Misread thread titles

The Hard Part of Monkey Laundering thread contains a lot of interesting information related to financial stuff, but surprisingly little about monkeys.

I just send mine out for dry cleaning. Much easier.

Small mennonites.

I am opposed to discrimination based on religion or size, so this is a rather offensive thread.

I decided not to open “How do you become a minister of the SDMB?” because services would be way too raucous and probably involve snakes.

I legit thought this said Frog Attacks when I first glanced it.

I hate having to ask for OTC medals!

“Beloved Childhood Friends You Would Never Eat Today” seems unusually pro-cannibalistic for this message board. Btw, I have never eaten a beloved childhood friend; do they taste good?

Dammit Dropo I had read that one the exact same way…

How do you feel about samurai?

I think we probably overly romanticize the Japanese warrior class in modern pop culture, in my opinion.

I pit the Russian government and their Pad Thai!

It’s always better in Bangkok.

Vulvar hiatus: The Game of Thrones Offseason Thread sounds a bit racy for Cafe Society.

Farting while making out.


From the General Questions forum (link)

Where does this trope originate: vampire enters private eye’s office with a case for him

I was gonna post in that thread, but I guess I won’t derail it - I had to look up what a “vamp” is because I’d never heard the term and assumed he WAS asking about vampires. Is this the new Urban Fantasy cliche? Vampires and Private Detectives? Did that originate with the Dresden books or are they not as original as I thought?

I had to look it up too, and was surprised to find that it was a real word, although the intended meaning of “seductive woman” in the case of that thread title, appears to be an antiquated slang usage of the term.

I had the same initial reaction to the thread title, but figured it out when I read the OP.

As it happens, I’ve actually written this short story. Sadly unpublished. (This was many years ago when I actually tried to get some short fiction published. I never got anything more than a perfunctory rejection letter).

It’s a slang term that was current and widely used during noir’s heyday. In context, it’s exactly the correct word to use in describing the trope.

But appropriate for GoT but for the CGI blurring.

Careful who you’re calling antiquated :smirk:

Not misread, but I can’t see the “Spackling the Crack of Dawn” thread title without my mind wanting to go down inappropriate paths regarding the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I just saw “Beloved Childhood Friends You Would Never Eat Today”, and figured that Discourse had inexplicably revived an old Jeffrey Dahmer thread.