Maura Tierney died? [NO]

Her wikipedia page says she passed away this morning…

She died at 6:37am on March 17,2010 after fighting the battle against her breast cancer.

No cites for it, so could be BS

… and looks like it is BS/hacked - False alarm! Delete this if possible

I’ll leave this open for now while people look for confirmation. (I couldn’t find any.) In the meantime I added “[probably not]” to the thread title.

A quick Google news search had no mention of her death (13:11 EDT).

Nothing at IMDB about it, seems like they are usually quick with news.

Not sure what would motivate someone to post it if it was a lie, though. :frowning:

She’s a very animated corpse given that it looks like she’s performing in an off-Broadway play with the Wooster group.

That’s what I was thinking - what the motivation to hack her page? Spurned stalker? Very obscure target, IMO.

I did it to get 56 quick points in the Celebrity Death Pool…

All sorts of Wikipedia pages get this sort of thing. People obsessed with a particular person, or team, or subject will sometimes fuck with the entry just for fun.

I was looking at the page for the L.A. Clippers basketball team the other day, and the section with the current team roster listed LeBron James and Dwight Howard as members of the Clippers. I’m sure Clippers fans would be happy to hear this, but it just isn’t the case.

Oddly, the person responsible for the Maura Tierney edit appears to have also edited Anne Haney’s page to falsely show that she had died - but then reverted the edit himself, the same day. Or at least it’s someone with the same IP address.

Maura Tierney died today after being senselessly eaten by wolves. She was delicious.

Marley23, please please PLEASE change the thread title to a definite [NO] or [FALSE]. This scared the crap out of me.

Yeah, MsWhatsit, I saw that too. No, the weirder thing is that Anne Haney is dead – she died on May 26, 2001. So in addition to falsely claiming that Maura died, this jerk falsely claimed that Anne didn’t. What a very bizarre choice of actress pages to vandalize.

I fixed a weird broken tag on Maura’s page, and then edited Anne Haney’s page to add the death back in (with a reference to one of the few free obit links. All the rest are behind pay walls).

She is survived by a dessert and three side dishes.

Probably just for the pointlessness of it.


Perhaps we should just close and lock the thread, then? No point to even having it.

Since we’ve established she isn’t dead and figured out what happened, yes, I’ll close this.