Middle Earth FA65 D&D 5th Ed support Thread

I updated the riding order. Let me know if there are issues with it.

I love the bears. :smiley:

I thought you were from Chicago, Don’t you mean Da Bears! :slight_smile:

I do live in Chicago, but I’m from Green Bay originally. Though, now, I’m totally picturing our two in-game bears talking with Chicago accents. :smiley:

Wisconsin joke:
Q: How do you keep bears out of your back yard?
A: Put up a set of goalposts.

I laughed.

So you have an interpreter. Please ask the bears questions, decide about crossing the Great Anduin. Find out more.

@Glee, check your messages. I sent one earlier.

Thanks - I didn’t know I could switch to Water Walk - but I know when to take a hint from a DM! :wink: :nerd_face:

Out of curiosity (I haven’t played D&D in a LONG time), what are the Portents in the main thread? Rolls on a d20?


The Divination Wizard gets to Portents Rerolls to use.

After each long rest, roll 2d20. You can replace any attack, save or ability check by you or a creature in sight with one of these foretelling rolls.

My postings will be sporadic for the next 3 days. We’re doing our part of the closing on the house sale today and most of the final packing.
Tomorrow we’re running the cats & stuff we’re taking with us to where we’ll be for the next month+ and Wednesday is our move out day.

I should sneak a few posts in, but won’t really be around until Thursday.

Please focus on your move - it’s so important! :wink:

Here’s what can happen if you don’t :fearful:

“Don’t Dilly Dally on the Way–Cock Linnet Song” LYRICS HERE “My Old Man” - YouTube

Hope your move went well, What Exit!

Finished up today. Our life is moved into 3 storage units for now.
Visited some friends, though it was a chilly visit. Nice couple of hours.
Then when I got home took a quick walk and started packing my parents belongings into Goodwill, Garbage or some bags of clothes for my Mom to go via my daughter to my oldest sister.

Hit a few items in my Dad’s dresser that had me close to tears. He still had his old Air Force Combo cap and one of my Dixie Cup Sailor hats.

I’ll try to post a game update tonight or more likely tomorrow.