Mafia Reunion: Day Eight


*Somewhere in the darkest recesses of the town, in the sub-basement of a sub-basement, behind a locked door marked with a sign reading “BEWARE OF LEOPARD,” there is a small room. Inside that room there is a computer, an end table, and an old, emaciated pigeon. And on the table eying the pigeon with caution, there lies a potato.

It is not typically in the way of potatoes to look angry, or really to express any emotion at all, but this potato is unequivocally angry. It ruminates angrily, and before long words begin to run across the computer screen.

SUBJECT: Test Assessment Report


Are you happy now? I suppose you probably are. All I was trying to do was help, and you murdered me. Can you even imagine how long it will take now, to get through what’s left of this crowd? I can, but I am much smarter than you are.

You murder everyone, don’t you? Wolves and cultists and friendly Italian Americans. No one is safe with you people. Even Batman. You people murdered Batman.

Do you know who is good at murder, apart from obviously you? Werewolves.

Hooker Chemical, who was a Townsperson, has been Night killed. He probably deserved it.

Well, that’s all from me. You won’t have me to kick around anymore. I mean that metaphorically, since none of you ever actually kicked me. You probably would have, but you were too busy murdering. You monster.*

Day Eight begins here and will end at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, March 4. Please submit any and all Day actions by this time. One Town death means only a single lynch will be available for this Day.

A computer-interfacing pissed off potato killed Hooker?!?! Weird.

Sorry to see you go, Hooker! I’m glad to know you were town though, because your analysis is usually very helpful.

Continuing the discussion from last Night, why would Koldanar fake a claim? Was he ever in danger of being lynched?

Also, why is Mhaye still alive? Why is scum letting him live?

Don’t ask me.

My working theory is the [Mafia | Wolves | Other] faction think I can’t guess who they’ll target. Maybe they’re flailing around for the Zoning Inspector, or more likely one of the Masons.

And why would he wait until day 4 to breadcrumb? Everything about his claim is weird.

Why did he even claim at all?

I spoke about all three cultist claims at length yesterday.

Hawkeyeop told me why I was wrong.

At the very end of the thread Hawkeyeop also told me why I was wrong about my analysis of Koldanar’s claim.

Hawkeyeop posted times total yesterday. Aside from the two I already mentioned, one was about the SK maybe being LUTHA’s enemy and one was defending Koldanar for sitting on the SK switch.

Conclusion: Hawkeyeop is probably a cultist. He deserves a re-read with that in mind.

Seven. Seven total times. Ah ah ah.

Assume that he is. What does it mean? Unless you’re advocating for mass cultist lynch at this point, which still seems like a mistake barring some new info that seems incredibly unlikely to arrive.


It means we know something we didn’t know previously.

  • If he’s a cultist then he can’t be trusted to always act in what he perceives to be town’s best interest.

  • If he’s a cultist then he’s not scum and their pool grows smaller.

Bah! posted this in day 7…

Vote records updated

Day 1[spoiler]Lakai(17): InnerSticker[257], [del]SNF[295-1205][/del], RedSkeez[319], PlumPudding[647], Lightfoot[883], Koldanar[900], [del]Guiri[977-1182][/del], HoopyFrood[1031], Angel[1078], Meeko[1082], HockeyMonkey[1102], Drain[1108], RavenThief[1109], JSGoddess[1129], MHaye[1176], Nesta[1187], BuffTabby[1194], Cookies[1206], Nanook[1208]

ToeJam(15): [del]CaptKlutz[57-347][/del], Sunny Daze[113], [del]Normal[147-322][/del], Hooker[184], Sinjin[200], Sachertorte[534], [del]Lakai[775-1006][/del], CaptKlutz[796], Normal[1011], ProfP[1057], BillMc[1152], Septimus[1155], Biotop[1178], Guiri[1182], Ender[1195], Chronos[1197], SNF[1205],Lakai[1209]

Colby(6): Texcat[91], [del]Guiri[101-977][/del], [del]Septimus[106-231][/del], [del]Meeko[130-1082][/del], ToeJam[132], [del]HockeyMonkey[152-1101][/del], [del]Lakai[154-775][/del], [del]Suburban[162-541][/del], [del]Diggit[249-264][/del], Hawkeye[350], [del]Nanook[455-1208][/del], Brewha[683], Pleonast[841], [del]Septimus[993-1034][/del], Suburban[1026]

Angel(3): [del]SNF[37-157][/del], Zeriel[413], TotalLost[493], [del]JSGoddess[503-716][/del], BoozySquid[546], [del]Septimus[981-993][/del], [del]Lakai[1006-1209][/del]

Pleonast(1): [del]Septimus[85-106][/del], ThingFish[794], [del]Normal[824-1011][/del], [del]Nesta[1187-1187][/del]
Normal Phase(1): [del]Texcat[29-91][/del], Johnny Bravo[36], [del]Pleonast[241-511][/del]
Septimus(1): Ender[243], [del]TotalLost[273-493][/del], [del]Normal[322-714][/del], [del]Colby[335-946][/del], [del]CaptKlutz[347-796][/del], [del]HoopyFrood[480-736][/del], [del]Pleonast[511-841][/del]
SNF(1): Diggit[264]
Texcat(1): Scathach[758]
Brewha(1): Colby[946]

JohnnyBravo(0): [del]Meeko[41-130][/del], [del]BuffTabby[259-1094][/del], [del]Septimus[488-659][/del]
Meeko[(0): [del]Drain[94-888][/del]
Drain(0): [del]Angel[97-542][/del]
BoozySquid(0): [del]Normal[102-147][/del], [del]SNF[157-295][/del], [del]Angel[542-1078][/del], [del]Biotop[709-957][/del]
JSGoddess(0): [del]Chronos[183-917][/del]
Hawkeye(0): [del]BoozySquid[188-540][/del]
Capt Klutz(0): [del]HoopyFrood[195-480][/del], [del]Drain[889-1108][/del]
Biotop(0): [del]PlumPudding[412-470][/del]
Prof.P.(0): [del]PlumPudding[472-647][/del], [del]Septimus[659-981][/del]
Ender(0): [del]ProfP[528-545][/del]
PlumPudding(0): [del]Suburban[541-1026][/del]
Koldanar(0): [del]ProfP[545-908][/del]
TotalLost(0): [del]RavenThief[679-912][/del], [del]JSGoddess[716-1129][/del]
Scathach(0): [del]HoopyFrood[798-1031][/del]
ThingFish(0): [del]Chronos[917-1197][/del]
Chronos(0): [del]Biotop[957-1178][/del]

Not voting(9): Crys, DaphneBlack, HalBriston, Khameleon, PrecambrianMollusc, WinstonSmith, Sario, IdleThoughts[/spoiler]Day 2[spoiler]brewha(16): [del]bufftabby(373-417)[/del], Chronos(538), [del]Biotop(543-909)[/del], BoozaholSquid(556), Cometothe…Cookies(575), [del]sachertorte(576-913)[/del], [del]HookerChemical(621-688)[/del], bufftabby(622), DrainBead(638), [del]raventhief(646-1002)[/del], paulwhoisaghost(703), Khameleon(716), Lakai(720), [del]HookerChemical(722-988)[/del], Meeko(726), ToeJam(730), Crys75(743), JohnnyBravo(767), Prof. Pepperwinkle(794), BillMc(947), TotalLost (957), InnerStickler(1033)

ToeJam(14): [del]raventhief(31-597)[/del], IdleThoughts(32), [del]Sunny Daze(34-318)[/del], Biotop(909), sachertorte(913), CaptainKlutz(950), sinjin(955), HookerChemical(988), guiri(995), brewha(998), ThingFish(1000), raventhief(1002), Sunny Daze (1023), MHaye(1036), jsgoddess(1038), nesta(1039)

Crys75(8): [del]Guiri(262-812)[/del], [del]SunnyDaze(568-1023)[/del], HockeyMonkey(584), DiggitCamara(588), AngeloftheNorth(595), Texcat(639), [del]CaptainKlutz(640-950)[/del], snfaulkner(641); [del]jsgoddess(795-976)[/del], Hawkeyeop(803), Zeriel(860), Scathach(959)

Texcat(1): Plumpudding (68)
Thing Fish(1): Pleonast(121)
Chronos(1): Nanook (151)
HockeyMonkey(1): HoopyFrood(663)
snfaulkner(1): [del]DiggitCamara(250-588)[/del], [del]Texcat(633-639)[/del], [del]Guiri(812-995)[/del], koldanar(819)
Pleonast(1): Lightfoot(288), [del]HookerChemical(295-621)[/del], [del]ThingFish(297-1000)[/del], [del]jsgoddess(976-1038)[/del]

Plumpudding(0): [del]SunnyDaze (318-508)[/del]
Angelofthenorth(0): [del]Zeriel(60-529)[/del], [del]BoozaholSquid, P.I.(80-556)[/del]
Idle Thoughts(0): [del]Angelofthenorth (44-595)[/del]
BillMc(0): [del]DrainBead(132-638)[/del], [del]Texcat(179-633)[/del]
jsgoddess(0): [del]HoopyFrood(294-663)[/del]
DiggitCamara(0): [del]snfaulkner(332-641)[/del], [del]Paulwhoisaghost(386-699)[/del]
CaptainKlutz(0): [del]DrainBead(45-132)[/del], [del]SunnyDaze(567-568)[/del], [del]Crys75(583-743)[/del]
Meeko(0): [del]JohnnyBravo(169-767)[/del]
Sario(0): [del]Prof. Pepperwinkle(45-794)[/del], [del]Cometothe…Cookies(523-575)[/del]
Paulwhoisaghost(0): [del]Zeriel(529-860)[/del]
sachertorte(0): [del]Meeko(201-726)[/del], [del]brewha(806-998)[/del]

Non-voters(5): EnderW24, HalBriston, Precambrianmollusc, RedSkeezix, Sario[/spoiler]Day 3[spoiler]IdleThoughts(17): SunnyDaze(182), raventhief(207), [del]ToeJam(259-408)[/del], [del]HalBriston(300-923)[/del], [del]Prof.Pepperwinkle(398-692)[/del], [del]Paulwhoisaghost(515-710)[/del], Nanook(528), Biotop(533), JohnnyBravo(536), [del]Plumpudding(552-889)[/del], [del]Angelofthenorth(554-778)[/del], HockeyMonkey(576), Khameleon(593), sinjin(632), CaptainKlutz(699), Lightfoot(715), nesta(731), Hawkeyeop(758), BillMC(765), Zeriel(807), [del]snfaulkner(821-836)[/del], Angelofthenorth(873), [del]TexCat(874-908)[/del], Plumpudding(897), Cookies(917)

Prof. Pepperwinkle(14): [del]TexCat(278-874)[/del], jsgoddess(332), [del]Paulwhoisaghost(343-515)[/del], [del]Pleonast(345-602)[/del], InnerStickler(347), [del]Lightfoot(354-715)[/del], [del]HockeyMonkey(367-576)[/del], ToeJam(408), Bufftabby(420), [del]Biotop(458-532)[/del], Enderw24(588), IdleThoughts(590), Pleonast(602), Sachertorte(656), MHaye(674), Cygnus42(818), TotalLost(837), HoopyFrood(877), [del]ThingFish(901-903)[/del], TexCat(908), HalBriston(923)

Boozahol Squid(2): [del]HoopyFrood(286-877)[/del], [del]Angelofthenorth(303-554[/del]), [del]CaptainKlutz(487-699)[/del], Guiri(772), [del]Angelofthenorth(778-873)[/del], snfaulkner(83)

Khameleon(2): Meeko(319), [del]ThingFish(632-901)[/del], ThingFish(903)

Enderw24(1): [del]Nanook(28-528)[/del], Crys75(34)
Crys75(1): BoozaholSquid(499)
Sachertorte(1): [del]JohnnyBravo(14-536)[/del], [del]Prof. Pepperwinkle(339-398)[/del], Prof.Pepperwinkle(692)
ThingFish(1): [del]Pleonast(141-345)[/del], Diggitcamara(691)
HockeyMonkey(1): Lakai(704)
Diggitcamara(1): [del]Guiri(740-772)[/del], Paulwhoisaghost(796)
Pleonast(1): [del]Paulwhoisaghost(116-158)[/del], [del]Plumpudding(222-552)[/del], HookerChemical(814)

ToeJam(0): [del]HookerChemical(9-708)[/del], [del]snfaulkner(17-299)[/del], [del]BillMC(23-673)[/del], [del]Sinjin(53-632)[/del], [del]Biotop(112-296)[/del], [del]CaptainKlutz(118-298)[/del], [del]Angelofthenorth(134-303)[/del]

Non-voters(2): Koldanar, Scathach[/spoiler]Day 4[spoiler]DiggitCamara(14): Paulwhoisaghost(20), Totallost(172), GuiriEnEspana(263), Koldanar(376), BillMC(422), HookerChemical(438), Prof.P(511), raventhief(516), Boozy(518), HoopyFrood(519), Lakai(521), SunnyDaze(529), Cygnus42(530), [del]JohnnyBravo(534-546)[/del], bufftabby (535)

BoozaholSquid(14): CaptainKlutz(45), EnderW24(102), Biotop(180), snfaulkner(192), [del]HookerChemical(262-438)[/del], DiggitCamera(288), Meeko(302), Hawkeyeop(320), Inner Stickler(346), Sachertorte(523), Plumpudding(524), Texcat(525), Cookies(543), HockeyMonkey(544), JohnnyBravo(546)

Prof. Pepperwinkle(6): [del]BoozaholSquid(48-61)[/del], [del]Pleonast(121-142)[/del], Pleonast(142), Nanook(152), [del]bufftabby(197-535)[/del], Zeriel(353), MHaye(417), sinjin(435), Lightfoot(473)

EnderW(1): Crys(15)

HookerChemical(0): [del]Lakai(46-440)[/del]
sachertorte(0): [del]Prof.P(419-511)[/del]
Meeko(0): [del]BoozaholSquid(314-518)[/del]
Texcat(0): [del]HoopyFrood(315-519)[/del]
Biotop(0): [del]Lakai(440-521)[/del], [del]sachertorte(452)[/del]
Paulwhoisaghost(0): [del]Texcat(471-525)[/del]
Hal Briston(0): [del]Plumpudding(298-524)[/del], [del]HockeyMonkey(305-527)[/del]
Khameleon(0): [del]JohnnyBravo(26-534)[/del], [del]HoopyFrood(52-315)[/del], [del]Prof.P(154-419)[/del]

Not voting(4): HalBriston, Khameleon, Nesta, Scathach[/spoiler]Day 5[spoiler]Prof Pepperwinkle(15): Hawkeyeop(6), paulwiag(19), Lakai(50), bufftabby(57), [del]snfaulkner(68-231)[/del], sinjin(104), Biotop(129), CaptainKlutz(138), [del]JohnnyBravo(142-296)[/del], DarkCookies(192), Khameleon(201), Mhaye(224), LightFoot(230), Zeriel(257), Cygnus42(353), Nanook(395), Koldanar(431)

TexCat(3): PlumPudding(38), HoopyFrood(229), nesta(438)

Nanook(2): Sachertorte(225), HookerChemical(253)
Sachertorte(2): JohnnyBravo(296), Prof P(445)

Johnny Bravo(1): InnerStickler(314), [del]Koldanar(341-357)[/del]
Khameleon(1): Snfaulkner(231)
Paulwhoisaghost(1): TexCat(22)
Total Lost(1): Guiri(429)[/spoiler]Day 6[spoiler]Inner (7): Texcat(55), Johnny(81), Hooker(85), Raven(89), Cygnus(127), Lakai(188), Ender(198)

Texcat (4): Hoopy(24), [del]Klutz(26-102)[/del], Plump([del]31-50[/del],50), Guiri(94), Nesta(205)

Khameleon (3): snfaulkner(6), [del]Johnny(10-81)[/del], Crys(173), Lightfoot(201)
Hal (3): Bufftabby(143), Hawkeyeop(162), MHaye(208)

Johnny (1): Inner(32)
Zeriel (1): Biotop(65)
Snfaulkner (1): Khameleon(182)
Cygnus (1): Klutz(185)

Klutz (0): [del]Texcat(35-55)[/del]
Total (0): [del]Guiri(40-94)[/del]

Not voting (9): Cookies, Hal, Koldanar, Nanook, Scathach, Sinjin, Total, Zeriel[/spoiler]

I meant more from what we should do about him in specific. Obviously (if true) we have more info, and obviously it means his comments are definitively not Town. Ok and? The way you worded your original post it made it seem like a much bigger deal, like you had found the perfect lynch candidate for the Day. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

I’m going to kick things off by

vote Koldanar

For my reasoning yesterday, where his play doesn’t make sense as a cultist to me.

Don’t know if anyone else has played Portal 2, but this really sounds like it’s coming from GladOS aka Cookies in this game.

If I want to lynch a cultist today, I’ll be voting for Koldanar since I’m pretty sure his claim has lies in it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not extremely interested in learning who the other cultists are.

Anything that town learns is good for town. That’s the bottom line. No “OK and?” necessary.

Then I would assume that the others are staying silent for now. If the game progresses a lot further without any more cultist reveals then I would get a bit concerned.

Also, note that there were 2 different wordings for the switch PMs. Brewha’s was different to the others and it was one of the justifications for his lynch.

I want to revisit the GLaDOS switches.

Koldanar, did you flip your GLaDOS switch every night? If I missed your answer to this before, sorry.

I’m pretty sure he said that he did flip it every night.

Yep, he said he flipped it every night.