More HDC (or Harmless Doper Crushes) Dos

Alright, as an update of this thread, and because I needed something all rainbows and Care Bears, I figured we’re due for another one of these since it’s been almost ( * gasp * ) over 6 months.

And in my last one I didn’t get any movie offers, marriage proposals, or motel keys (fortunately there was no manure flung either!), I decided to try out my admiration on some new folks and see if they play better with others. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, don’t any of my old favorites feel left out. I still look for your posts and have special places reserved in my heart for each and every one. However, if you want to be bumped back to a place of prominence ( ::: ahem ::: ), then you better get in here and dazzle. I’ll wave at you though. Hi Mad one and LHoD!


Now for the current nominees in alphabetical order by category…

In the Left-Leaning Round-Up of Every Liberal Girl’s Dreams:

[li]Askia – with the “Cute Lil’ White Boy” thread, I’m a believer[/li][li]FinnAgain – just seem to like everything ( ::: blush ::: )[/li][li]Merijeek – who I think I’ve already offered to elope with[/li][/ul]

The Cutest Couple I Wish I Was Male For:

[li]Miller and Sol Grundy (yes, I realize you guys could go in the above group, but this distinction was just too cool to pass up)[/li][/ul]

The Long Hair and Excellent Christian Example Award:

[li]Lord Ashtar[/li][/ul]

Last of all, but certainly not least…

The He Always Cracks Me Up Completely Winner:


So, to recap; Yes, I can use bullet points for just one item if I want to. Pffft to your offended aesthetic sensibilities. I reserve the to add more as I see fit (in case my poor little heart hasn’t fished enough :eek: ) and there’s plenty a girlie or four I’ve always adored. Just too many to name without fear of not remembering them all. Too bad I can’t access a main member list. Sadly, I also know that most of these folks are either hitched or in committed relationships, so alas I shall just stare contentedly at my screen and rain voodoo down on their significant others.
Away we go!!

[Prays desperately that people respond to this so I won’t be left out here hanging like the bigger nerd than I am. Thank you for having pity on my goofiness. I’m sure there’s scripture somewhere that said you all will inherit the earth, or at least a Civic.]

I thought I was enough for you. :wink:

I guess the rest of these suitors will have to go through me. I feel like King Odysseus, my sweet Penelope.

The gauntlet is thrown! No quarter will be given. I am ready to defend the honor and virtue of a woman whose beauty and intellect are as the sunrise- full of hope, and a dazzling sight to behold.

Step up and be recognized!

ps- Glad to see that you are back on your feet, so to speak. I hope only the best for you.

Where’s the thread for “More HDC (or Harmless Doper Crushes) Dont’s”?


Aw, thanks faithfool!

My Og man, but you are good! Now just to find out whether you posted first to keep me from appearing a total douche or because you really lurves me. :wink:

But you do know that you’re in a league all unto yourself, don’t you? I mean, the thread title has harmless in it and what I feel for you dearest, is anything but.

I think I’ll go hide now at such a wonderful and eloquent suitor shining attention on me. I’ll be blushing furiously too.

Ethilrist, I see how you are. Being witty and all is a great way to catch the imagination of those making up the list. I’ll be watching you mister.

And you’re most welcome Miller and with that, I’ve already had more success than with the last one. Woohoo!

Come on people, puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Don’t leave me hanging out here all alone. There has to be more of you! You guys went for pages and pages last time!! Or are y’all all crushed out? :frowning: Help. :frowning: :frowning: Helphelp.

Regardless, this is my one weak and pathetic plea to hopefully prevent this from sliding off into oblivion. If it does though, don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here playing with the dead worms and fireworks.

::: sniff :::

Oh, and while I’m making a colossal PITA outta myself, I’d like to take the opportunity to add one more necessary member to my ever-growing club of cuties…

OtakuLoki, he of the Appreciator of Bob Recognition. Me and the ol’ demon love to have at least one fan around upon occasion. Thanks man!

I’m a nice guy, and I wouldn’t want to weird any of the Doper Ladies out by mentioning them. :wink:

Well, I apologize, faithfool, first of all, since I think I have reason to believe that it was my flirting that got your other crush thread closed. I’m keeping a leash on myself this time, though, I promise.

That said, I still dig everyone I used to dig, and now I dig a few more people, too. Johnny L.A., this means you!

Anaamika (don’t we all!), Catsix, Susan Stohelit.
/checks thread for my name

Thanks Johnny, Harimad (tsk tsk, tis wasn’t your fault – I’m so anal/OCDish that I delete subscriptions if I think I’ve dealt a really sucky thread, so I didn’t even know it had gone on so long) and Gabe for coming to the rescue. At least I can chalk this one up to not TOTAL failure.

You guys (who are on the list now as well – anyone who is so kind deserves appropriate warm and fuzzy spots) truly rock!

Now, I’ll bow out gracefully and find those worms.

Mmm… Homebrew


Yeah, I said a guy! I think me and him and ol’ Lobbers need to go out and get drunk one night and talk a lot of bullshit about all sorts of shit, ya know?

Zeldar and Carni-the-plant-dude too!

Anaamika and Sunspace are my big ones, but I have many, many others…

Hey, didn’t you both duck out early from The Lone Star Grill that time? :dubious:

Harmless, my big white flabby ass.

Grill, Cafe, it’s all the same.



Of course. And hey, don’t be knocking your butt. :wink:

whistles innocently

I’m sick, so seeing my name in here really brightened the day. Thanks!

I love all the usual people. Lately I’ve also been having an appreciation for Miller, he can be pretty funny unexpectedly.

**FinnAgain **has the best lines.

I gotta add **faithfool **now, for being brave enough for using only 1 item in a bullet point. I love bullet points! I get scolded for using them. (by Frank!)

**Zebra **has been making me laugh lately.

Again, I’m feeling kind of crappy, so I’m trying to limit it to new people only. I may be back, though, my head is not working properly.

Hi, sorry I’m late, traffic was a bitch!

Thank you for the mention faithfool. You made my day. But no more voodoo for the wife please! She’s been off her feet for a couple of weeks now, and enough’s enough.

Actually, she got hurt before the 4th, so I can’t blame you.

Alright, I’ll admit it. My short and thoroughly harmless list is:

Atheist Princess

And all of the other Cool Kids in the MMP. :slight_smile:

Johnny L.A., you know full well, I hope, that I wouldn’t be weirded out by you, only flattered since I’ve had a bit of a crush on you and No Clue Boy for a few years now. There’s also JayJay in the unrequitable category and a new poster, PCapeMan.

So many men; so little time!