Moniotor issues settings to high

I have a
and just did a wipe and reinstall of Xp, while redoing drivers and software I came across this problem.

the monitors normal setting is 1680x1050 but the damn monitor is displaying 1600x1200 and I have no way to change it. its not on the software side its the monitor itself. so now I have a bit of screen thats hidden on one or both sides that only shows up when I slide the mouse to the far left or right of the screen.

any thoughts?

if its relevant I have an nvidia 7600 gs video card.

ok after one quick look I have more to add, the setting adjustment on the monitor itself is there but cannot be selected, the auto adjust is grey and the manual settings are also grey…yes I tried several different drivers on this thing.

See is this discussion is helpful, particularly the last post.


Note that uninstalling previous drivers is very important.

thats sort of my problem, just backwards, my video card is set to 1650x1080…its the monitor thats set wrong