Mundane, just talking

I sit here and I am not sure what to say. I want to talk to someone.

I am mad, upset, pissed off, happy and relaxed all in the same frame.

Ask me about living with a compulsive liar?


It is not a joke and it is not easy to get out of.

I think I should make a list of the lies but I can not make even one lie worth telling.
God, that sounds dumb.

My hurts brain.

Abort, retry, fail?

Um, I’ll bite.

What’s it like living with a compulsive liar? Did they ever lie about stuff like whether there was any toilet paper left or whether they’d checked the mail that day?

Yes. He lied about TP and hid mail that had to do with his lies.

Living with a liar is not the same as being one.

I am not even sure why you would care about my troubles.

It hurts. He lied about everything. EVERYTHING!

I am afraid, alone and again scared. I made this post for some hope. Maybe there more like me?

He is a compulisive liar.

It may not be easy, but is there a way to get out of the situation?

I am out of it as of yesterday.

He is in jail. His lies cost him his freedom even if for only a little while. A felony warrant will put a damper on your plans.

I married two drunks, lived with a cheater and now a liar. Man I sure can pick them. Not that I am a prize by any means but I don’t hurt the ones I love, at least I hope I don’t.

I blame myself. I should have seen the signs. I mean I did see them but I ignored them. If I could have that one moment back. The moment when my insticts told me to walk away. That one instant changed my life for three years. I think the worst part is that I dismissed myself. My own mind told me but I didn’t listen to it.

So for three years I put up with his lies over and over. At first they seem to be white lies. Then they became CYA lies. Then they were just lies. The whole damn three years was a lie. Everything.

I was talking to my mother on the phone and was telling her some of the things he had said and she cracked up laughing, which made me laugh. It was just down right absurd.

The Pepsi was NOT on sale. A dumb lie about Pepsi. I mean most people that happen to lie do it for a reason. Maybe to save a friends feelings or to get out a day of work. Sometimes they are not even lies to a certain degree they are just a stretch of the truth. The old “fish tale” lie. This was different.

I hope I can come back and read this someday and it will make some sort of sense to me. Right now I am tired. More tired than I think I have ever been.


I’m glad you have someone to talk to about this and put it into perspective. Are you able to make it on your own for now, and take a break from a commited relationship? You’ve learned a lot about listening to your own instincts; but even if there’s a next time–people can be very manipulative so don’t blame yourself for it.

I can make it on my own but it is going to be hard but it is going to be better than living with a liar.

Remember this. You will be okay, for no other reason than that you recognize the truth of what you’ve said here. You will make it on your own. It will likely be hard at times. It will always be better than living with a liar.
Be encouraged that you can laugh about it now! The Pepsi wasn’t on sale? Who lies about soda? I think your first warning should have been that he even considered drinking Pepsi. :dubious::wink: