Midwest Chick Dope Begins

Oh yes. It has begun.

Stage one: Geobabe and Manhattan arrive in Michigan. They come to Ann Arbor, where Cranky has a complete freak-out when she learns their hotel plans are still up in the air. Being as it is a home game weekend, she assumes there are no rooms within 30 miles, and she herself has but one guest bed. Cranky proves to be a complete worrywart ninny, as they get rooms at the first hotel they call! With that crisis averted, Cranky, Geo, & Manny go to lunch. Manhattan explains the finer points of junk bond mutual fund management to Cranky (who asks lots of moronic questions) and Geo (who has tons of good stories). We also debate the relative contributions of string theory to the study of neurobiopsychology, the merits of hydroponics, and whether the Yankees wuz robbed.

Stage two: Dinner. As people assemble to go to dinner, Cranky answers a knock at her door and finds a surprise mystery guest has arrived: UNCLE BEER! He told only BunnyGirl he was coming so he could surprise the rest of us. Awesome. He also brings a boatload of beer, which we hardly drink any of and he leaves behind, along with a bottle of wine! Cranky scores free booze from a moderator!

Jane D’Oh, BunnyGirl, Hello Again, Geobabe, Cranky, Manhattan, and Perspehone, and Uncle Beer gorge themselves at the Ethiopian restaurant. Hello Again saved us from making asses of ourselves by explaining how one eats (I was at a loss with no utensils and only spongy bread to pick up the food)… Then we go to a coffeeshop for dessert, which Manhattan generously pays for. What a man. He and Uncle Beer patiently endure the gals sharing shopping war stories. The other main topic of conversation: Boobs.

Stage Three is tomorrow: The shopping excursion. Alas, I will not be able to post about stages four, five, or six through twelve because I am returning to Ann Arbor after the shopping but before the dinner. I predict much fun and perhaps even debauchery may occur from dinner on.


I missed UncleBeertooo!!!

well, I best get my ass to bed so I can get up in the am and wander around w/yall.

I told Snookie tonight that I was ditching him tomorrow. And he plaintivly tells me “but honey” (stop calling me that), “I was planning on getting up early” (Ha!!) and spending the day with you [sub][sup]and going car shopping[/sup][/sub]

I’d rather have a root canal than go car shopping.

So see ya in a few hours…

I’m home. :smiley:

Just walked in, in fact. Goodness gracious, what an evening. Not much drinking (startlingly little, for a Dopefest), but damn, some good conversation.

As Cranky said, boobs were a main topic of converation. The gentlemen didn’t seem to mind this at all. IIRC, UncleBeer said something along the lines of “if anything were to convince me that there is a God, it’d have to be boobs.”

There were many delightful moments this evening, but two stand out in my mind. One, I met manhattan. I’m still coming down from that high. :smiley:

The other standout moment–I got to grab Geobabe’s butt. Oh yeah. This is something everyone should do at least once in their lives. And once you see how nice her butt looks, you’ll know what I mean. :smiley:

I’m going to try to sleep now. Don’t think I’ll be successful, but I’m gonna give it a shot. :smiley:

Alright. I officially hate you all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do wish I was able to make it up there. If only…

Fine. Pass me around during coffee, and then don’t mention me! HMMMMPH! :wink:

Weirddave is right. Geo called him up, then started passing her phone around so we all talked to him. Except Jane D’Oh, who has flummoxed by the hidden volume control. Wait, actually, that means she got to talk to him but couldn’t hear his replies. Saaaaaaay, the more I think about it, doesn’t that make him the perfect man?!?!? Anyway, the best part was Manhattan offering Weirddave outstanding financial advice. Some highlights:

“There’s this dance thing. The Macarena. It’s gonna be HOT. Get in now on the ground floor.”

“Here’s the next big thing: it’s called the internet. Invest heavily, look for companies called anything-dot-com…”

Oops. Sorry.

We talked to Dave, too.


Amen. :wink:

Yup. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I missed Manny AND Uncle Beer?

I thought I hated my boss before, now I can only relieve my pain by knowing she won’t be at work for another month.

And I was ready for the Ethiopian too. I’d never had it before, but a friend told me about the lack of utensils.

I hate my life right now.

Two moderators, and I missed it.

bangs head on computer desk

Early drop out here. I met up with the gang (Mr.Blue is almost as anal as I, ShadowFox, Persephone, BunnyGirl, Hello Again, GeoBabe, Jane D’oh, & Cranky, so got to meet for first time Hello, Jane, Geo & Manny. tremendous fun, tho Manny despite pleas, begging, shameless hussydom, offers of sexual favors etc, refused to buy us any diamonds. Harumph. And I DID tell him that ‘gold always fits’

Anyhow, good thing I left early. I’d gone to bed last night around 2:30 am, my teenaged son wasn’t home yet (17 1/2), he wasn’t home when I woke up an hour later, either, but was home when I got up around 7:30. I asked him when he got home, he tried to play ‘late, around 2’ Guess again Sherlock (he’d forgotten I never ask a question unless I’ve got a good idea of the answer). Anyhow before I left I asked if he was sure he would be able to get up for work. “sure mom, it’s at 3 pm”.

I got home a little after 2, and he was still asleep. AND, he had to report to work at 3.

about 15 minute drive away.

At the Breslin Center for the Arts on MSU Campus (he’s working concession stand for the Rod Stewart Concert).

The same Breslin that sits next to the MSU Football stadium.

that was full at 3 pm with the game going on in it’s last few minutes.

He had to park quite a ways away and I drove him the rest of the way just before they blocked off the street to make way for the legions of football fans.

Anyhow, hoping everybody else continues to have a great time!

Well, I just made it home. My feet are never going to forgive me. We must have walked miles around that outlet mall. The place is huge. I got to meet our most esteemed moderator, Manhattan, who turned out to be a complete gentleman (the man bought me a gift! How cool is that?). I also got to meet Jane D’Oh, Hello Again and Misery’s Company for the first time. I had to leave before the real drunken debauchery started, but I still had a great time.

I missed the buying of gifts??? Harumph. and after I offered to let him adopt me and all. harumph.
(joking. really. honest. )

I am crying that I missed this…shit shit shit shit

and the Vicodan’s not helping…someone hug everyone for me!!

Hmmmmmm…it is now 11:30 a.m. EST, and not one word from any of the folks who chose to stay over at the hotel last evening.

Come on folks. Details, we want details. Pictures too.

<—striking ballpeen hammer against frontal lobe…Cartooniverse is a loser, Cartooniverse is a loser, Cartooniverse is a loser…

Okay, that DOES IT. I’m gonna be in NYC one day this week to perform some serious discipline unto my agent.Manny, allow me to dine with you? A brunch-ish arrangement? Perhaps a lunch at Merican, which as far as I can tell must be in your freaking back yard? Other Dopers, yes yes, other Dopers. Sushi. I can see it now… a glimmering dream on the horizon.

And yet, the ballpeening continues unabated . :smiley:

That’ll come later. Just a peek in to let y’all know it’s a story you just won’t want to miss. Oh no.

AL! You big tease!

I prefer to think of it as a “trailer.” :smiley: