Monday TV

So what shows are you most looking forward to watching tonight?

My favorite Monday night show would be 24, however, last week’s episode was mediocre. The Big Bang Theory is a solid show that had last week off. I’ll definitely enjoy watching the new episode. Same goes for Chuck.

Chuck, House and Castle. Monday’s a pretty good night for TV.

Antiques Road Show.

Shut up.

Mondays are a good night for TV. Being stuck in the 20th Century without a DVR, I usually end up watching Chuck. I want to watch Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother too, but they are on at the same time. Woe is me.

Big Bang Theory.

How I Met Your Mother is growing on me, but I somehow think I should be liking it more than I do. It’s probably because I empathise more with Marshall and Lily (as the surrogate parents in the dynamic) than with any other characters.

Heroes (and sometimes House). Heroes hasn’t lost me yet, although they are trying hard. At least with the return of their new/old writer, things aren’t hopeless.

How I Met Your Mother & 24.

Chuck, of course, and Big Bang Theory. I’ll also watch Heroes, partly just to understand what the peanut gallery is talking about.

BBT is my favorite. I still watch HIMYM but it’s hit or miss.

Still watching 2 and half men, but it has lost something.

I occasionally watch Rules of Engagment. I love Patrick Warburton and I think Megyn Price is to die for. The two together have great chemistry. Everyone else on the show should be fired or shot.

And I am beginng to love Castle. First episode was kinda dull. But I enjoy Nathon Fillion in anything, and the chemistry between him and the cop is starting to show.

House, Castle, and Heroes. But I’m on the verge of giving up on Heroes.

Heroes has been great this season. Last season, on the other hand, was pretty lame. I’m glad I stuck with it though because I’ve had a lot of fun watching it this time around.

We’re always a couple of days behind, so tonight will probably be CSI.

As for what we watch that actually airs on Mondays, it’d be House this time of year, The Closer and Monday Night Football other times.