Lost 3.16: "One of Us"

Man. They ought to have Juliet on the hot seat with every Lostie in a circle around her, with everyone getting a turn to fire a barrage of questions at her.

Like that would happen.

“Three Men and a Baby… I’m counting Hugo twice.” HA!

And if she doesn’t answer their questions, they get to throw a paralysis spider at her, or hit her with the Jesus Stick.

Hurley: “I don’t remember you from the dock… from when you put bags over our heads… after you shocked us.”

Juliet: “I had the day off.”

Good answer!

Was I imagining things? Were they actually having an Island meeting? Something they should have been doing for weeks…

Oh my God, this can’t be Lost! The Losties are all at a table talking to each other!!! That never happens :smiley:

So, why didn’t Jack send somebody with Juliet to keep an eye on her, as she retrieves the serum from the caves? I expected him to turn to Kate and say, “go with her”.

So, Juliet was doing Goodwin.

“Mikhail! We’re approaching the house, don’t shoot us…”

Good choice to have every other commerical be for The Big Pregnant Chill sitcom ABC is pimping.

Ooooh!!! Damn! Good twist!

The whole thing was another manipulation by Ben – as always! Even Claire’s illness.

Good episode!

The major barrier to my enjoyment of the show is how much holier-than-Sayyid Juliet and Ben act.

Ok, we got Sayyid how was a torturer for Saddam. Ok, that’s pretty bad, but it was a long time ago in another country and besides the regime is dead.

Sawyer’s a con man. Not good, but still better than the Others.

Kate’s down some bad shit, but she had reasons.

Jin’s a good guy once you look into him.

And that’s it. Everyone else is just folk, more or less.

The Others, as far as the Losties know, are monsters. Are the monster, in fact. Don’t they remember anything about what Ben did?

Jack’s a moron, and so is everyone else if they give her an inch of doubt.

Oh, and hey. I’m right. Look at that. Perhaps all that time playing Werewolf/Mafia has honed my paranoia.

The fact that Jack’s gonna pay for his stupidity makes me feel a bit better about teh thing. But only a bit.

Can Ben just die.

So that means . . .

Wait for it . . .

Juliet’s . . .



Previews for next week look good.

Thing is Juliet DOES want to get off the island very badly. Trouble is it appears she thinks here best chance is to cooperate with Ben.

And her story about Claire makes sense, and even fits with the truth (assuming the flashback is true - baby problems amoung the others)

I’m hoping someone (Sayid most likely) will follow heer to her next rendezvous with Ben.


Someone else will pay worse. It’s always the innocent who suffer the most. Watch out, Vincent!!!

Well, Ben’s a master manipulator. And apparently he’s made Juliet his apprentice – she’s definitely learned how to play that game, too.

Everybody else doesn’t really know her (except for Sawyer and Kate who were there on Othertraz) – so they are just deferring to Jack’s judgement.

But Jack… he desperately wants to trust her for some reason. Yet he has plenty of reasons not to – including testimony from some of her fellow Others! When she was “on trial” for killing Danny – somebody (Tom, I think) made a comment to Jack to that effect. (Or it may have been the “sheriff”). Something like “you think she’s going to have any loyalty to you? She’s still one of us.”

I’m not sure that I buy that Juliet is evil. She may be taking advantage of Ben’s con to get as far away from him as possible. Time will tell, I guess.

Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.

Someone on here said “You know how I know Juliet’s lying? Her lips are moving.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Good episode. The pace is beginning to ramp up as we are getting insight into both sides of the story. We all knew Juliet was up to no good heading back to Lost Camp and it was all one big con, but whose con is it? Ben’s? I’m not so sure …

I like Juliet. She’s hot. But she hasn’t done a single thing to prove that she’s genuinely trustworthy, except perhaps play chef to the hostages. On the other hand, I don’t believe her lies are made with ill intent. Funny that you guys brought up the Star Wars analogy, because I was going to say she’s a bit like Darth Vader to Emperor Palpatine; an unwilling pawn who must cooperate with the master’s plan, but in the end, I think she’ll come through. If anyone does Ben in, it’s probably gonna be her! We finally know where the friction between them stems from.

The way she reframed the situation with Sayid and Sawyer was my favorite scene, condemning their unearned sense of morality. I don’t think they’ll be intimidated by the threat of everyone learning their dark pasts so easily … they may have been the guys with the most blood on their hands, but that’s how they know instinctively that she’s up to something. They’re the only ones who can smell it.

Why hasn’t (ooh I’m blanking on her name- Jin’s wife) getting sick? Isn’t she supposed to be preggers too?

Does Juillette know about her?