Mafia Reunion Day 5

So, yes, my last post was a paraphrasing of Tom Joad’s speech at the end of Grapes of Wrath. It was his goodbye speech, and that’s the only relevance. No claim for me except Vanilla Town.

As I promised, here’s my leans with only a few hours to go:

Paul is Town. He’s very, very, very Town. No Scum needs to put in so much work in this game, nor attempt to micromanage the conversation so completely. He’s Town.

Biotop is Town. I wasn’t at all sure until toDay, but toDay he came up with The Plan. When Biotop comes up with The Plan, it’s a pretty good bet he’s Town. The Plan is always a great notion, but falls down because it requires Town to work together. We don’t do that so well.

Johnny Bravo – lean heavily to Town, and I agree with all or nearly all of what he’s said toDay. Listen to this guy. Look at the low count posters. Don’t trust the claimed 3P’s (sachertorte and Crys). My gut says they are hostile.

Inner Stickler & Koldanar – I’m guessing they are also hostile 3P’s for their attempts to attack Johnny Bravo.

Plumpudding – leaning Town. He grabs a case with both hands and his teeth and won’t let go. Sorry if my nostalgic turn to LtL has caused you grief, my friend.

Raventhief – leaning Town, but no real proof why. I’ve just got a braincrush on her.

TexCat, snfaulkner, Hooker and Guiri – seemingly Town but there’s almost certainly a Mafioso (or two) in there. My reasoning is this: it has been bruited about that, if I am Scum (I’m not) then I am not Wolf, but Mafia. Mafia knows I’m not Mafia, hence it advances one’s position as Town to be proven correct when I flip Town. If they are all Mafia, this game’s over.

Sinjin, Cookies, Cygnus, Hoopy, Nanook, Zeriel, bufftabby and Total – I confess, I have no idea; neutral lean.

LightFoot – really happy to hear about your hubby. Great news! LightFoot has a Scum tell: she rarely votes to lynch me when Scum. So, Town lean.

MHaye – Scum lean, but I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Meeko – neutral lean; glad I could help; IIRC, he’s been in the process of moving. In danger of ModKill.

Captain Klutz, Khameleon, Hawkeyeop – general Scum lean.

Lakai, Ender, Hal Briston, nesta, Scathach – Scum lean mainly for very low posting; some may be ModKilled.

So, what else?

Oh, yeah, Town’s too easily distracted by the easy vote. Brewha’s vote for lying, Idle’s vote for being irritating, the vote on me for Pleonast’s unfortunate votes on me before dying, all these caused discussion on scum-hunting to be quelled. I know I’m bad at scum-hunting, but that doesn’t mean everyone else gets a pass.

So, happy trails to you until we meet again,
Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then.
Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

Happy trails to you, 'til we meet again.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans :slight_smile:

**** Vote Count**
ok there might be one more, but it’s unlikely

Professor P. (14)
Hawkeyeop(6), paulwhoisaghost(19), Lakai(50), bufftabby(57), sinjin(104), biotop(129), captainklutz(138), cometothedarkside(192), khameleon(201), mhaye(224), lightfoot(230), Cygnus42 (353), Nanook (395), koldanar (431)

**Texcat(2) **
Plumpudding(38), Hoopy(229)

**Nanook(2) **
sachertorte(225), Hooker Chemical (253)

**Paulwhoisaghost(1) **


Sachertorte (1)
Johnny Bravo (296)

Johnny Bravo (1)
Inner Stickler (314)

Total Lost(1)
Guiri (429)

this vote count brought to you by the league of dead people for ambiguous messaging

**“And I despise those who would define me, and thereby dismiss me"
The Lod P. Fam - - bringing you cryptic messages from beyond the grave since 2008

Day ends on Sunday, February 12 , at 3:00

Right now Prof P will die unless crazy stuff happens.
No secondary lynches toDay.
Our countdown clock seems to be broken right now, but there are only a couple hours left. Some of you are fixing to die by mod kill at Day break so…post em if you got em. Remember, no subs anymore. Just death.
Story is bringing the thunder with end of Day color. Be there or be square.

We got 5 people fixin to be mod killed.

If anyone knows these people outside of the game you have permission to contact them and let them know that they have until Tuesday to post something or they are modkilled and automatically lose.

Aint that a kick in the head?

They’ve had a whole week to post “Hi, super busy, so sorry guys.” Giving them 2 more days seems like prolonging the inevitable. But it’s your game.

Who are the 5?

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Policy has always been that Mod kills happen at Dawn. This is more formal warning territory than anything.

Total Lost
And Meeko

Are all deficient in their posting responsibilities.

I appoligize for my lack of particiapation. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I’ve had a hard time keeping up, and because I haven’t had a good understanding of the game I haven’t been partipcating. Sorry.

Yesterday I had a strong ping from TexCat, so I’ve spent the last week going through her (I hope the pronoun is correct) posts. I only made it through Day 2, but here we are at the end of Day, so I figure I should post what I have.

WoW through D2. I don’t know how you all do a WoW in a few hours… I think I’m doing it wrong. Maybe because I keep getting distrated by the context, but I think I have a better understanding of what was going on in the game after looking into TexCat’s interaction during the first two days.

Day 1

D1#29Votes Normal Phase “Oh heck, this is as good a starting vote as any.”

D1#31Clarifies voted Normal for editing. “I don’t approve of editing.”

D1#91Votes Colby11. Points out his saying “the other team” when talking death color.

D1#187@Hooker. Only 1 Patsy. And she should claim.”

D1#315Quotes confirming opinions on Colby, and finishes with “Is Colby trying to lurk this away?”

D1#359About using logged in meta information: “I refuse to even look at or consider this kind of evidence.”

D1#452To Angel about her not reading the rules. “In fact, there’s not much I wouldn’t put past a scum!Angel to do.”

D1#510Fluff as far as I can tell. To septimuis about Meeko’s acronyms.

D1#586Says Angel could have just read the rules.

D1#624Quotes Angel letting people know she’s Archeangel on Giraffe, to @Guiri

D1#625Nevermind, that post was just above.

D1#713Confused by day and night stuff. Is Septimus deciding who to protect right now?

D1#759Haven’t heard much from Colby, which bothers her.

D1#760Reply to Scathach voting for her for pointing out Colby’s scum slip since TexCat knows Colby’s tendancy to get lynched. Justifies vote as a vote on scum rather than Angel’s anti-town play or for lurkers.

D1#765Back to Scathach, says if they are more suspicious of something else perhaps they should vote there. Misunderstands that the “shitty D1 vote” comment wasn’t referring to her.

D1#788Joking about her reason for Colby are better than Lakai breating weird.

D1#865Asks “Who is the smart ass wolf?” in repsonse to “Town the other White Meat” vote count ad.

D1#874Advocates the Patsy claim so scum can’t claim it, and so investigators don’t waste an investigation.

D1#947Claims not 3rd party. Reafirms vote on Colby for misrepresenting Brewha’s post.

D1#1269Not sure what conclusisions can be reached based on Lakai lynch. Thought Lakai looked scummy, but left vote on Colby who still looks scummy.

D1#1276Watcher info would be helpful now, and hopes they are leaving crumbs.

D1#1315Rembembers “burby” coming from Peeker.

Day 2

D2#42Votecount with unvotes.

D2#48Reply to Sunny Daze, who lamented the suspicion on Colby and his subsequent night kill. Says “Or perhaps Colby should defend himself, quit lurking, and do some scum hunting.” Worried about the quick bandwagon on ToJam and asks someone to summarize the case on him.

D2#88Defends Colby suspicion, saying Colby screws up as both town and scum, and that he tried to lurk it off, and his vote for Brewha was bad. Says jsgoddess calling a policy vote is just wrong.

D2#133Misunderstood jsgoddess that the policy vote comment was about the vote on Normal Phase. Says addressed how Colby was scummy in in this game.

D2#179Comments on the BillMc case and votes him.

D2#224Asks Brewha if his switch PM says anything about other people with switches.

D2#232Quotes mod info about switches and says it doesn’t match Brewha’s claim, due to toggles. Aks Brewha to post switch PM.

D2#301Batman should try to hit scum rather than anyone he thought was town. Not inclined to think Brewha is scum.

D2#304NETA: Number one rule of gun safety: Always point the muzzle in a safe direction; never point a firearm at anyone or anything you don’t want to shoot.

D2#542Clarifies jsgoddess misunderstanding on policy vote. Somewhat anti multilynch since usually successive lynches have more information.

D2#544"Rovian" new favorite word.

D2#564Discusses Brewha claim with jsgoddess, “I can’t see a scum motivation for Brewha lying here.” Not against second lynch, it’s just not as as lynches on succsesive Days.

D2#569Asks Crys what the investigation results look like.

D2#605Points out that Crys is claiming non-exclusive wincon.

D2#612Asks that since Crys only gets LUTHA/non-LUTHA results, why did Crys think she could sort out Brewha.

D2#633Unvotes BillMc, votes snfaulkner for editing, accusing him of “super secret cultist message to Crys”.

D2#639Votes Crys for being a cultist.

D2#654Joke to mods: looking forward to another YouTube clip.

D2#665Vote count.

D2#670Vote correction.

D2#725Thinks Crys is hiding something. Why hasn’t a fellow cultist stepped up to verify Crys? Happy with Crys vote and perfect use of second lynch.

D2#810Correcting vote count.

D2#968Asks Johny Bravo what the benifit of lynching Sachertorte over Crys is? Reconsidering Crys vote, not sure if leaving 3rd parties alive is a good thing.

D2#980Vote count correction.

D2#986Explains Brewha switch claim ,“Brewha knew that was not true.”

D2#1313Cautions against assuming those with the same views are on your team.

Yesterday I was pinged hard by her:

My impressions of her D1 play is that she had a lot of short posts, many casting suspicions one way or another, but never delving into anything. She was the first to call out Colby’s “slip”, which would normally be a null tell, but it was pointed out that she knew Colby’s tendancy to post things that seemed scummy.

An interesiting sidenote is that TexCat got into a bit of a scuff with Sachertorte D1 about his vote on her, because he also said he was more suspicous of those that “doubled down” on weak votes. TexCat seemed to take offense at that, even though it wansn’t directed at her, and jsgoddess defended TexCat against the accusastion.

D2, she continues to hover around the edges, asking for clarification rather than stating a case:

She votes BillMc, which is intersting, because with the lack of bussing this game would make me think she isn’t a wolf. But jsgoddess defended her, which hinted at TextCat being a wolf.

I want to review the rest of the Days, but I think TexCat is scum. So:

Vote TexCat

Oh… right… dawn is on Tuesday… not today. Today is dusk.

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I’ll hit up Ulla on FB

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Yeah, sorry, I’m one of the 5. It’s been a hell of a month, but I hope things are settling down so I have more time to participate.

Prof. Pepperwinkle, I think you are scum. No offense and all. Even though I voted for TexCat I think you are the best lynch today, and I would have voted for you if your lynch was in question.

Why do I think you’re scum? You posted a lot, but with no scum hunting. LtL doesn’t count. You had Days of chances to come around but you didn’t.

I’ll be surprised if you don’t flip scum.

Posting not to get modkilled.
Having a horrible fever and not at all caught up on the game.
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I touched base with Ulla, she’s sick. Hopefully she’ll come by and post.

I’m torn between speeding up the game with reveals of low posters and my belief that the longer a game goes on the more it benefits town.

This game becomes more manageable with each Day, I’m hoping low posters will participate more as the game gets smaller.

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vote sachertorte

Hoopy did a WoW on TexCat earlier in #260 and brought up some good points about her vote history and some inconsistencies - might save you some time.

I can see a case on her, hadn’t noticed jsgoddess defending her, texcat called out her reason for voting lakai. I also hadn’t noticed Scathach calling her out for knowing Colby’s meta yet voting him anyway - that’s a result of not doing the legwork myself.

I thought I’d put up my votecount for Today. OK it’s not official, but it does show unvotes for a bit of added flavour.

Fourteen votes.Prof Pepperwinkle.
Hawkeyeop (+6); paulwiag (+19); Lakai (+50); bufftabby (+57); snfaulkener (+68 -231); sinjin (+104); Biotop (+129); Captain Klutz (+138); Johnny Bravo (+142 -296); DarkCookies (+192); Khameleon (+201); Mhaye (+224); LightFoot (+230); Zeriel (+257); Cygnus42 (+353); Nanook (+395); Koldanar (+431); Three votes.TexCat.
PlumPudding (+38); Hoopy Frood (+229); nesta (+438); Two votes.Sachertorte (+225); HookerChemical (+253);

To be continued

Revised version.

I thought I’d put up my votecount for Today. OK it’s not official, but it does show unvotes for a bit of added flavour.

Fifteen votes.Prof Pepperwinkle: -
Hawkeyeop (+6); paulwiag (+19); Lakai (+50); bufftabby (+57); snfaulkener (+68 -231); sinjin (+104); Biotop (+129); Captain Klutz (+138); Johnny Bravo (+142 -296); DarkCookies (+192); Khameleon (+201); Mhaye (+224); LightFoot (+230); Zeriel (+257); Cygnus42 (+353); Nanook (+395); Koldanar (+431); Three votes.TexCat: -
PlumPudding (+38); Hoopy Frood (+229); nesta (+438); Two votes.Nanook: -
Sachertorte (+225); HookerChemical (+253);

Sachertorte: -
Johnny Bravo (+296); Prof P (+445); One vote.Johnny Bravo: -
Inner Stickler (+314); Koldanar (+341 -357);

Khameleon: -
Snfaulkener (+231);

Paulwhoisaghost.: -
TexCat (+22);

Total Lost: -
Guiri (+429); Sorry about posting the last version early.

Having read the Day, I’m still comfortable with my vote on the Professor.

His early efforts to persuade people to follow a course which later evidence was adduced to show he himself had abandoned, his willingness to advocate that unspecified third parties study people he claimed to be suspicious of on those spurious grounds, and the fact that a known Seer claimed two Days in a row that Prof was advocating pro-Scum actions are good enough for me.

The number of inactive players in this game is highly frustrating. Let’s look at some of them.

Lakai. Came in to drop the easy Prof P vote. Contributed absolutely nothing. One post.
**Total **Lost. Came in to avoid the modkill. Sick.
Khameleon. Came in for the easy vote. Suggests that lurking is a valid town tactic. One post.
**Crys75. **Complained that playing 3P is hard because everyone wants her dead. No vote. One post.
Hal Briston. Popped by to congratulate town on a good night. No vote. One post.

That’s all of the one-posters. I could do everyone with low post counts but that would be another nine posters just to analyze those with five posts or less.

I do want to point out Inner Stickler.

First Post: Congratulating town on the previous night.
**Second **Post: Voting for me with no justification.
**Third Post: **Justifies vote only because I called it out as being lazy. Says " And I will be whatever I want and you will simply have to deal." This post was edited.
Fourth Post: Refuses to read any of my post history for the purpose of making a stronger case against me.
**Fifth Post: **Something about cultist handshaking.

So, let’s cross-reference this against my analysis in D1#152

Hal Briston, Crys, and Khameleon show up on both. Nesta deserves to be on here as well, with only one substantive post and three total. But at least one of them was substantive.

And, of course, Scathath and Enderw are on the “to be modkilled” list.

In other words, the folks who didn’t play yesterDay are, by and large, still not playing.

If you are town and you are lurking, you are badly hurting your teammates. Please play more. The post counts are slowing down, and the commitment is not as large as it was in the first few Days.

**Khameleon **is still scummy in my book. Inner Stickler is on there, too, for putting down a weak vote and saying that there’s no reason to read a player’s post history to back a suspicion.

**Sachertorte **may be scum or may be third party, but I feel that he is actively anti-town. I don’t trust him father than I can throw him, and since we’re on the internet that means I can’t throw him at all.

This needs a correction. My list from D1#152 was players who didn’t vote on any given day. Not necessarily players who specifically lurked yesterday.

The point still stands, though - people need to play more.