So, when I was a callow youth, (some 4 years ago) I was told by a girl my age that if a guy doesn’t have a girlfriend by the time he’s 13, it means he’s gay. This is obviously untrue; but what can I say, I was ** 12 **.

What junk did your fellow teenyboppers try to palm off on you in junior high? Did you buy it? Did you ever convince anyone else of something absurd?


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We convinced a very, very stupid friend of ours that we each had three, not two. He began asserting that he, too, had three, so as not to appear to be a freak. (This was all talk, of course – no show.)

We always tried to convince the freshmen at my high school that there was a pool on the third floor of the building. Some actually tried to go look. Wonder what happened when they ended up on the roof. :wink:

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

Falcon, did you go to my high school???

Somerville, NJ

Hee! Nope, keystream…I went to high school in Annapolis, Maryland. Glad to see others did the same thing though!

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

And once they believed that there was a pool, you’d sell them your “Seniors-only Pool Pass” for $20.


You mean we don’t all have three???

That, “all the other girls gave out, how come you won’t”…and if you jump up and down after sex you wont get pregnant!

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When I was 15 I had a boyfriend who honestly belived that you could have sex as much as you wanted, as long as the girl didn’t reach orgasm, she wouldn’t get pregnate.

Recently I heard of two teenaged girls talking, one told the other, oh _________ (guys name here ) and I are gonna do it tonight.

Her friends asks what if you get pregnate ?

First girl replys -Oh I won’t, he’s going to steal me one of his moms birth control pills.

That’s scary to me. It really is !

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Girls getting pregnate scare me too, all the time.


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  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I was told that all you had to do to have a baby was sleep naked with the girl.

We told freshmen that our two level high school had an elevator. (it did not)

I had a co-worker tell a new co-worker that the company had a pool on the roof. Don’t know if he ever went to look.

I told a girl in high school that the reason the Washington Monument was one color up to a point and a different color the rest of the way was because a long time ago it flooded in DC up to that point and it stained the stone. She believed me.


This is terrible, but true. When my brother was a pre-teen he could piss me off above and beyond. I can’t remember what he would do, but when I did get extremely steamed I would tell him that all of his friends really hated him and kept telling me so.

Broke his wittle heart.

Gee, I wonder why he still holds stuff like this against me?

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Hmm…thought up some more fun ones. Fretful could probably help me out here - tormenting tourists is a major activity at William & Mary. (you’re in WILLIAMSBURG, for Christ’s sake, what ELSE were we going to do…)

“Where did George Washington sleep?” “Comfort Inn, Room 232. Back down Richmond Road.”

“Where are you living this year? Dillard? (On campus housing that’s 3 miles away…go figure) Oh, you know they house mental patients in the empty rooms, right?” (Only a slight exaggeration - Eastern State Mental Hospital is across the road.)

We also had the traditional “If your roommate dies, you get a 4.0” going around.

Damn, I miss messing with the freshmen.

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

My friend fell for a joke when he was a freshman…it was played by a senior that you would never suspect of being the sort of play tricks on freshmen. At the middle school, there’s an elevator (the school has 3 floors). If you have to walk on crutches or something for a while, then you get an elevator pass and key from the office so you don’t have to use the stairs. Well, the high school is all on one level. This senior offered to sell my friend an elevator pass. My friend says yes. The senior and everyone else around started laughing.


When I was about ten, an older girl explained how babies are made, but I didn’t buy it.
I was pretty sure it had something to do with sex.
So I was wrong.

This space for rent.

At my high school there was a variation on the pool pass thing. We told freshman that they needed a pass to use the elevator (we really did have an elevator though). This story had been told to me when I was a freshman and some older kids saw me hobbling along on crutches. I knew it wasn’t true cause I had already used the elevator.
I think everyone in the world has heard about the 4.0 thing.

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“Sex is not that big a deal.”

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Three little words…“Blue Star Acid.”

I remember getting memos about this from school to take home to my parents. When I was in elementary school. 25 years ago. And just a few months ago, I got that warning in email, from someone who believed it was true. Sigh.

When I was about 8 years old, several of us boys at school gathered behind the bicycle shed to decide where babies came from.

We soon got rid of ‘the stork brings them’. ‘They grow in the garden’ was tricky, because lots of things do. (I can’t remember if we got confused with ‘a man’s seed’!). The favourite was ‘they come in an ambulance’ i.e. your Mum goes and gets a baby then comes back in an ambulance.

I decided to ask my parents. They carefully asked why I wanted to know, then explained in straightforward terms. I returned triumphantly to the gang.

They convinced me the ambulance was correct!

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I didn’t have the opportunity to get in on this one, but some friends of mine once convinced this guy that if you take peanuts (while still in the shell) and throw them in the fire, the gas expands and the shell will explode. They had a bunch of peanuts at the time they told him this (along with some firecrackers :wink: ), started throwing them in the fire, and he actually bought it. From that point on, whenever they had a party, he would bring along a bag of peanuts, start tossing them into the fire, trying to get them to explode.