Looking for a youtube video

I could have sworn it was quirkology but looking through their library it’s not. It is showing various tricks while people change shirt color etc. (I know it is a very nebulous description) to show when you focus on one thing you ignore other obvious changes. No it is NOT the gorilla video.

Sounds like Richard Wiseman’s color-changing card trick. Look for that.

It was quirkology. I’m an idiot. Or rather the OP was idiotic.

Several years ago when my son was nine, I wanted to introduce him to some skeptical concepts, so I told him there was a video I wanted him to watch by a guy named Richard Wiseman. My son said “Oh him - I subscribe to his YouTube channel.”

He’s 16 now and doing fine.

Well, now you have to share a link because all I can think about now is various tricks while people change shirt color.

Yeah. One is massively baffled

Please explain what the heck the OP might possibly have meant. And include link(s) to whatever in heck you were thinking about.

It’s probably this video. (Link takes you to youTube.)

I’ve seen a similar video in a traveling exhibit of Ripley’s Believe it or Not. There, the part that you were ostensibly supposed to be watching was melting gummy bears.

Are you sure?

Just had the same experience with my 8 year old daughter. “Quirkology? I watch him all the time.”