Lost 3.07: "Not in Portland"

Calm down. Yes it’s a joke. Menocchio started it by being a smart alec (in typical doper style) in reference to tonight’s episodes title - “Not in Portland”, and others piled on. That is unless I am as confused as you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smack: It took 1,929 posts for me to obtain my first Whoosh!

Portland. Yeesh. I should’ve known. Doh. :smiley:

It’s been a long hiatus. At least we’ll be slathered in LOST for the next few months.

I’m not greedy. I’ll settle for being slathered in Emilie de Ravin.

I try my best to avoid spoilers, but I happened upon this interesting chart over on The MisFit’s site (warning… spoilers). It maps out all the relationships between the various characters, and proposes two new familial relationships. One seem possible, the other seems unlikely:

Libby and Juliet are sisters. I can see this being possible. Rose is WAAAAAALT’s grandmother-- seems unlikely, since you think she’d know she had a grandson. Of course, this is “Lost”.

Does anyone know if the title refers to Oregon or Maine? It probably doesn’t really matter plot-wise, but hey, I’m a geography geek.

I don’t know where the hell this very large island could be in Portland, OR. Sauvee Island? They’d have probably run into some berry pickers or bird watchers by now.

Certainly nowhere with a shot that could pan out and then you don’t see the city clearly. It’s not like you’d need a sub to get to the banks of the Columbia or Wilamette rivers.

Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox sandwich, please.

Yeah, there’s nothing like that first hit of heroine in the morning.

Heh heh heh.

I’m sorta wishing I wasn’t watching the special. I appreciate the recapping, but listening to the producers talk about it as if it were fiction makes me sad.

Ha! Sawyer’s using Pickett’s head to get fish biscuits!

Whoa. Look who just turned into Ice Bitch! Juliet’s a cold one, under all that gentle-acting demeanor.

Sawyer should have shot Pickett. If he thought Pickett was pissed at him before, that’s just multiplied big time.

No way will Pickett ever settle for capturing them now. So Juliet’s little “peaceful resolution” suggestion is total crap. Juliet already ordered her henchmen to kill them if necessary.

Woo-hoo! Alex to the rescue! Wonder how long before she actually meets her mom.

So what exactly did Jack use for anesthesia? A glass of chardonnay?
Or is this one of those hypnosis-only-no-anesthesia operations?

Bluebeard getting all friendly now. “I’m Tom, by the way.”
Jack, thinking, “I don’t give a shit.”

So, what did Juliet and Benry talk about?

So, what’s going on with Mrs. Clue these days? Or Mrs. Klugh… or Mrs. Kloo… or Mrs. Clew… (or however she spells it)

Hahahaha! The old Wookie Prisoner Gag.

Alex’s “dad”, huh? Who’s her dad? Ben? Or does she think he’s her dad?

Well, that’s a freaky room.

What the shit is going on?

Holy crap! Juliet got her wish. Ex-hubby hit by a bus! I’m suddenly flashing on “Final Destination”…

Jack’s just slashing body parts right and left. And he’s supposed to be a primo surgeon?

Tom: “I’m not good around blood…”
Jack, waving around an entrail: “Then you’re not going to want to see this!”

Well, that’s all she wrote for Vendetta Other (Pickett). Sawyer should have just saved them all the trouble and bumped him off in the polar bear cage.

Sawyer’s not looking happy that Kate knows that nice little intimate 1-2-3-4-5 story about Jack.

Now, that, that is a tangible link! We’ve been waiting for something like what’s been given in today’s backstory revelation for a long, long time. Not quite answering anything big, but giving us something to go on.

This is totally going to be on “The Soup” this weekend.