My 5 year old niece says Obama kills babies

I was over at my parents’ house yesterday because my sister-in-law and her 3 daughters, who are of course my nieces, were visiting. The girls are ages 12, 10 and 5. They are each bright and active girls. I was playing the kids card game Fling with the 5 year old - and getting my rear end kicked, BTW - when she announced “Obama kills babies.” I was just floored. To my knowledge the older girls had never said such a thing. I told her that wasn’t true, that Obama was a nice man who’d never killed anyone and that anyone who told her that was very wrong. She said Mr. Smith had told her that, Smith being the father of a classmate of one of the other girls, who I met at one of the girls’ birthday parties.

My sister-in-law is Very Catholic and Very Right to Life.

I am kind of Catholic and am anti-Abortion, a Democrat who volunteered for Obama, and I want very much to punch Mr. Smith in the nose the next time I see him.

Well, not personally, but he certainly has ordered the killing of some people. That’s pretty much a given for any US President.

Tell them that not only is it true, if they’re not good and stay up past their bedtimes, Obama will come out of his home in the basement and come for them!

(nobody ever asks me to watch their kids anymore)

Don’t forget that infanticide is still practiced by some groups in his native country of Kenya.

On the Big Island or the smaller one?

Just tell her that Mr. Smith killed Santa, and it is his fault she won’t be getting any presents this year.

It depends if you’re counting Afghan babies. Maybe they don’t count since they’re not very important.

Have you rever seen an Afghan puppy? They’re adorable!

Oh, and I’m supposed to believe he’s the one Muslim who doesn’t kill and eat babies?

Why would any decent adult say anything about “killing babies” in any sense to a five year old?

It’s possible that he didn’t say it to her. It’s possible he said it in her presence and she heard it. You’ve heard the saying, “Little pitchers have big ears”.

And they kill babies.

Obama has big ears.
He doesn’t kill babies but it is his fault the oil leak in the gulf has not be plugged.

Not likely one time would do it. He would have to repeat it a lot to get it through to a kid.

Not necessarily. Statements like “Put your dirty underwear in the laundry basket” and “Don’t blow bubbles in your milk” and “You can’t have candy after dinner except as a treat on Saturday night” typically have to be repeated a lot to get it through to a kid.

Statements like “Motherfucking sonofabitch, use your turn signal!!” and “I hate Obama, he kills babies!” and “Holy hell, did you see the hooters on that one?” will typically be remembered and repeated with fatal accuracy after just one hearing.
Not saying that the sister-in-law or the classmate’s father necessarily isn’t trying to indoctrinate these kids with repetition, just pointing out that kids are quite capable of recalling and quoting things they’ve only heard one time.

He should be plugging it with babies, duh.

“[Insert name] kills babies” should be a corollary to Godwins law IMO. Hyperbole is not even close to what these people are insinuating.

A baby killer is someone that murders babies, like stabbing infants in their strollers. A doctor that performs abortions is preventing the birth of what may end up being a baby in the future (yes, there is a huuuge amount of interpretation that happens here).

A politician can decide to allow abortions (again, many definitions, cases, etc.).

So, “killing babies” can be both a baby stabber, or a politician making laws. Those seem close enough to be considered one in the same. [rolleyes]

IMO the camps with this issue are too polarized, as is usually the case with sensitive issues, and all partisan politics.

Should a slutty girl be able to use abortion as a last resort contraception method? Fuck no!

Should a girl that was raped by her dad, and is going to have a disfigured baby, be forced to endure 9 months of pregnancy only to deliver a still-born baby? Fuck no!

Abortion should be legal, but very rare IMO. I think that people that say “I can terminate whenever I want for whatever reason”, and people that say “every pregnancy, regardless of risk, reason, or outcome needs to be brought to full term” are deluded, and can’t see the whole picture.

Did I miss the post where someone suggested that you mention it to the girl’s mother?

Seriously, I’d want to know… before my kid spread it around the school, and I got called in (because the teachers all assumed she’d picked it up from ME).

“Native country.” :rolleyes:

Of course you know better, you’re just making a douchebag joke.

Mr. Smith, like many adults, says things that aren’t true. Just because somebody tells you something, doesn’t mean it is true.

Obama isn’t even an abortion provider. On what planet does he actually kill babies?