Mafia Reunion Day 6

No color today, sorry. I’m already running late for valentines day.
Paul, sorry you are dead as disco. Go have some chocolate. You will feel better.
Paulwhoisaghost - vanilla town

Is dead.

Everyone else go get some champagne and strawberries.

Trivia question for the Day (more may come) who won the first Conspiracy game that Pleonast hosted?

Bah! Sorry to see you go Paul! I’ll see ya over at Giraffe…

Just as well, maybe you’ll lynch more scum without my big mouth advocating mislynches. See you all around!

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Who Posted D/N1?

Total Posts: 1,449
User Name Posts
LightFoot 91
Normal Phase 84
Plumpudding 81
AngeloftheNorth 70
Meeko 64
Suburban Plankton 62
snfaulkner 60
Total Lost 59
NAF1138 56
Prof. Pepperwinkle 56
Thing Fish 54
jsgoddess 44
raventhief 42
GuiriEnEspaña 41
Chronos 40
septimus 38
Drain Bead 37
Biotop 29
Johnny Bravo 25
Boozahol Squid, P.I. 24
bufftabby 24
HookerChemical 23
Hoopy Frood 22
TexCat 22
Sunny Daze 22
sachertorte 21
Mahaloth 20
Lakai 18
ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies 17
Captain Klutz 17
Hockey Monkey 17
Nanook of the North Shore 16
Scathach 16
sinjin 14
Zeriel 13
Crys75 12
brewha 11
Pleonast 10
Colby11 9
Enderw24 8
BillMC 6
nesta 6
MHaye 5
ToeJam 5
DiggitCamara 5
Hawkeyeop 5
Sario 5
storyteller0910 4
Inner Stickler 3
Khameleon 3
Hal Briston 3
Koldanar 3
Idle Thoughts 3
paulwhoisaghost 2
Precambrianmollusc 1
Red Skeezix 1

Who Posted D/N2?

Total Posts: 1,370
User Name Posts
paulwhoisaghost 133
snfaulkner 85
LightFoot 77
Crys75 76
raventhief 72
Meeko 50
Drain Bead 44
brewha 41
Sunny Daze 40
Prof. Pepperwinkle 40
Thing Fish 39
sachertorte 37
Captain Klutz 36
Chronos 32
GuiriEnEspaña 31
jsgoddess 30
ToeJam 30
AngeloftheNorth 29
Johnny Bravo 29
Inner Stickler 27
NAF1138 27
TexCat 26
Plumpudding 25
Hockey Monkey 25
Mahaloth 24
Biotop 23
HookerChemical 22
Boozahol Squid, P.I. 21
BillMC 16
Scathach 16
bufftabby 15
Hoopy Frood 14
ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies 13
Koldanar 12
sinjin 11
Pleonast 11
Zeriel 10
DiggitCamara 10
nesta 9
Total Lost 9
Khameleon 9
MHaye 8
Hawkeyeop 7
Lakai 5
storyteller0910 5
Enderw24 4
Nanook of the North Shore 4
Idle Thoughts 4
Cygnus42 2
Hal Briston 2
Sario 1
Colby11 1
Suburban Plankton 1

Who Posted D/N3?

Total Posts: 1,158
User Name Posts
paulwhoisaghost 146
AngeloftheNorth 123
snfaulkner 67
Idle Thoughts 64
LightFoot 64
Prof. Pepperwinkle 59
raventhief 51
Johnny Bravo 39
Mahaloth 37
Plumpudding 34
Total Lost 29
ToeJam 28
Thing Fish 28
Hoopy Frood 21
HookerChemical 20
DiggitCamara 19
NAF1138 19
Captain Klutz 18
Biotop 18
sinjin 18
Nanook of the North Shore 17
bufftabby 16
GuiriEnEspaña 16
Enderw24 15
Inner Stickler 15
Boozahol Squid, P.I. 14
TexCat 14
jsgoddess 14
Meeko 13
Lakai 13
Koldanar 11
Hockey Monkey 11
Pleonast 10
Khameleon 9
sachertorte 9
Crys75 8
BillMC 8
Hal Briston 7
Sunny Daze 6
ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies 5
Hawkeyeop 5
nesta 4
Cygnus42 4
Zeriel 3
MHaye 3
storyteller0910 2
Scathach 2
Drain Bead 1
Švejk 1

Who Posted D/N4?

Total Posts: 673
User Name Posts
paulwhoisaghost 115
Prof. Pepperwinkle 61
LightFoot 53
snfaulkner 40
NAF1138 33
raventhief 26
Boozahol Squid, P.I. 24
TexCat 21
Plumpudding 17
Johnny Bravo 17
Biotop 16
Total Lost 15
Koldanar 14
ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies 14
GuiriEnEspaña 14
bufftabby 13
Inner Stickler 13
Hoopy Frood 11
sinjin 11
Lakai 10
sachertorte 10
Nanook of the North Shore 9
Khameleon 9
storyteller0910 8
Hockey Monkey 8
HookerChemical 8
Crys75 8
DiggitCamara 8
Captain Klutz 7
BillMC 7
Hawkeyeop 7
Pleonast 6
Hal Briston 6
AngeloftheNorth 5
MHaye 5
Mahaloth 5
Enderw24 4
Cygnus42 4
Meeko 3
Zeriel 2
Sunny Daze 2
Scathach 2
nesta 1
ToeJam 1

Who Posted D/N5?

Total Posts: 539
User Name Posts
paulwhoisaghost 116
snfaulkner 59
Johnny Bravo 52
LightFoot 43
sachertorte 33
Prof. Pepperwinkle 23
raventhief 19
Plumpudding 17
Nanook of the North Shore 16
HookerChemical 15
Koldanar 15
Hawkeyeop 14
sinjin 13
TexCat 11
bufftabby 9
NAF1138 9
Biotop 8
GuiriEnEspaña 8
Inner Stickler 6
Hoopy Frood 6
MHaye 6
Captain Klutz 5
Mahaloth 5
ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies 5
Zeriel 4
Cygnus42 4
nesta 3
Crys75 3
Khameleon 3
storyteller0910 2
Scathach 2
Boozahol Squid, P.I. 1
Total Lost 1
Lakai 1
Enderw24 1
Hal Briston 1

Sorry to see you go Paul.

So looking at the post counts, yet again, wolvens hate the chatterboxens. And gulp looks like I’m next. Or maybe Lightfoot. Or off chance of Johnny B or Raventhief.


Vote Khameleon

She’s not worried about dying at night, she’s in the consistently in the lower half of post counts indicating that she’s here but trying not to be noticed, claims that active lurking is a valid town tactic (which I would only agree with if it was power role), and her vote record is two missed votes, and the rest are bandwangony hop-ons for the leading town mislynches.

I am admittedly out of the loop so maybe I missed some stuff, but re:the cultists, is there any possible reason for them not to mass claim and then confirm each other?

If they allready made plans to do so, then sorry and ignore this.

I think the answer to this question is “herding cats”. We can’t force them to do it if they don’t wanna.

Ok but as far as I am aware the two claimed cultists did not ever make any effort to confirm each other. Now, sach has been proved cultist and crys claimed first so it seems vastly unlikely they were lying about being cultists, but I still find the whole interaction there hard to understand.

I believe Meeko is also set to be modkilled. I suppose he couldn’t get over the ‘fact’ that vanilla town are absolutely worthless and have nothing to contribute in this game.

We had four players (Lakai, Enderw, Hal Briston, Total Lost) who only posted once, or otherwise would have been modkilled.

We had nine more with five posts or less.

There are six players who posted between six and nine times. At least a couple of those might as well have posted once when you look at the content of those posts.

So that’s between 14 and 19 lurkers (I won’t call everyone in that last group a lurker until I go back and look at their posts again).

There are certainly scum in that pool. I’m happy to go after my previous target for the time being.

vote khameleon

Plenty of week left to look at the other apples floating in that barrel. I’ll get to it.

Ouch, sadly I also think Meeko is set to be killed. I’m pretty sure everyone else posted. I’ll double check. This is what comes from be getting the combination of Day starting when I’m inexplicably busy at work and I have holiday plans. Promise this will all be sorted by morning.

No worries, I figured it was because of holiday things. That wasn’t meant to be accusatory (except maybe towards Meeko).

to double check

I thought they were the one that said they were ‘layng low’ at Night so they didn’t attract attention?—I will see if can find it

It appears I was wrong, who was it that didn’t want to post at Night because " that is when they are deciding who to kill" ?

I think that was Paul? maybe? Or J. Bravo?

the work they should be in quotes in the above post. ( meaning the wolves)

It was early when we had that discussion, so probably Night 1 or 2.

Maybe JBravo- let me see if I can find it

it started here