Minor things you find you are surprisingly judgemental about

I’m not a judgmental person.
OK, so, I am but most things are minor things people do that I severely judge. This is not a Great Debates thread, so don’t list important or controversial topics.

I’m basically looking for those things people do that make you look down on them…that are not hugely controversial.

I’ll go first, of course.

  1. People who write checks at the cashier station. In America. Credit Card purchases and payments are available free, as are debit card usage as long as it’s enough. Stop wasting our time by writing a check!!! At least fill it out more or less before you get there!! I look down on you!!

  2. People who judge a great TV show on the first few episodes. I love Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, and have encountered several people who said, “Well, I didn’t get it in the first 20 minutes,. so I quit.” Shame on you!

  3. Scientologists OK, so it’s religion, but it’s not popular at all, really. I just don’t get why anyone would believe in a new religion that looks like it was made up by a Sci-Fi author with too much time on his hands(it was). I can’t look at John Travolta or Cruise or anyone else without thinking…“Why don’t you realize you are paying money for nothing???”

I look down on people who smoke.

I look down on people who don’t try to be the best parents they can be.

I look down on people who don’t smile or have a sense of humour - I really just can’t figure them out and don’t want to be around them.

I look down on people who don’t clean up after themselves.
I look down on people who feel entitled because they have money.
I look down on people who brag.

I am a judgemental person, so there are lots. Here is a random sampling:
I look down on people who have tattoos in languages they can’t read;
I look down on women who wear ridiculous shoes that are hard to walk in;
I look down on people who are from the suburbs, but say they are from the nearby city:
I look down on people who do the above and then try to give a bs reason for doing it like “people have never heard of my town.” Say your from the Virginia suburbs of DC, embrace it.

I look down on people who don’t indicate when they turn.
I look down on men who go shirtless in public.
I look down on art snobs.
I look down on people who put their dogs in clothes.
I look down on hypocrites, especially when it’s me.

I am a judgemental person so this one shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did, but it turns out that I look down on people who take sleeping pills

(Online dating situation; I talk to him online a few times and he signs off every night saying his sleeping pill has kicked in and he has to get to bed. Creeps me out so much I opted not to meet him).

I look down on people that live in suburbs that I don’t approve of for whatever reason.

I look down on people with any trace of a Boston accent or any accent that I find unattractive for that matter.

I look down on people that went to colleges and universities that don’t have at least a semi-prestigious reputation.

I look down on people that play golf a lot unless they make their living that way.

There are a lot more but those are samples.

I judge you if you drive an SUV.
I judge you if you tell me you don’t like traveling.
I judge you if you have a tattoo in a language you don’t speak. (Stealing this from madmonk28.)

And yet I have friends who do all of these things and it doesn’t bother me, so I guess I kinda fail at judging. shrug

I am surprisingly judgemental of men who make less than $100,000 or have less than an 8-inch penis, though outwardly I pretend to have the same problems they do.

I look down on people who use “that” instead of “who” when referring to people.

Uptight people who refuse to have even one beer or one glass of wine because they “don’t drink.”

I look down on people who drive like they’re the only car on the road (not using signals, etc.)

I look down on people who are always on their cell phone, no matter where they are.

I look down on people who think all classical music is “boring” or “relaxing.”

I look down on reverse-snobs (“I never read” or “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a museum”).

I look down on people who leave their supermarket cart in the middle of the aisle, so other shoppers can’t get through.

-people who don’t use their turn signals. What are they saving them for?

-people who tailgate. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a NASCAR race, when I see 5-6 cars in a row, all spaced about 5-10 feet apart.

-people who drive slowly in the left lane. It’s to be expected from time to time in the city where people need to turn left, but on the highway, it’s just assholery.

-when I’m waiting at the front of a left-turn lane, and cross-traffic turning left across me cuts the corner and nearly nails my car.

Riding my motorcycle:
-I wear a lot of protective gear - boots, pants, jacket, gloves, helmet - and I’m judgmental when I see other riders riding without any gear. I know this is a pot/kettle thang, since the vast majority of people out there think I’m crazy for riding at all, regardless of what I wear.

-I’m judgmental about people on bikes who don’t know how to ride. It’s alternately amusing and irritating when I’m riding in a place like Deals Gap and get caught behind someone who leans off to the inside while they creep through a turn at 10 MPH with the bike virtually upright, or worse yet, lean off to the outside, nearly pushing the bike down into the pavement. I’m less judgmental if they are aware and courteous enough to wave me by instead of hogging the road as they struggle to survive each terrifying turn.

What else?


-people who wheel their groceries home half a mile using (stealing) the store’s shopping carts.

-people who stand there while the cashier rings up their groceries, which means the cashier ends up bagging the groceries after the ringing is done. Yes, you’re entitled to do this, but it means the rest of us end up waiting longer because you were too damn lazy/proud to bag your own groceries. I do bag my own, not particularly out of courtesy to the people behind me, but because A) I want to get myself out of the store sooner, and B)I feel like a lazy pompous ass standing there waiting while the cashier rings, instead of making myself useful for both myself and the cashier.

This one surprised me - when I lived in the suburbs of Albany, people in NYC wouldn’t recognize any of the town names! So I did indeed say I was from Albany because at least then I would see some recognition in the other person’s eyes.

As for me:

I absolutely look down on people who have tattoos in languages they can’t read.
I don’t so much look down on people who don’t use their turn indicators as want them to burn in a fire, but you get my drift.
I look down on women whose only conversations consist of men, weight, and looks - just like in HS.
And yes, I look down on people who watch American Idol un-ironically.

I have an unreasonable loathing for people who abuse punctuation. Specifically those who use more than one exclamation mark or question mark to emphasize that what they’re saying is important (I’m guessing this is what it is, anyway). When it really isn’t. Example: “Are you done with those files yet??” That extra question mark makes it sound like you’re panting excitedly. Same with “Hi!! Hope you’re doing okay!!” (pant pant). And don’t get me started on people who use three dots instead of a full stop. I’m extremely prejudiced against punctuation fiends.

Argh. Whew. Why yes, I work in customer service.

I can let most things go, but I can’t stand people who complain that they don’t have money and then pull an iPhone out of their pocket or have a giant TV or otherwise show that they don’t actually try to save money.

Gum chewers. A piece to freshen your breath, possibly acceptable. But people who seemingly cannot go through a minute of the day without the stuff in their mouth remind me of nothing more valuable than cows chewing the cud.

I get unreasonably angry at people in my neighborhood who choose not to use the sidewalks, walking down the street instead. In summer. In winter, there’s likely a good reason for it: we try to be careful about clearing the snow off our walk, but not everyone on my block is. Same for neighboring blocks. The sidewalks can be nigh unpassable in winter. But when it’s warm out? Boils my blood. I just can’t stand it.

When I see someone ambling down the street instead of using the perfectly good sidewalk, I just see red. I always end up insulting their education, parentage, and fashion sense, and it’s really probably a slight overreaction. But I can’t freakin’ take it.

I look down on uptalkers.

I want to defend the gum chewing practices, too. I chew gum a lot, because it helps prevent impromptu snacking. I know lots of people do this. I try not to be loud or obnoxious about it, though.