Mixed Nuts

You buy a bottle of mixed nuts.

What nuts are left over after you pick thru your favorites?

I always seem to have peanuts remaining.

Brazil nuts. Blach!
They shouldn’t be in the mix at all. Put in pistachios.

I rarely have much left over, since I eat everything. Cashews are my least favorite, but I still will eat them.


I thought this was going to be about Rocky Mountain oysters made of beef and sheep.

Walnuts. The oil or something in them tears up my mouth skin and makes it hurty.

Filberts are my least favorite. I often have those left in the can after everything else is gone.

There’s not a nut in the can I don’t dearly, dearly love. Since there are so many peanuts added in proportion, if no here one wants them I put them out for the bluejays and squirrels.

I would do better picking items from a list, or in a poll. But assuming the “with peanuts” variety of mixed nuts sold where I do my main shopping, I eat them in this order:

  1. cashews
  2. pecans
  3. filberts or hazel nuts
  4. almonds
  5. peanuts
  6. brazil nuts

The mixes that I’m used to don’t have walnuts or pistachios. If they did, I’d eat walnuts last and pistachios after the filberts. Macadamias are okay but not a favorite. Probably just before peanuts.

As for peanuts themselves, I like the redskin version less that the other variety. Virginia, is it? Of the way I have eaten peanuts, I prefer boiled most and unsalted least. Right out of the shell, without having been roasted, I can barely tolerate them.

When I have the option of just one variety to eat, I go with pecans first and cashews next, with almonds as a third choice. But I do like peanuts by themselves, too.

I bet I have other things to say about nuts, but all I can think of to mention is pine nuts, which are hard to get in this area – at least where I tend to shop.

Cashews. A vendor sent me tins of cashews for years at Christmas. Didn’t have the heart to tell him I didn’t like them. I tossed the nuts outside for the squirrels and kept the tins.

Brazils are my favorite, then almonds and peanuts.

Perhaps of interest: What’s your favorite nut? from earlier this year.

Bottle of nuts? Is that an American thing? I’ve never heard of nuts in bottles before. They come in bags here.

Anyway, I buy the better (more expensive) nut mixes which don’t include peanuts. I like some peanut-based foods, but the nuts themselves are pretty blah, and usually too salty. I buy unsalted mixes.

I love: Cashews, Pecans, Pistachios, Macadamia nuts.

I like: Almonds, Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts.

Looking through Wiki’s List of culinary nuts I don’t see anything else that I’d find in mixed nuts around these parts.

So, my answer is “peanuts if they’re included” or “nothing from the mixes I’d actually buy”.

I would have used “jars” instead of “bottles” if I had been posing the question. The store I buy nuts at has them in cans, bags, jars, and even loose so you can fill whatever with them. Mixed nuts that I bring home are mostly in cans, but also in jars.