Minor TMI? Have you ever faked an orgasm in any way?

Yes, I have.

I know it’s got to be a lot trickier being a male, but I was able to do it.

You see, one time I was having phone sex with a now ex-girlfriend.

She had already “gone off” shall we say and I was almost there, but not quite. And I didn’t forsee me going off the edge anytime soon either.

So…what I did, was made the sounds like I was going through it. See, that wasn’t the first time her and I had phone sex, so she knew what I sounded like when I “exploded”. So I mimicked that sound and, well, she bought it.

I must say, I think I did a pretty good job too. Women aren’t the only fakers.
Now, what about you? Ever fake one? And if so, why?

Sometimes it’s, you know, enough already and you want to go to sleep.

Other times, you know it’s not going to happen, and it tends to be disheartening to your lover when you stop in the middle of everything and say, “Honey, this just isn’t happening, so I’ll just lay and let you do your thing.”

So yes, I have. And damn good at it too.

Just to start off, let me say that I am a male…and of course, we think that it is the wowen who may fake orgasms (at least those are the only conversations that I’ve heard.

So…one night I was especially tired, but had to rise to the occasion…at least in my own mind I had to be able to perform…and after the normal sequence of things, I realized that it just wasn’t gonna happen for me. So I faked an orgasm, and after a brief snuggle when to sleep. Hmmm. Lesson learned.

The next time that I was especially tired, I just said “I’m really tired, honey” WOW! I just turned down sex!

That was a very liberating event. A guy turning down sex? Especially me??!!!
Very cool actually.

Hasn’t happened more than twice, but still very cool.

Sure, I have. I’m not “built” in such a way that I can achieve orgasm through intercourse, but I had one partner who refused to ever believe this. He kept thinking if only he tried this or that I’d come. So I started faking it or I’d never have gotten any rest. Boosted his ego, too, since he then thought he was the only guy ever to make me come during intercourse.

But the more fun story is the time I faked it and didn’t even realize it…my partner and I were going at it pretty good and suddenly he’s going on about how he’s pleased that I came…only I hadn’t!

Exactly the situation I did it in. Several times, actually. >_>

Yes. In the flesh. If I’m super tired on the second or third go, I might fake it. As long as my partner is happy, I’m happy.

I don’t bother faking. I just let my girlfriend know I’m not feeling it at the moment, and she understands.

PulletFiance and I are actually frank enough with eachother that he knows when our sessions are just for him. I don’t mind it really. He’s got a bigger libido than me. If I really can’t be bothered that day, I tell him so. Sometimes he’s to sleepy for me. As far as I know, neither one of us has had to fake.

I just felt like quoting Sienfeld earlier. :slight_smile:

Well, yes. Not with my current SO, but with a previous one. We had the same situation as lorinada, where he just wouldn’t believe me.

Now I am in the same situation as Pullet, where we can talk about it. But these days my libido is bigger, so doesn’t happen often.

Anothe guy checking in here, and I say I have faked it…at least three times, with three different women.

Situation #1:

GF was out at a party for one of her friends. I had class the next morning, plus knew maybe two poeple who were going to be there, so I stayed in and went to bed early (midnight…that’s earlyu for a college studnet.) Well, come 4 AM ther’s a loud pounding at my door, I unlock it and my drunk GF comes wandering in, wondering why I locked the door. Umm…seeing as the party was a few miles away and I thoguht everyone wsas drinking, I didn’t think you were coming home…well, I guess one friend was nice enough to be a sober driver, so she was dropped off. And this GF was VERY much in the mood (as she usually was when drunk,) and started going after me as soon as she walked in, basically. Well, I decided that rather than just say no, I’d go along with it and try to make it quick. Well, I guess being that I was so tired I just couldn’t perform. The little bouv (well…not THAT little of a bouv, just smaller than the big bouv) was rigid in his stance, but felt no need to “release his seed”, as it were, so I just pretended that I came. It’s easy to do when wearing a condom, since there wouldn’t be anything there for them to notice is lacking. Add to that her drunken state, and she had no idea.


Different GF, different situation. We were going at it with some foreplay, when it turned into one of those mutual oral sex dealies commonly referred to by a certain number by many a sixteen year old male. Wel, I got off before she did, and I felt bad, so I tried to start pleasuring her again a little too soon. Once again, I was at full attention, but no amount of proding, pushing, pumping, or thumping was going to result in Mr. Peener taking a visit to Orgasm-town. So, I faked it again,. Hell, by this time she had already orgasmed twice, so I wasn’t really doing her a diservice. (She was big on the vaginal orgasms, not so much on clitoral, which is why she didn’t orgsm from the oral before.)

Scenario #3:

Once again, a different girl. This one is just a simple case of the ol’ whiskey dick, only with lots of beer instead of whiskey. As usual, getting the Colonel to stand at attention was easy enough, and he even stayed like that the whole time. But damn if he weren’t a conscientious objector that night, cause he would not fire his gun, no matter how many times Charlie was coming down on top of him (or below, as the case may be.)

Nope. Sometimes it’s just not going to happen, no matter what, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy what was going on.

Newp. I never have a problem orgasming, but if I did I could just let the wife know and we’d move on to something else.

I think a better idea would be to let him know somehow that you’re happy with tonight’s escapades, asking him to come, or something like that. Much better than faking it.

As for the original question: no, I haven’t, but I was accused of it once, and we weren’t even using a condom. Hey, it was the fourth time that day. You don’t shoot gallons each time, you know?

This is the understanding my girlfriend and I have- while she never has orgasms from intercourse itself, she loves intercourse just the same.

Neither one of us need to fake orgasms. Both of us ‘know’ there are some days when it just isn’t going to happen. Since we see each other so infrequently, and the times we do see each other usually involve lots of driving, a party/celebration/holidat, more often than not one of us is rather tired, occasionally a little irritable, etc.

We found the best solution to this is to have the TV on in the background. Often when one of us starts to get frustrated about not being able to ‘get there’, something funny happens on the TV which makes both of us laugh. This helps defuse the situation and keep us both happy.

Exactly! I’m not going to come from just intercourse anyway, and there are times when it’s not going to happen even with additional…ah…stimulation. But it’s still waaaaaay fun. Sex isn’t about just the orgasms for me.

“Go for it,” means quit worrying about me and have fun, I’m throughly enjoying myself but I don’t want to keep trying for so long that I get frustrated 'cause it just ain’t gonna happen tonight, but that’s okay.

No, because at the risk of sounding like I’m just trying to sound all woman-pleaser-ish, really good sex doesn’t even revolve around whether I climax or not. truth is, if there’s intercourse, I am NOT in a hurry to finish, because the sensations of being there are way better than having a good orgasm, and then being…done.

At some point, somewhere sometime, I’m going to get mine, so nah, patience works out to be a virtue.

As a randy late teen and early 20-something, I spent LOTS of time with older women, and learned some cool things. The main one I learned was take care of her needs, and you stand a MUCH better chance of being welcomed back to have your own taken care of when you need it.

Two fun guy jokes:

Q: Why does a woman take longer to orgasm than a guy?
A: Who cares?

Q: Why do women fake orgasms?
A: They think we care.

Yep, I have.