Misread thread titles

So I picked up a $27 bottle of beer pollen.

[Homer Simpson] Hmmm, beer pollen.[/HS]

What do I do with placenta?

Obviously, use some Placenta Helper.


God help me, I laughed.

I Bought An EVP Device
I bought an AvP device

Alec Baldwin [accidentally] Kills Crew Member with Pop Gun

Pathogenic California Condors

And I just misead your misread title as
Alec Baldwin [accidentally] Kills Crew Member with a Pop Tart.

The ethics of imposing morality on a dog

“Bad dog!”

No, I don’t have any qualms about that.

Boo Boo’s And Mom’s Kiss
I totally did NOT misread this title, but the spurious apostrophe made me think that Mom is making out with Yogi Bear’s buddy.

Could Wanker engines make a comeback?
The ultimate in self-propelled vehicles.

How much hip and tongue is lost if an engine loses a piston

I pit singing Christians not wearing pants

They get the hose.

Is it the OP not wearing pants, or the Christians not wearing pants?

Is Stalin absolutely necessary?

This got me to :sweat_smile:. Probably because the s was capitalized.

Well, tbf, with Stalin around your cholesterol may not be your most pressing problem…

Let’s help pit Facebook’s new name

Meh, it practically pits itself…

Man eaters: Do you have any vegetarian meals in regular rotation?

I think you have to be a certain age to even understand why I might read it like that.


Tell us an interesting random fart you stumbled across