, you’re probably not in Kiribati. My real guess is New Zealand.

::cry:: It’s toooo early!!!

Dude, it’s 1:20 over here. Technically Monday, but in reality Sunday-and-oh-my-God-what-the-frell-am-I-doing-up-at-this-hour-o’clock.

You’re weird. Cute, but weird. Welcome to the boards. smooch

All is not right in my world when the MMP comes on sunday afternoon. It just makes Monday come too fast.
Anyway… welcome, frogger! (yay, i’m not the newest kid anymore!)

Tomorrow is my first day of rehearsals. yay!

My goal is to lose eleven pounds before the show. I can so do it.

OMG! OMG! OHEMGEE!!! I broke the bathroom!! oh SHIT!!! (not literally.) I walked in and closed the door… we have large ceramic (or something) tiles on all the walls and when I shut the door, it must have knocked one of the high-up ones loose and CRASH!!! all over the floor. This happened just now as I was writing this post so I’m still in freak-out mode. i’m going to be in so much trouble for this!! I swept it up, but now there’s a bag of ceramic smithereens and there’s a tile missing on the wall. ahhhh what am I going to do? I’m dead meat. Anybody in Siberia need a roommate? Anybody with unbreakable walls, that is?

No work for me today except some writing and some more home repairs, so no walking. Yay me.
Also up waaaaaaaay too early due to a pinched nerve in my neck. I’m betting my temporary housemate is wondering what the heck I’m doing up before she is (she leaves for work at 6 AM).
Good to see ya, Frogger

I am so glad someone else started the MMP. I got a lot of stuff sitting on my desk this morning, and there was no problems with the in-laws-to-be during their visit.

I object. Froggy wasn’t properly railroaded into making the OP like the rest of us were.

You’ll simply have to do this again. Next time, bring chocolate and sheep.