Machinarium problem

There’s this game [url=]Machinarium* which is pretty nice. I’m playing through the demo right now. But I’m having a problem. In the third screen, I know I am supposed to stand at the top of the stairs, stretch out, and jump up to catch the pipe overhead. I’ve seen this done on a walkthrough I watched out of desperation. But when I try it, I can’t get it to execute the jump. I don’t get the ‘up’ cursor at all, no matter where I place the cursor in relation to the pipe. What’s supposed to happen is I stretch out, I place the cursor near the pipe, the cursor turns into an ‘up’ arrow, I click, and I thereby jump up to the pipe. But when I try this, the cursor does not go into ‘up arrow’ mode and I can’t jump up to the pipe.

Anyone having a similar issue? Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

You have to go to the far right, shrink down, and click on a little box on the wall. This will let you change the little hole the pipe is in. Try to change it to fit in the hole closest to the stairs.

Thanks, in fact I came back to say never mind, figured it out. But thanks anyway!