Most threadkillingest poster competition!

As of just before hitting the submit button, the vBulletin software tells me I have posted in a grand total of 288 threads. In 25 of them, or 8.7%, I was the last poster (this includes 3 OPs that got no responses). Who can beat me?

(For you folks with thousands upon thousands of posts, maybe just count up the last 200 or so?)

Yeah, I’m bored. What of it?

Where are you finding that data?

Look me up, I bet I have you beat. I’m like the Grim Reaper when it comes to threads.

Du musst bie kitting, me, Schnurrbart???:slight_smile:

Check out my “let’s compile this shit” in the WoW thread!

No crickets, no “Sound of Silence”, no desolate wind over a desert, no nothing!:smiley:

It’s like whatever I wrote landed in a vacu

There may be an easier way, but what I did:

  1. Go to “Advanced Search
  2. Check the “Show Results as” = “Threads” button in the lower left-hand corner
  3. Set the “Find Posts from” date to a reasonable range (what this will be depends on how prolific you are and how many posts you want to see)
  4. Use “Search by User Name” to find your posts
  5. Scan through the pages for threads where your name shows up as the last poster
  6. Arithmetic :slight_smile:

Shark my boy (girl, delete whichever one is inappropriate), you have 204 threads posted to in the last 10 years, of which I count 8 that died with your sparking wisdom on their lips, for a mere 3.9%. Your toxicity is much overrated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. Thanks. I assumed you had found some hidden feature that provided this sort of thing straightaway. I have done similar searches but just never all the counting and arithmetic and such.

I do know I can’t see all 9,276 posts in one pass, so I have to finagle the searches to go at them from both ends.

Your statement got me all excited!

I have a goodly number of killed threads to my credit, but I doubt I’m a heavy competitor.

Quasi, baby, 750 threads in the last 10 years: I only counted the first 10 pages (=250 threads), and therein I found 49 threadkillers, for an amazing 19.6%!

We have a new record! :smiley:

I believe that 750 is just the most you can get back in one search. In my case that’s only about halfway back to the beginning for me. That’s why I said I have to go at my data from both ends to be sure to get it all. Others may have to be even more creative.

Does that mean Ich bin ein Wiener?

Oder was?


I prefer to think of it as “settling” a thread.

If the OP is a question involving a fact or some issue that can be “settled” then I agree with you.

Otherwise, it’s the case out outlasting the others posting or of having a punchline that can’t be topped.

There’s probably an upper limit to the fact/settling type of thread in the 5-20 posts range (arbitrarily selected to make the point) but the other type can be anywhere from 1 (0 in the case of the truly boring or puzzling OP) to thousands.

Discounting the threads that get killed (locked) by a mod, there ought to be a minimum and maximum number of posts before Killer can be declared.

I’ll propose minimum of 5, maximum of 100. Under 5 and you solved or settled the issue. Over 100 you just outlasted. In between you killed.

Or in my case, not even getting there until after the party is over and everyone else is picking up their coats and leaving. :wink:

Out of my last 750 posts, I was the last poster in 36 of them.

Out of my first 750 posts, I was the last poster in 38 of them (including my very first post ever… depressing. :()

So that’s 74 out of 1500…so that’s almost 5%.

25 final posts of the most recent 426 threads, or 5.9%.

I was the last poster in 11 of the 86 threads in which I have participated, for a 12.7% kill rate. Looks like that’s good for second place, so far.

If you want to see some statistics from 2004, Earthling was bored one day and dida few. :eek:

The post to which I link is only talking about threadkillers, but the thread as a whole is worth reading.

About 4.2%

Yep, I saw that. And died. The man’s dedication to the cause was amazing…
How long do you think that took, anyway?