Looking For Something to Give You That 3rd World Dictator Flare?

Saddam’s yacht up for sale.

(bolding mine)

I gotta say, I’m impressed by ol’ Saddie’s boat. At least he got one of the Evil Overlord rules right.

Yes, but can you throw that flare with flair?


Maybe Rick Flairwill buy it.

I wonder how it wound up in Nice?

It’s got a Nice Flair.

Even on an 82 meter yacht, isn’t “several swimming pools” a bit excessive? Most yachts would only have one or maybe two.

C’mon, man. You’ve gotta dream big if you want to be an amoral paranoid narcissistic genocidal tyrant!

Here’s a site with more pics and details. Really very nice. If the asking price of 35 million dollars is reduced by 34.9 million dollars, I’ll make an offer.

Wow! That thing is huge.

When i was in college, i worked as a waiter for a small catering company, and we would occasionally do jobs on high end boats in Sydney Harbour. The biggest we did was about 170 feet, and that seemed pretty damned big, but this thing is amazing.

Personally, I’d convert one into a mini-putt course or some bowling lanes.

Try lowballing them and hope you get lucky.