Lyrics to "Lorelei"

So here I am in the shower singing a good old chestnut, and I realize I don’t know most of the lyrics. I felt a little goofy singing
“Lorelei, Lorelei, made of golden hair.
Sunshine came along with thee, and swallows in the air.”
over and over. Does someone know all of 'em? Or at least a few more verses? (A hundred and fifty years ago, when singers got to the 18th verse, they were usually just getting started.)
And for those of you preparing to write out “Love Me Tender”, may the ghost of Elvis rap you across the knuckles.


For some reason I want to sing that to the tune of “Jingle Bells”…

Er, I think you’re confusing Lorelei with Aura Lee. :slight_smile:

Aura Lee, maid of golden hair.

Well, knock me down and call me Shorty. Thanks, Hazel. I’ll laminate it and hang it in the shower.

No worries. It’s hard to tell all those maids with golden hair apart from one another. :wink:

And here I thought you were looking for Styx lyrics.

I was going to say - good luck making out **Cocteau Twins **lyrics…

My thoughts precisely. I once bothered to search the lyrics for one. I almost lost all respect for the band when I read it. I have since compartmentalized that memory and celebrated the unitelligilibility of their lyrics. They are so for a reason.

Thanks for the ear worm. I’ll have **Styx ** in my head all day now.

“When I think of Lorelei,
My head turns all around.
As gentle as a butterfly
She moves without a sound.”

I had this image of Pel2na singing the Lizst Die Lorelei in full operatic voice. Crashing waves, drowning sailors, sirens singing while perched on the rocks, etc.

I have the Pogues in my head now.

Yeah, me too. I opened the thread all excited to rattle off the lyrics, too. See? I’m here to fight ignorance, only it just so happens that nobody has the ignorance I’m capable of fighting. :frowning:

Every time you take vaccine,
Take it orally.
As you know the other way
Is more painfully.

(Allan Sherman)

AHunter3, check your link again. The music of the song was written by Friedrich Silcher. How does Lizst figure into it? Thanks for the link though. I had just assumed that the origin was unknown since it is a German folk song.

I first heard it in high school and sometime during the 1970s found it on a music box.