Lost 2.10: "The 23rd Psalm"

So, I was just over looking at TV.Com, and in an upcoming episode called “Admissions”, they list a guest star named Richard Bachman as “Officer King.” That can’t be a coincidence, but I checked the IMDb to see if there was another Richard Bachman, and without even any choices, it took me directly to Stephen King. I know he’s a huge fan of the show, but I don’t know if this is another fake-casting listing, or if he’s actually planning on appearing.

Oh NO! Ick. Maybe he’ll be eaten by moss until he blows his head off with a shotgun.

(Obscure reference there).

Creepshow’s really not all that obscure.

What about those who can enjoy it on the romance level as well as being obesessed with the details? (I miss things sometimes, but I try to keep up!)

[sub]I’m more of a Jawyer myself, sometimes with a bit of Kate tossed in, but I don’t running around going OMG i SO <3 jate. do u think theyll get maried??? how many babys do u tink theyll have??? jawyer is hawt 2.

I’m going to go scrub my fingers bloody now that I actually typed that.[/sub]


Shipperdom began with Dave and Maddie, and is the reason why Moonlighting started to suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then there was the movement to have Scully and Mulder hook up (which is where I first heard the phrase “shipper”, long before BtVS).

God, I love useless geek arguments. :smiley: Reminds me of the 400-post debate I once had about the true original title of Star Wars (1977). “Episode Four” my ass. :rolleyes:

So far, the recap show is just the Slightly Expurgated Version of “The Other 48 Days”.

(You know… the one without the gannet…)

Well, the recap show includes…


That was the exact moment I realized that I had to turn the computer on. There’s nobody here to watch with me, and nobody to appreciate the Walt jokes. :smiley:

Likewise – I’ll watch with you. :slight_smile:

I hate recap episodes!! Show me something new!!

Spoilers Ahead! Ye Be Warned!

Be like Eko. Just say no to drugs.

[sub]You can murder a little if you want, though.[/sub]

“which I’m guessing is why you’re here, Michael…”

Nice. Pretty astute judge of character there.

Eko is a priest of Og.

Eko Smash!!!

I’ve never understood why people stick the knife all the way into the bag of coke or heroin … that’s just going to be messy later.

Oh holy crap! I look away for one second …

Pillsbury… HAHAHA

Now I’m just waiting for little people to pop out of the scenery and start singing “It’s a Small World After All”…

See, I’m not sure whether or not this has reached the over-the-top level for me. I’m with Charlie: Nigerian plane? In the South Pacific? I’m into the weird connections between all the Losties, but this one is stretching it.
HA! Beat me with your Jesus Stick!

“You going to beat me with your Jesus stick?”

And I thought Hurley got all the best lines… :wink:

Oh my GOD!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: