Man walks into Queens McDonald's with a knife in his back

No, it’s not the start of a joke, it really did happen! Cite.

I know it’s terrible, but if I’d been the counter person, I would have been tempted to say “You want fries with that?”

At least he didn’t back into a bar.

Do I hear disco music playing?

Lucky he didn’t go into a KFC, he would have been asked to leave :wink:

Don’t be too rough on him.

He deserved a break today.

I can’t help thinking of Panty on Your Head. Sorry.

That place was worse then Detroit!

But had a GREAT dance associated with it

His name was Mack.

Big Mac the Knife?

hold the ketchup.

I was going to ask if he ordered a big mac, and then sit back relax and bask in in my unique and profound wittiness. But, I was ninja’d:(

It was dangerous for him to do that though, he could have gotten arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

It wasn’t concealed and the blade was safely sheathed.

Yeah, when I see a mob of men hurling bottles at each other, I tend to mind my own business.

They were throwing bottles, who would have thought one would have a knife? :smiley:

At any rate, that’s an area I won’t beheading to anytime soon.

Well, that’s not very good sportsmanship. You don’t bring a knife to a bottle fight.:mad:

Was that a stab at humour?

Before you enter a fight, make sure someone has your back.

Okay, okay, I think he got the point.

What a bunch of cutups!

The Mugombo bar in Dram Bouy is populated with lots of rejects.