Does anyone have any tips for pleasuring yourself (female), I am not perverted, just curious to anything new

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Hi lilly. Glad you could join us out here.

There are webpages out there that detail these things, but you’ll have to search yourself, because I don’t feel like wading through thousands of pages of porn to find them, and they would probably be considered questionable enough that it would be against board policy to have links.

Failing that, you could go to your local bookstore, or if you prefer the anonymous nature of online shopping, any of the various online sites. This book looks promising.

Good luck!

[Chef]Oh, that’s easy! You just gotta find the clitoris.[/Chef]

As a man, I can’t offer any more advice than that. And personal experience has backed it up.

You could try it has Experiences and techniques for both women and men. There is no pornography at all.

Also a site I got from a friend is - there is no porn and it is aimed at the men but it has a female section (which I haven’t explored)

Your inquiry got me thinking.
If it was a man asking, it would be considered a bit strange. After all, most men cultivate this art to utmost perfection all by themselves since youth ( I’m talking for myself and for legions, so don’t look at me like that )
Why do women think they need “coaching”?


Maybe some women more freely admit they could use some coaching?
Kissy-butt reply, huh? :smiley:

For all your masturbation needs. (Well, not really, but we have sex forums)

Because the female sexual response is a helluvalot more complicated than the male.

Wow, three posts, three sex threads. Might want to slow it down a mite, lillyflower.

Hush, Don’t listen to the naysayers. This site is all about fighting ignorance, and if there’s one thing ignorance is fairly universal on, it’s sex.

I know someone who would highly recommend one of these.

Magic Wand

I can’t say who the “someone” is but I have seen this in action and it does seem to do more than the trick

Enjoy :smiley:

Well if you are near san francisco there is a store called good vibrations that caters more for women than men. I’m sure they have a web site, and they produce several books on female masturbation that I am told are very good.
And everyone, male, female, or unsure can improve their Masturbation technique.
Cheers, Bippy, the wanker

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I can’t believe somebody isn’t offering classes on this.

clayton_e no, wanker is very rude in Britain out of context.
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As for the OP also good is to look up books on Kundalini which is a group of spiritual practices related to Tantric Hinduism.

There is! Betty Dodson :smiley:


I beg to differ.



Guin, what an odd (but nice I’m sure) place. To whom do they cater?