Men how you feel about being quizzed about your "3, 5 and 10 year life plans" on a first date?

The topic is making conversation but the suggestions in this video’s suggestion come across (to me) like ham handed job performance or job interview questions. How would you react to a woman wanting to know your your 3, 5 and 10 year “life plans” on a first date?

First Date Go-To Conversation Topics In Case You Panic

It might make me wary. It might just be an ice-breaker (like the video intends) or it could be a sign that somebody is reading way too much into a relationship that’s only on a first date. It could be the equivalent of discussing what kind of wedding you’d like and how many children you want.

Unless she has a golden vagina she better not be asking me any of those questions:D

those are nowhere near ice breaker questions

I think anybody who has a 3-year or more plan is deluding themselves. I can barely plan a trip to the grocery store.

That was my 3 year plan.

I hate that other questions

Do you want kids

Do you like your job

I dislike it on a first date when I feel I am being assessed as to my money-making potential or just generally being measured to fit someone’s list of “desirables.” I like to get the impression that the person is speaking with me in somewhat of an altruistic fashion. I would not be amused at being quizzed on my “plans.”

And that’s personal info, I don’t reveal my goals with just any woman just because she has a vagina

Hell, I’d be wary of any man that had smooth, pat answers to those questions.

I would say, “My 3, 5, and 10 year life plans are to never date you again.”

Then I would whip my cock out and wave it in her face.

^ ftw :stuck_out_tongue:

From the video: “Ask him if he has any hidden talents you should know about.”

That sounds deliciously dirty.

For my 38th birthday I want a lego millenium falcon.
For my 40th, that’s a big birthday, and I think the next next gen consoles will be out then, so I want an XBox Two.
For my 45th, maybe anal?

It’s not as bad as what do you do / where did you grow up / how many siblings do you have. Those are all things that will be abundantly clear once you know each other a bit, but really don’t matter in the early stages.

This question is open enough that you can answer with something interesting about yourself that wouldn’t otherwise come up: talk about travel plans, your bucket list or any long term projects you’re working on.

Just be a politician, ignore the question and stick to your own talking points. :slight_smile:

Why is this question asked only of the men on this board?

You’d be surprised how many women are taught to discover a man’s financial potential before seriously dating him. I went to school with such women, and it blindsided me time and again because it was the last thing I ever thought of when it came to potentially dating a guy.

I’m not saying the woman in the video is doing just that, but her questions automatically reminded me of this.

Because the linked video was about conversational topics for women dating men? Because men don’t quiz women about 3, 5 and 10 year life plans on a first date, or media aimed at men don’t advise them to?

All I know is that the categories of

a) women most likely to ask,
b) women who would be the least happy with my answers, and
c) women that I would be the least interested in dating in the first place

somehow seem to overlap exactly.

It’s a better line of questioning than, “How long have you been on parole?”