"Milk from Real Cows"

I am taking a Mental Health Day today (P.S. it’s not working) and was strolling back from the library, and saw a Cream-o-Land milk truck, emblazoned with the slogan “Milk from Real Cows.” Note that the slogan appears nowhere on their web site.

Some Googling revealed that I am not the only one baffled by this idea. Though I have to admit that milk from robotic cows does have a tinny taste to it. I wonder if the Cream-o-Land Real Cows are as Contented as the Carnation Cows?

Perhaps there has been a recent plague of cows that have had cosmetic surgery on their tits. :confused:

Nah, I am mystified too.

How goeth new job. **Eve[/]?

Cream-O-Land, eh? Sounds like a front to me. I’d cantact the police about some kind of mob deal going down.

And note that the only cow on their web site is not a real cow.

Yeah, it sounds like they protest too loud. "Of course our milk is from real cows! Why would anyone think otherwise? That whirring and clicking is, ummm, the cow chewing its cud! Those sparks are, ummm . . . Oh, look over there, a butterfly!
[New job doesn’t start till the 19th–I hope I won’t need any Mental Health Days after that!)

Says it on the label, too.

I think I’d leave that carton on the shelf just for the sheer faint-praisiness of it all.

“Milk That’s Sort of White!”

“Milk That’s Liquid!”

“Cream-o-Land: Now Listeria-Free!”

Milk: Juice from a real animal.

A local dairy in my area used to sell a product labeled as “0% Milk.” Presumably this was milk from unreal cows.

Maybe “real cows” is somehow related to “real estate.” As in, the cows are big and flat and have houses and shit on 'em.

Maybe they’re afraid of their clientele worrying that the milk is from…foreign animals?

MMmmmm, tasty tasty seal milk! Creamy!

Since I just bought a half-gallon of soy milk for our college kid, it makes perfect sense for me to see a dairy differentiate itself. And what about all of those little packets of fake milk they provide at restaurants to go with your coffee. There IS a lot of counterfeit milk out there (and we can’t even blame the Chinese)!

Omigod, you can milk the Chinese?

Milk from real cows. Because milk from fake cows just isn’t good enough.

Homer: [gasps] Crap on a crust! [running away] Aaah! They’re
milking rats! Milking rats!!
Quimby: [to Fat Tony] Rats? I’m outraged! You promised me dog or
– “Mayored to the Mob”

Hardly. “Milk” is a whitish, nutritional fluid obtained from mammals or plants. Soy milk or coconut milk aren’t passed off as cow milk.

If someone uses soy milk rather than cow milk, it’s because, for one reason or another, soy milk is more appealing to them than cow milk. Assurances that a product is “real” cow milk isn’t going to clear up any confusion on that point.

(Nitpick) The OP said the sign said** “Milk from real cows”** not real cow’s milk.

Eve, I’ve been to Carnation (WA) I was not content, but I’m not a cow. There may be disagreement, but, I know I’m not :smiley: )

“Don’t worry, son. Only bad people die before their time.”
“What about Abe Lincoln?”
“Um…he sold poisoned milk to schoolchildren.”

as opposed to goats :confused:

I’m absolutely certain I can find a couple of websites whose business plan is to let you WATCH them milk Chinese women…