Lost 4.06: "The Other Woman"

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OK, things are getting real interesting. Sayid, aka The Professor, fixed the broken communications equipment on the freighter and Desmond made contact with Penny on the outside world. Jack knows that they made it to the freighter, and has been informed by Faraday about the time distortions.

Looks like it’s time to get back to see what’s happening with Locke and his crew. We still need to get Hurley over to Jack’s camp so he can become one of the Oceanic 6. And the title is very interesting: is it about a different woman, or a woman who is part of The Others? The preview, below, probably answers that question.

From the preview on Lostpedia for this episode (actually from my TV listings, as Lostpedia doesn’t have anything yet):

** “The Other Woman” **: Juliet receives an unwelcome visitor from her past and is told to track down Charlotte and Faraday and stop them from completing their mission; Ben offers Locke a deal he finds enticing.

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Hehehe… I love Thursdays!!

So there’s this episode, then one next week, and then the break, correct? I was reading something earlier today that mentioned the March 20th episode, but I thought that they had moved that episode into the second half of this season.

Three more left, including this one. Eight total. I believe they pick up again with 5 more episodes in the fall (instead of the original 8 more that would have been shown). The missing three eps will be added into seasons 5 and 6.

Sooner than fall, or at least that’s what Carlton said:


If I have to wait to friggin’ fall to catch the last “half” of this already-truncated season, I’ll be so pissed that I’ll… I don’t know, say nasty things on an internet message board or two. :frowning:

I found a mention on TV Guide. I guess I did hear that the first half would only show 7 episodes, but it has now switched back to 8:

I am psyched about Lost. The show is getting good enough again (though I liked last season a lot) that one week’s thread is stretching out long enough to make it to the next Thursday!

I’m excited Juliet is on deck. She’s been wallpaper these last few episodes.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I am wondering if Juliet was intended as a replacement in the story for some role intended for Libby? I got the feeling Libby was originally a plant from the Others to monitor the Tailies. But IRL she was a bitch on the set, so they gave her “one for the road.” Enter Juliet, another beautiful and mysterious blond, to take over the role (likely with some alteration) the writers intended for Libby.

I know Libby is probably coming back for guest flashback episodes, but I think it is to solve her mental hospital and Desmond connection, not to resolve ever plotline originally written for her.

Basically, I think he role in the story was altered by outside events. You just feel that a LOT of Libby’s story was left untold because of the DUI and her own dissatisfaction. I just hope they explain the disappearance (and brainwash) of Cindy the Australian Flight Attendant.

Oh well, if it is so, Libby’s loss is our gain. Juliet is awesome! I think she is better in every way compared with Libby.

Ready to see more of her tonight (if I want to see a LOT more, I’ll pop in my copy of Gia! Grrrr!)

Do you mean Hurley? Or am I forgetting a Libby->Desmond connection somewhere?

You are. Libby gave Desmond her dead husband’s boat. Elizabeth (sailboat) | Lostpedia | Fandom

Presumably prompting the lockup in the mental institute, after people found out she gave away an expensive-looking sailboat to a complete stranger.


I’d like to think we’ll find out what happened to Libby in a Hurley flashback–or maybe flashforward. Other stuff I can stand not knowing, but I really, really want resolution on that plotline.

Dead husband, my ass! :slight_smile: That was a boat with a secret guidance system set to head for The Island under any circumstances.

Hey, that’s good news about “Lost” picking up again in April. Last I heard, they were talking about Sept.

But the Others already had a plant in with the tailies – Goodwin. (Eventually offed by Ana Lucia.)

She would have to have been a plant from off-island, since she was apparently on the plane’s passenger list. I assume the mid-section folks still had it and checked it against the tailies when they arrived, but you never know.

My love for the show aside, I can’t stand Juliet’s creepy smirk. I just want to punch her in the face. Then have hot island polar bear sex with her.

Ben: I want that boat!

Seconded. It’s crappy enough that they’re changing the storyline (and may have to give up on or recast some extras) because of the strike. Another gap after only 7-8 episodes would have been bad.

I like her character. She cuts through a lot of bullshit, although she was the queen of “it’s complicated” for awhile. And I’ll second the hot island polar bear sex. Jack needs to get a little action going with her!

Kate, Claire, Juliet, and Sun all on my list for some hot island polar bear sex, but Juliet is the only one who gets the punch in the face.

Oh my freaking god.

My local ABC affilliate is delaying the episode until 10 PM. To show a high school basketball game. Like anyone who cares about a high school basketball game isn’t going to go to the high school basketball game.

Fuck you right in the ear, WKOW.

They show high school basketball games on a major network during prime time there? Jesus, I had no idea “Madison” actually meant “1957”.