Live long and prosper! Leonard Nimoy retires from acting.....

Leonard Nimoy plans to hang up his ears for good and retire from acting:

He says he’s going to continue to work on his photography, and that’s fine, but I think we would be remiss to not recommend some NEW occupations for him. :smiley: What do you all think would be a good pursuit for him?..TRM

Well, it seems he may be continue with his singing career…

Is he ruling out porn acting? I know I’m in an infinitesimal minority, but I’d pay to see him.

Yes, but he can only make one video every seven years.

Glancing at his filmography, it appears he will follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Orson Welles, in that he will end his career playing a cartoon robot.

Does this rule out a cameo appearance on The Big Bang Theory?


I’d bet good money that within a year the BBT producers will drive a dump truck full of money up to his house and make him unretire for a 30 second cameo.

Geez, James Whitmore and Fess Parker are dead. James Arness hasn’t done anything since 1994. And now Nimoy is retiring.

I guess there goes my final hope for a sequel to “Them!”.

Audio book reader?

Let this be an inspiration to William Shatner.

Did I miss an episode of Fringe? His William Bell character still pops in now and then.

If William Shatner ever gets a talk show, Nimoy could play Ed McMahon to Shatner’s Johnny Carson.

I was hoping he would cameo on future Star Trek reboot movies.

Damned formic acid!

This isn’t the first time he’s retired from acting, is it?

I blame the other thread for calling his character a moron. That clearly hurt his feelings and led to him retiring from acting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shatner does have a talk show of sorts, on the Biography channel.

I think he would make a kick ass real life pimp. Subtle but scary.

I immediately thought of Fringe! OH NO! We can’t lose William Bell!