Little things that made you smile this week

It’s time again for us to to stop and smell the roses, metaphorically speaking.

  • When I was walking towards Best Buy on Tuesday, a woman in fatigues, obviously from a nearby military base was going in too. I made a beeline for what I wanted: season two of True Blood. That’s what she headed for too. At first glance I wouldn’t have guessed we had anything in common, what with her obviously being made of tougher stuff than me, but apparently we do :smiley:

  • Yet again the interesting new guy at work made sure to check with me to find out if we’ll be on the same project next week. I’m a sap, but I find this terribly endearing…
    So, what little things have made you smile this week?

I found $1,100.

Nor really but the other day when I called the electric company to pay my bill I found out, because they had only been able to send estimated bills for about the last 4 years (for various reasons they couldn’t get into the basement to read the meter and finally did), I have that much of a credit.


Now there’s a reason to smile :smiley:

words that start with “f”, one of the guys at work and I have been putting together a sort of sensible paragraph with as many “f” words as we can, no swears though.

We have some kittens at work, that’s usually enough for some smiles. One came in by herself and has been kept by herself because she had an upper respiratory infection. She’s looking better so she got moved to the kennel instead of the treatment room. But there was a lot more activity and attention for her in treatment so she seemed sad. So I took her out and was holding her and talking to her and I asked if she would like to play with my foster kittens that are about the same age. She looked up at me, purring, and then reached her paws up and touched both sides of my face. What a sweetie.

[sub]So, anybody want a kitten?[/sub]

I was taking pictures of water lilies at Biltmore, and looked up to one of the guys (who were doing some pond-work) giving me two water lilies. I’m sure they just broke off at some point while they were shifting stuff around, but still.

Made my day. :3

Driving into the office the other morning, I watched mama quail cross in front of me, with about a half dozen teeny offspring right behind her. I slowed way down and watched the little ones take a running leap up onto the curb. :slight_smile:

My air conditioner is fixed! So I can drive to Michigan after memorial day weekend to see my family. My beloved Aunt lives in Illinois so I didn’t expect to see her this trip, but yesterday she decided she’s coming up to Michigan to see me! Kinda puts me in a good mood.

Someone in CS gave me a great idea, so now I’m making my husband a ‘‘mix tape’’ to replace the one I made for him 8 years ago, when we first started dating. Our four year wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks and am really excited. He is going to love the new mix–he still listens to the old one, so I know this is a good gift.

There were some goofy wild turkeys cavorting in someone’s yard on my drive into work today. One was pecking at his reflection in the bumper of the parked car. Not sure if he was trying to pick a fight or what but it made me laugh.

I got to see “Wicked” yesterday! It was so amazing and I even bought a shirt for a souvenir.

Had a health fair at work (cholesteral level, bp, etc). I did fairly well. Took the printout home and handed it to Pop-of-Andrew, saying, “I got an ‘A’ on my report card!”

Lil Andrew hears this, and says, “Does this mean we get to go to Chuck E Cheese?” (They give out free tokens for good report cards, and we always go when he gets a good report card).

Made me smile.

Also, I took a good driver’s license photo this week. I didn’t even know that was possible.

It was 92 degrees the other day and I wanted to skip the A/C & dirve home with the sunroof open & the windows down. It was a fun trip, and when I got home I got a big hug from my 7-yo, who promptly said,

“…Uh, Daddy? You feel…Warm!:smiley:

Whoot, indeed!! Mine was not quite $400.

And when I was riding my bike along the river trail yesterday, I passed several clumps of Canada geese, some with little clumplets of gooselets. They were yellowish-brown fuzzballs, and not quite the size of an American football. I rode by within 5-10 feet of one family with no reaction at all. On the way back, I stopped, and promptly got hissed at.

Last night, I stopped at the store on the way home. A little curly blonde girl about 2-3 was in the grocery cart already while her mom was unloading her baby brother. The girl gave me a BIG friendly smile and wave, so I waved back and kept on moving. (Didn’t want mom to think I was some sorta perv, ya know). Inside the store, I passed them 2-3 times, and every time she beamed at me.

Some day in about 12-15 years, that kid is gonna learn what a devastating effect that smile will have on boys her age. Look out boys - your world will never be the same!!!

I was talking online with my business partner (we both work from home) and he left abruptly. Came back later and said “Sorry, had to get up for a minute. [Wife] is out running errands and [his 3-year-old] is supposed to be taking a nap. But she’s not taking a nap, she was outside riding her tricycle in her panties.” This made me LOL. Then he said “At least she had her helmet on.” HA!

Candy Girl.

I went out with someone this week who wore mre girly bling than I have ever seen. You know, the ostentatious costume jewelry that looks like candy? I’d bet she was wearing 10 pounds of it. And she had a big fake butterfly in her hair. Who, over the age of 12, can pull that off? She can!

I still smile when I think of that butterfly.

Sitting in a booth at Sweet Tomatoes (buffet restaurant) on Saturday evening, an overly adorable little tyke of about 2.5 came toddling by, just behind his Mama like a little duckling. He looked at me as he passed, and gave me the greatest grin, so of course I smiled back and gave a little wave. He ran over and climbed up on my seat to give me a great big hug!

His mother, of course, was mortified, and it probably made it worse that she didn’t speak a word of English, but I just kept smiling and patted him on the shoulder and repeated “Bye-bye! Bye bye!” until she picked him up and scurried away.

Toddler hugs are the BEST, especially when I don’t have to deal with the tykes after that! :smiley:

There is no better way - NONE - to start the day than to go in to the nursery to get my 4-month-old baby up and see her grinning her head off at me.

I was eating lunch today and my coworker David came by and said, “Your lunch always smells so good! Where do you get this stuff?” I explained that for the last couple of months I have been making everything from scratch, including bread and other staples most people wouldn’t think about making on their own. He laughed and said that when he gets rich he is going to hire me to cook for him and pay me very well. I told him that since I am making latkes this weekend I would bring him some on Tuesday if he is going to be in the office and slowly another coworker pulled a yarmulke out of his drawer and put it on his head. I laughed (this coworker is not Jewish) and asked if he keeps the yarmulke around for this kind of situation but he said it was just left over from a Bar Mitzvah he went to a couple of weeks ago but he would be glad to wear a yarmulke if it means he gets free latkes. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair and told him I would bring him some as well.

A couple of times this week a man has been plunking himself down on a bench in the park and playing some amazing jazz on the saxophone. My living room window faces the park and bench, and so it’s been great entertainment while I putter around the house!

Our new kitten (actually 18 months old, but she’s tiny and new to us, therefore we call her a kitten) is becoming increasingly affectionate and has spent a few evenings on our laps, getting her ears scratched. I’m glad she’s settling in well.

I ought to be starting my summer job next week (finally!). I’m looking forward to making a bit of money and seeing my coworkers from last year.

Ahem. There are rules about these things, you know…