Lock up your daughters (and your sons!)

As everyone knows, us gays have an agenda. The religious far right says it a lot so it must be true. Imagine my surprise though to find out that there is also a Bisexual agenda!

Ok bi folks, time to spill. What is the bisexual agenda?

To have twice as many dates for a Saturday night?

To fulfill the fantasies of most of the men on craigslist? (and elsewhere)

8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Sex with a man
10:00 AM nap time
11:00 AM Sex with a woman
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Sex with both a man and a woman
2:00 PM Take over the US Government
3:00 PM Midafternoon snack
4:00 PM Sex with a man or a woman
5:00 PM Go home

I did not know Tila Tequila was getting into politics.

I got caught a couple of times by gays with an agenda, and it’s not fun.
Like the girl with the agressive straight date, I had to walk home.
I presume it’s a personal agenda, but also stereotypical.

I love you.

Can I have the 11 a.m. slot? I’m pretty busy in the afternoons. :smiley:

Transsexual agenda? So does that like mean, you can like, get a sex change one day, and then change back the next, and so on?

That’s pretty cool.

Of course there’s a bisexual agenda. Part of that agenda is to prevent Christians from making their lifestyle illegal.

Speaking for one bisexual only (that is, myself), the agenda is to find pants that fit. I don’t really have time to bring about the downfall of marriage, civilization, or anything else on account of this. It will have to wait.

I agree with **Mosier ** – a big part of my personal agenda involves equal legal protections and civil rights for everyone, no matter where they fall on the Kinsey scale. The rest of my agenda for today is: finish article for company newsletter; finish PowerPoint presentation; attend Mom’s birthday party; watch TV with husband. Oh, I guess that’s another part of the agenda – dispelling the myth that “bisexual” = “constant orgies/will jump anything that moves.”

I can probably squeeze the downfall of civilization in after work, I do have laundry though so I may have to do it tomorrow. If I take care of that can you manage the marriage thing? Now that I know ya’ll have an agenda too maybe we can coordinate and get this done, leaving time for cocktails after.

It’s all about the teamwork people!

Sure, I can fit the marriage thing in if you can handle the rest.

I quit working on that, honestly. It was like banging my head against a brick wall, except not as much fun. I may take it up again later.

Judging from examples, I suppose the bisexual agenda is very much the same as the homosexual one; lead high-profile socially conservative groups and denounce ourselves.

So, uhm, I suck? I need more practice at this.

If you need more practice at that, what are you doing in here with us? :smiley:

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but in the article you linked, the person being opposed is Pat Robertson. I’m just wondering what you consider to be “the religious far right”, Hitler or something? :smiley:

That would be the AFA and OneNewsNow. The people who ran the article.

Geez, you think you have it bad? I’m still trying to figure out exactly why I continue to spread this global warming conspiracy. The liberal newsletter told me to but they won’t tell me why.

At least you get a newsletter! I have to get all my agenda items from the opposition.

huh huh huh … cock tails … huh huh

So bixesuals don’t get any in the evenings?