Misread thread titles

Not misread, but I’m thinking about how that thread was wasted–thanks to Discourse, nobody will be able to use this title again!

Is there a way to twist this destroyed umbraco on my bicycle

Frasier Robot; Threat or Menace?

I can’t imagine a robot that enjoys opera and fine wine could be much of a menace, but you never know.

So, I started a Starbucks

I was genuinely confused when I opened the thread and it wasn’t about the poster opening a Starbucks franchise.

I keep reading this thread about going to bed with a swinging señor:

Tell Me About Sleeping with a FreeStyle Libre Sensor

Hey, one of my thread titles made it here! :smiley:

Well, with a user-name like that, what do you expect?

Two consecutive thread titles that I merged into one:

Amazon wanting me to answer customer questions


Arizona to use Zyklon B to kill prisoners


Amazon wants to use Zyklon B to kill customers

I read it as “Tell Me About Sleeping with a FreeStyle Library Censor”.

(Mrs. J. is a hot ex-librarian).

Brag, brag, brag…:grinning:

Are you re-thinking Judaical activism?

I think B’nai Brith and the Anti-Defamation League have things nicely covered.

Is a Dope kit a thing to you

I momentarily wondered if some of you had Straight Dope Kits at home, and what such a kit might contain.

Nice one.

Electric Scooters for Allah


Hubby parts unavailable during the Pandemic

Sorry ladies, fresh cuts have all but vanished. I hear you can still order canned hubby parts on Amazon, but they’re pricey.

NSEW NSFW: How far have you been in each cardinal direction?

Do you mean, counting or not counting Amsterdam, IYKWIM?

I beat ya to it in said thread.

I keep seeing In the MICU, what is a god? because I’ve known some MDs who believed they were divine.

I Mis-read the Hell out of one today. Songs about a … specific… um, proclivity? I saw it as :smiley_cat: :dog2: :lion: :deer: :water_buffalo: :giraffe: :chipmunk:

Repairing a vinyl guitar