little old lady takes on asshole

ok here is what happened:

I own and run a busy salon, and was working alone today.

I had a perm processing and color processing was wraping another perm and had 3 very nice ladys happly reading in the waiting area untill I could get to them.

when this walking intestional flu, trying to pass himself off as a man, walked in wanting a haircut. I explaine it will be around 2 hours.

He flips out…he actually YELLS “if you ain’t gonna take fucking walk ins take the fucking sign down that sayz walk ins welcome”

at this point all the ladys have lost intrest in there tabloids and are gasping and tisking as only little old ladys can…

I (as nice as I could) tried to explain i was the only one working today, and as he could see I was busy at the moment and that I could fit him in in about 2 hours but no sooner or I said he could make an appointment for another time i was pissed but had to try to look professional in front of the clients…

Nope he wanted it now…“fuck that the fucking sign says walk in welcome if you can’t fucking take walkin ins take the fucking thing down”:wally

I am trying to think how to settle this guy down without looking like a bitch to the clients when this darling little old lady (got to be 85, can’t walk with out her walker and looks as frail as tissue paper) stands up (without the walker mind you) stulks (well more like a fast shuffle;) ) over to mr irrate asshole and pokes her boney finger at his face and says “Listen you festering goats penis, she does not have time to do you now and since you have chosen to show your ass I will request she bans you from this salon now get the, as you seem to like to say, FUCK out”

The look on his face was priceless and he turned tail and left…as for the rest of us, Mrs. Preston got a standing ovation.

We helped her back to her chair, poor thing was shaking and she was all “twiddlepated” her word for worked up and said “You know I have always wanted to say the “f” word”

You got to love little old ladys!!!

P.S I gave her her set for free for coming to my rescue and he has been baned!

That is priceless! I bet she’ll tell that story for the rest of her days to anyone who will listen. I wonder how long it took her to come up with “festering goat’s penis”? That is just too cute.

Willow_fire, thanks for sharing, hon. I’m so glad that Mrs. Preston got that hoodlum told, that you expressed to her how much you appreciated her efforts on your behalf, and that that hoodlum had the grace to be embarrassed for getting an elderly lady so worked up to where she had to cuss his ass out. He ought to be ashamed for showing such an extreme lack of home training. It’s just a shame how disrepectful some folks are nowadays.

[sub]I hate to nitpik on a great OP, but you really need to proofread for spelling errors. Whoo. My eyes are still smarting from reading it.[/sub]

I am a great hair stylest but a very bad speller:D sorry for your eyes…lol

I once got a porn spam with the same name as this thread.

I think that is just the coolest story! Good for her, and good for you giving her her set free!!

And another round of applause for sweet little ladies who speak their mind!

Perm: X dollars
Haircut: X dollars
Look on assholes’ face when they get cussed out by little old ladies: Priceless

Ya know, I’d probably be willing to sleep with the little old lady if I’d have been there and seen that! I’ve got to say that there’s nothing cooler than an old person who ain’t willing to take shit off nobody! Go Granny! Go!


[ul]Great story! :slight_smile:
[sup]I looked in here to make sure I hadn’t pissed off some little old lady[/sup] :smiley: [/ul]

Sweet! Little old ladies can truely be awesome people.

C’mon, she didn’t really say “festering goats penis”, did she? :eek:

People ask me what do I want to be when I grow up, and I say, “A little old lady.”

Little old ladies get away with everything.

I hate to nitpick on a pointless nitpick, but you spelled “nitpick” wrong. :rolleyes:

I wonder if the old lady had been reading this forum for goat-genitalia ideas?

I’m with you, matt_mcl. I tell my mom (who is 72) and my Nana (who is 76) all the time that I can’t wait to be an old lady, so that I can get away with farting loudly in public and saying whatever the hell I want to! :smiley:

Of course, Nana’s been doing all that since she was relatively young…

OMG. That is just too precious! Go Grannie!

I’d say ay not only ogt a coustomer for life, that will be a story to go down in history!

shakes head “festering goat penis”… sounds like something JaBabyj would say.

This story made my day. Thanks for sharing, Willow_fire. :slight_smile:

“Probably”? C’mon, Tuck, we all know about your love life (or lack thereof) here. :smiley:

(Great story, BTW, Willow_fire.)

Oh my god. What a WONDERFUL story!

God LOVE that woman! I just love little old ladies-most of them are just so freakin’ cool!

My gramma’s one of them. I don’t think she’d swear, but she’d probably say, “Hey-watch your mouth! We was here first, so either wait your turn, or get out!”

I love my gramma!

:::Hangs Head in Shame Knowing It Wouldn’t Be the First Time::: (Actually, she wasn’t quite 50, and she was hot!) :wink: