Lots of tots rot!

Irish Catholic orphanage hid the bodies of 800 children in unmarked grave.

Kids die sometimes, we get that. But, Sisters, if you deal with that as if you had something to hide, people will suspect you had something to hide.


I have three long paragraphs about something bad that I’ve quoted.

Here’s my statement that the bad thing is, indeed, bad.

Going forward BG, why not just cut and paste the above? It’s more meaningful and succinct that most of your posts

If I wanted to subscribe to a news aggregator, I would


I get my jollies from attempting to embarrass people by dredging up irrelevant bits of the board’s past.

Why not just cut and paste the above? It’s more meaningful and succinct that most of your posts.

Pardon me for interrupting, but I’m new to this and need to ask - who should I be rooting for? Eh?

The poor septic tank that got displaced by those damn corpses.

Now that’s how you do irony.

The article isn’t very informative. Despite what the OP says, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence that the Sisters were hiding the deaths of the children, since their deaths and the causes were recorded. The gravesite seems to basically be a paupers grave for kids that died at the orphanage, which is super-depressing, but I don’t think particularly scandalous.

(That the orphanage itself was crappily run is scandalous, of course, but it’s also pretty old news, and the article doesn’t really make the case that the gravesite reveals anything that wasn’t already known.)

Plus, after reading the thread title, I was hoping for something more in the style of Dr. Seuss.

But it’s not irrelevant.

I like BrainGlutton. we share similar politics, we’re on the same side in many of the big debates here on this board, and i share his outrage at some of the issues he raises in his threads.

But he does have a rather exhausting tendency to spam the fuck out of the board with OPs just like this one: post an extended quotation from a news or political site, and then basically express his outrage or agreement (depending on the circumstances) with said quotation. He is, admittedly, nowhere near as bad as the Straight Dope Stupid Thread co-champions, ralph124c and Jinx, but that’s not a pair that anyone should aim to be grouped with in any conversation.

As an American, I resent this insult.

Actually got it from Gahan Wilson.

But where do you stand on dead babies? (…and don’t say “backyard”…)

This is one of those rare occasions in which the board could use a “like” button.

And it wasn’t so much the tank as it was the contents of the tank that were displaced… XP

You looking for some barney?

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I think the actually insult is typically abbreviated to “Seppo”, when they say “septic tank” they usually mean the actual thing in the ground. At least, that is how they talk in Woop Woop.

I’m sure the Catholic League will be along soon to debunk it all, just as they debunked the Magdalene Laundries:

Is ralph even still around? I remember seeing him a lot, then nothing.

I think I’ve seen him post here and there, just not as much.

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr?