Movies in 2010 you are looking forward to

So the Summer season will be coming soon. So tell me which movies you are looking forward to seeing.
Ironman II

Deathly Hallows, of Harry Potter fame.

Come on guys

Embarrassingly (since I’m an adult male and it’s a Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning movie), The Runaways. Also embarrassingly, because I know it’s most likely going to be horrible, Hot Tub Time Machine.

I’m psyched forThe Lost Thing, a CGI-cel mixed short based off the Shaun Tan book.
That and the A-Team Movie.

Clash of the Titans.

The A Team.

Wow. I didn’t realize there would be so few I was excited about until I went to look.

Really looking forward to:
Ironman 2

Will See:
The Expendables

Will probably see:
Alice in Wonderland
Clash of the Titans
Robin Hood
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
The Losers
The A Team
Jonah Hex
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Might See:
Beastly - I don’t know. Looks like a remake of Penelope. But maybe.

Alice in Wonderland. I still like the Burton/Depp/Bonham Carter combo, even after detesting Sweeney Todd.

Clash of the Titans looks good too.

Kick Ass
Ummm, I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head. Is there a list somewhere? It’s so hard for me to get into Hollywood movies anymore, and I tend not to hear about indies and foreign films until they’re released.

There’s one here, but it doesn’t fill me with much hope. I only saw three movies last year, and 2010 doesn’t look much more promising. There looks like a ton of comedies will be coming out, and I rarely like comedies, so for me all those are out as see-in-theater possibilities.

I’ll see the next Harry Potter movie though I’m not going in with high hopes considering Deathly Hallows is my least favorite book, and I’ll probably be dragged to see Alice in Wonderland. I’d also like to see the next National Treasure movie, not that it has a release date yet so it may not even release until 2011, and I’m tentitively interested in Cotton. The rest don’t sound too interesting, though that could change once trailers appear.

Does anyone have any info on horror movies not on that list? There don’t seem to be many besides a sequel to Paranormal Activity (I won’t be seeing that in theaters. Fool me out of my money once…) and Saw XXXVII.

The Crazies, Repo Men, The Runaways, A Nightmare on Elm Street (it has Jackie Earle Haley!), maybe Priest and Burlesque, Buried, Hesher, and Multiple Sarcasms. There’s also a couple of thrillers mentioned that I hadn’t heard of that may be interesting. We’ll see.

I’m looking forward to Kick Ass because my friend Eddie Hamilton edited it. And by all accounts, he’s done a brilliant job.

Ironman II

The cupboards that bare?

Sadly, I’m waiting for the Harry Potter movie too which is not a great commentary on upcoming movies.

Worse, I’m going to see the soon to arrive Alice in Wonderland (in 3D no less). I’ll probably see Shutter Island when the glaciers retreat from the parking lots.

Fortunately I got to see the play “Wicked” which is sooooo worth the money. That should hold me for awhile.

Iron Man II

Clash of the Titans


Prince of Persia

Harry Potter

…and those are just from memory…

**Tron 2

Iron Man 2



Repo Men

Toy Story 3

Clash of the Titans


Stuff I’m waiting to see at the dollar theater/DVD (still looking forward to it in a sense):

Book of Eli
The Wolfman
The Crazies
Cop Out

Upcoming stuff:

Iron Man 2
The A-Team
The Expendables
Season of The Witch
Clash of the Titans
Date Night
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Resident Evil: Afterlife
30 Days of Night 2

What can I say? I’m a big fan of crap. But a lot of this stuff looks fun in that B-grade kind of way.

No love for ‘Last Airbender’?

Also looking forward to Deathly Hallows, Clash of the Titans, Tron II, Alice in Wonderland, and… somewhat to How to Train Your Dragon.

Nothing really. Even the big blockbusters that usually get me excited haven’t thrilled me so far. There are a couple I might drop into if the buzz is high, but as for anticipation at this early stage, there’s not much stirring in me.

Except maybe Toy Story 3. Because I haven’t met a Pixar film I didn’t love.

So are you guys Rampage Jackson fans, or do that many of you actually think the A-Team is going to be a good movie?

It’s going to be an entertaining movie. There’s a difference.

Although I am a Liam Neeson fan and his involvement makes me think it’ll at least be good, if not great.