Mr. Sunshine

Did anyone watch? It was only OK, but I think that is true of every pilot. I like the cast, and thought it kind of had a Better Off Ted vibe (although maybe that is only because Andrea Anders is in it.)

I’ll watch it again.

Anyone else?

I meant to TiVo it but forgot. I caught the first 2 minutes at the end of the TiVo’d Modern Family and saw one of the few jokes they had teased in the last couple of weeks “you just tell Mr. Springsteen that I’m the boss (no, don’t actually tell him that!)”. I hope the next 20 minutes had more to offer.

I may continue to watch just for Allison Janney, who was hilarious. If the rest of the show improves at all over the pilot, it will probably be worth it.

That was my take on it.

It had its moments, but it seemed a bit formulaic and forced. I’m not a big Matthew Perry fan–his odd facial expressions don’t have the comedic affect on me I think they’re supposed to, rather they tend to take me out of the moment.

The setting has some good potential for humor and longevity, but I sort of feel like the creators started with the setting specifically for that, and built the show out from there by adding zany characters. There was a lack of organic-ness to it, if that makes sense… it just seemed constructed by market research rather than “Hey, you know what would be funny? If…”

I’ll probably give it another shot to see where they go with it, but I’m not anticipating it becoming a “must see.”
I found it somewhat amusing though that they bumped Monica’s show for Chandlers.

I liked it.

The cast is excellent. I’m a Friends fan and I do like Matthew Perry. He was, well, Matthew Perry. Allison Janney was hilarious, and I think she’ll be even better when her character gets a little better defined. Andrea Anders is both adorable and funny. I liked James Lesure on Las Vegas, but it’s too soon to tell how this character will fare. Plus, Hurley!

Between the cast and the script, there were some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. My one hope is that they tone down the frenetic pace and the spectacle aspect of it. The pilot kind of had a “trying-too-hard” vibe; I suspect that’ll improve when the show finds its voice, which I think it will.

Oh, and I liked the theme song.

The bit with the clowns with the axes and Allison Janney using the kid as a shield (and then throwing him!) was hilarious. But the rest of the show was kind of meh.

This is the new show this season I was most looking forward, so it was a long wait. I don’t really care about Matthew Perry (hated him on Friends, loved him on Studio 60), but the concept of the arena management sounded interesting and original. I hope they can book Pearl Jam so they can do a “it’s 1AM and the band refuses to get off the stage” episode.

Wow, worst theme song ever.

Poor Allison Janney. She’s so much better than this. Is she going to play a human cartoon character all the time? I don’t care for her idiot son at all either.

Hey, isn’t that the Better Off Ted girl? Glad to see her back!!! It’s also impossible to dislike Hurley, even if he IS lost on a weak-starting series.

I’ll give it a couple more eps and see if it gets better.

My local TV reviewer didn’t like it, and she usually has a good instinct for picking shows that die quickly and those that stick around. Was thinking about catching it on later in the week, but thinking now maybe I’ll just pass.

I thought it was mostly pretty bad except for Allison Janney. Everything with Perry and the blonde bimbo was just stupid and witless. “Friends with benefits.” Aren’t we daring and edgy? No.

It’s a badly written show. Janney is good enough to save her scenes and at least has something to work with. It’s possible that her character’s son has some kind of dry, Jonah Hill type potential, but the lead characters (Perry and the blonde) are just dead weight. I may give the show one more chance, but I’m not hopeful.

I love Allison Janney, who is the sole reason I added the show to my DVR’s season pass. I haven’t watched the show yet, though, so I can’t proclaim judgement yet.

It’s weird not seeing them in an Aaron Sorkin show; they were both great in West Wing and the fact that Studio 60 sucked donkey balls was not Perry’s fault.

It had the typical pilot problem of needing to add each new character individually and then define that character in a specific, yet over-the-top way. I’m hoping that everybody gets more personality and more rounded and more human. Shouldn’t be all that tough, really. The cast is great (except for the son) and the opportunities for interactions are huge.

I saw somebody give it a B grade. Seems right. Too many jokes were predictable, too many situations were strained. Allison Janney was nuts in one sentence and then delivering sound wisdom the next. But I think that the pilot of 30 Rock was a lot like that and that just got better with every episode. Cougar Town was like that, so they threw away most of the premise and concentrated on the characters. If a show has lots of promise then it will probably deliver on it.

Still mourn for Better Off Ted, though.

I was…let’s say…less than pleased, but I will greatly agree that it happens with a lot of pilots and that the previews ruined a lot.

I am one however to give series a big chance so I will continue to watch it for a while before I would maybe give up on it.

I’ll also be the first one to say that I think his “set a guy on fire” secretary set me on fire…HOT!

I guess I’m in the minority here. Many, many of the lines had me laughing. Which is definitely more than I can say for some of my favorite comedies these days (HIMYM is a good example).

For a pilot, the episode was great. It can only go up from here.

Also, have any of you seen a pill on the floor? It’s white and has spanish on it.

First episodes often try to cram too much in, I definitely felt that here. The blonde girl is pretty so I’ll watch until something more interesting comes along at that time slot.

I am a serious Matthew Perry fan, he was 90% of the reason I loved *Friends. * So I enjoyed it enormously, seeing as how he was in every scene, which suited me right down to the ground.

I thought it was woefully unfunny.
Unlikeable lead character, cliche-ridden plot, and over-the-top characters.
This could have been good if someone like Tina Fey had written it - but she didn’t.
I will be surprised if this show makes it past this first 1/2 season.

She’ll always be Joey girl to me.

I didn’t think it was bad, but I’d rather have had Cougar Town on instead. Or better yet get rid of that horrible Better With You and put this in that slot.

Agreed. Amazingly dull show.

I disagree.

Not about the unfunny and cliche-ridden, because it was.

But it could be good. I thought the characters had real promise (maybe it was just because they were good actors). They will have to execute the current writing staff, of course.

I have to agree with this. I like most of the actors, but they just don’t click in this. There were a couple of moments when I smiled, but no laugh-out-loud scenes at all. I would say that it’s DOA, but have learned that you can never underestimate viewer IQ in this country.