Minneapolis/St Paul Dopers - PRATCHETT play directed by a Doper! Come see!

Yo Twin Cities Dopers!

I post this with C K Dexter Haven’s blessing (Thank you, kind mod!)

As most of you know, I’m a television/film scribe who moonlights as a theater teacher/director here in the Twin Cities. I run a small theater company for youth & young adults called Upstage! Musical Theatre Workshop. Our new show opens November 6 and runs until the 23rd. But it’s no ordinary show, ladies and germs and rats. Ooooh no. It’s the regional premiere of…

Terry Pratchett’s "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents."

Here’s the gist:

*Maurice is no ordinary cat. He’s amazing. He can think, he can talk… and he has an amazing scam going. And all he needs to pull it off is an army of intelligent rats and one stupid-looking kid. But when his gang enter Bad Blintz, the town they have decided to con next, they soon realize that all is not as it should be - and decide to investigate. Three squads of rats spread out under the town, their mission to dismantle traps, bury poison, do some serious widdling, and to find out exactly what those resident rat-catchers are up to… *

Performance Dates:
(@ the Old Arizona Theater, 2821 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis, MN 55408)

November 6 - 7:00pm (preview)
November 7 - 7:00pm
November 8 - 2pm and 7:00pm
November 9 - 2pm

November 14 - 7:00pm
November 15 - 2pm and 7:00pm
November 16 - 2pm

November 21 - 7:00pm
November 22 - 2pm and 7:00pm
November 23 - 2pm

Think we can get a group of Dopers together? Group rates apply! Lots to eat and do before or after the show, out on Eat Street. Good deals all around. Plus, you’d be supporting the inner city girls’ theater program we just absorbed into ours this year. Worthy stuff, all around. (You can read more about who we are and what we do on our website, too.)

So, what sayz ye all? If we can’t get a group together, you should still come at one of the performances! Reserve tickets! Bring the kids! Bring the spouses! Bring the friends! It’s a GREAT show!

Advance tix can always be reserved at: ratseverywhere@upstagemtw.org

I’ll be glad to organize a group of dopers, if we can pick a date! Kids, adults, all we need is 10 or more! Heck, I’ll put a special rate down for any doper who emails in a reservation – just make a note in your advance tix reservation that you’re from the SDMB and we’ll knock $2 off ticket prices!

Sounds awesome, congrats!

Did I miss the ticket price somewhere in that post?

If so, forgive me, I just got up.

You didn’t miss it, I was a dolt and forgot to put 'em in there.

$12/adults, $8/children – Group rates/SDMB rates $10/adults, $5/children.

The show runs approximately 90 minutes and has a 15 minute intermission during which time the Old Arizona cafe will be open (the cafe is also open before the shows). The nice thing about this venue is that the cafe serves beer, wine, tea, chocolate and other goodies (the Wine and Chocolate Bar is awesome) and these are allowed IN the theater… the cookies are to DIE for and are baked right before intermission. :wink: Highly addictive, let me tell ya. The venue is also fully ADA accessible.

And how much would that be with airfair from Florida? :smack:

Fetchund and I are interested. Seems like any of those dates would probably work, ASAIK.

Woot – thanks for the move, mods. Wasn’t too sure whether to MPSIMS or Cafe it, as it were.

JustThinkin’, we’d be delighted to have yas! Let’s scare up s’more folk, or fire off an email my way at ratseverywhere@upstagemtw.org with the date that fits best for you guys and I’ll save you some spots :slight_smile:

We probably won’t commit to any date until after the end of October. I’m crazy busy at work this week and next and then we go on vacation. If you get a group together, we’ll try to make it with the group.