Mismatch the slogan and the product.

Straight Dope: May cause anal leakage.
Straight Dope: If Cecil starts to glow, duck and cover.

Or, of course, that could be your local Chinese food place.

Any “male enhancement” ad, and the slogan “Size…Does…Matter.”
ExLax, “Where do you want to go today?”
Feminine freshness ads - “It’s the cheese”.
Jolt Cola - Zoom zoom

I can’t claim this to be my own, but I forget where it’s from:

A great number of fall movie releases, like, say, The Notebook: “Ah, the power of cheese.”

Otis Elevator Company: Good till the last drop.

Kotex Pads/Tampax - Good to the last drop. :eek:

(Any of the various sex-toys): “when you’re here, you’re family!” (ew!)

Metamucil / Ex-Lax: “Our mobility experts will do whatever it takes!” (my apologies if this is a local thing, but the TV here in upstate NY has been airing ads for “The Scooter Store” non-stop - picture the “Rascal” episode of Seinfeld, and you’ve got it.)

Trojan: Just do it.
Straight Dope: The best part of waking up.
Sylvan Learning Centre: Fighting ignorance since 1973

George Bush: Too rich, too thick, to run

(And I actually pasted an oppostion candidates bumper sticker over this Heinz ad when I was working on a campaing once.)

I was staying away from nasty ethnic stereotypes.

Cloning: “Double your pleasure, double your fun.”

A Johnny Carson classic:

Constipated? Call your Roto-Rooter man!

Viagra: “Put your spin on it.”(Warning, link makes noise).


Armour Hot Dogs: It’s the cows.

Boomerang Cozmo (or many other drinks): Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

Trojan “warming condoms”: MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM — Toasty!

Summer’s Eve: Eat Fresh!

FDS: The Fresh-maker!

Kotex feminine napkins: Think outside the box.

Ex-Lax: It keeps going and going and going…

KY (or Preparation H): A little dab’ll do ya.

Viagra: Get more.

Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum: Kid-tested, mother-approved.

Trojan warming condoms: “We love the suuubs…”


George Bush: Run for the border.

Trojan: It’s fun to play together.

Ex Lax: I’d rather have a bowl of Coco Pops

Since 9/11 I guess no airline would want: Fly now. Shovel later.

I didn’t create it, I’m just using it because it’s there.