What is this female vocal celtic-ish music? (& cool use of Lakmé's "Flower Duet")

On this Yahoo! Homes page are two video tours of homes Celine Dion is selling, one in Jupiter, FL and the other in Montreal. The homes are beautiful, no doubt, but I was especially interested in the music. I can’t place the first video’s music, for the Florida house. I hear the words “Banshee” and “McCrimmon” but it’s not Sheila Chandra’s version of “Lament of McCrimmon/Song of the Banshee” nor is it Enya’s “Song of the Banshee”. It’s not Áine Minogue’s “Song of the Banshee” either.

Later parts of the song are reminiscent of Miriam Stockley and Adiemus but I don’t have all the Adiemus albums to check. I’m sure it’s not Loreena McKennitt. This is the only thing that came up in a search of her name and the word “Banshee.” Sure is pretty though, huh?
The 2nd video’s music was easy. It’s the “Flower Duet” from the opera Lakmé by the French composer Léo Delibes. Since my association with that song is the film The Hunger, I smile thinking that in the attic or sub-basement are locked boxes of ancient, eternal vampires, one of whom is David Bowie.

I’d like to know too. I tried running it through the Shazam song recognition app, but got a clearly wrong result (“Sentinels” by Dionigi, which is electronic/ambient) and a bunch of no matches.

Maybe they’re using an alternative spelling of banshee, e.g. bean sidhe?

Thanks for trying. I’ve asked on Facebook where I have a lot of music-minded friends and no one knew it either. The broker’s web site is no help.

I do find it funny that the broker didn’t use Celine’s music for either video.

Couldn’t afford it. And he’d want to keep the relationship professional. You don’t ask someone you’re hoping to make a several hundred thousand dollar commission from “Hey, mind if I violate your copyright? You know, the thing that enabled you to buy this huge, beautiful house in the first place?”

Gee, bet that means trouble selling.

David Bowie is so last century.