My Evil Cunt Of An Ex-Wife

So my ex calls me TWO days before Christmas and says “this is my year to have the kids on the holidays and I want them on Christmas”. True, this IS supposed to be her year to have them on major holidays BUT the ignorant bitch has NEVER called me to get them all year! Not ONCE!!! So I say, fine but you need to talk to them first as they already made plans of their own for Christmas. She talks to them and they ALL say no, can we do it on Tuesday or Wednesday? She says sure! no problem. She also says the same damn thing to me and we set it for Wednesday instead. Fine. Everythings taken care of, right? NOOOOOOOOO…

Today, we’re at my mother’s house, getting ready to eat dinner and she calls. I answer and she says she wants to tell the kids Merry Christmas. I say okay and give the phone to the kids and go back to helping my brother get the food done. Ten minutes later, my middle daughter, age 13, comes into the kitchen crying and I finally get out of her that her mother just TOLD her that she was going to have the judge throw me in jail for not letting her see the kids on Christmas day!!! I, of course, freaked after getting my daughter calmed down. Then, I calmly drove over to the stupid cunts apartment and told her to her face that I was going to ask the judge to limit her visitation with the kids to supervised only and that if she EVER did that to one of the kids again, I’d petition the Court to remove her parental rights completely.

The shit just blew my fucking mind! On Christmas yet! I actually spoke to her and didn’t even swear once. Pretty damn hard for an ex-GI that was in as long as I was. What’s really the most ridiculous aspect of the whole thing is that we have sworn statements from everyone including her MOTHER that say that she’s a habitual liar and should NOT have any visitation with the kids at all.

What a fucking day. If I refused to ever let her see the kids in the first place, I could sort of see her being such a bitch slut cunt whore, but, I ALWAYS let the kids see her regardless of if it’s her weekend or not!

My Christmas/New Year’s wish is that she would move to the other side of the Earth and then drop off…


This is so sad, that you had to deal with this on Christmas. Get it out of your system, here in the Pit. A good place for it. Use the foulest words to describe this horrid woman, she deserves it!

Other than that, how was your Christmas? (Really?)

Merry Christmas. Don’t let that bitch ruin it for you.

I appreciate it but try to NOT talk like I did when I was in the Army any more. Truth is, I wouldn’t let a dog fuck her nasty, disease ridden, stench filled, stretched out, dried up worthless excuse for a pussy. It would be mean to the dog and she’d probably like it to much.

Other than that, we had a great Christmas! I did my best to push us into the poor house even faster than LAST year!

I know that MY problem is that I’ve always been to fucking nice about the whole divorce and I should start treating her like the demonspawn that she is. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t raised that way and my father would probably come back from the grave and beat the ever loving shit out of me for treating a “woman” like shit. Even if shit IS better than she is.

Happy fucking ho-ho everyone! I’ll think of y’all when I get lip-crawling drunk with the wife and Persephone on New Years Eve!!!

I wonder if there is anything lower than someone who manipulates their kids during/after a divorce?

Sorry you had to deal with that. She sounds like a real piece of work.

Well, I meant you should cuss here - not IRL! :smiley: It’s theraputic to get it all out in the Pit. And I see you are using the cussing therapy liberally!

xploder, don’t let her get you after spending a wonderful day with your kids. My guess is her intention was just to piss you off and ruin your day. My ex is like that as well. They miss out on so much in their lonely, sad lives. Obviously your kids are happy where they are or they would have flown the coop to spend the day with her.

People who use their kids as weapons should be strung up, upside and dipped in tar.

Blow off your steam, swear, scream and rant then go on and enjoy your holidays with the kids. Thats whats important here, not some twit who wanted to ruin your day.


Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, my friend!

You have my permission to get drunk on New Year’s. But don’t let Mrs. xploder get too tipsy. Mr. Persephone won’t be attending–he got a sweet gig. And if you leave the driving to me, well, I’ll probably wreck your car.

Not because I’ll be drunk, mind you. I already said I’d be the DD. I’m just a crappy driver.

Hope the girls are okay!

My sympathies, Xploder; she sounds like a total wench.
With all respect to your father, consider the damage this is doing to the two little women under you care, i.e. your daughters. Letting a toxic bitch jerk them around for anyreason isn’t right. Getting tough isn’t the same as getting mean. Limiting–or eliminating–her visitation rights is protecting your kids. If/when she decides to be a decent mother, then that’s a different kettle of fish.

In other words, stop beating yourself for being white-hot furious with the bitch. And don’t let her exploit your gentlemanly instincts to the detriment of your daughters.


That sounds as bad as my mom. Of course my mom tried to basically kidnap my sister because she wouldent go with her.

Xploder, you should be nice to her. As if you don’t your daughter will probably try to get a husband thats not nice to her:) Circle of abuse and all.

Persephone…no worries love…Beth already said she’d drive.

Tveblen…thanks for the advice but I already am in the process of trying to get her visitation stopped and have to go back to Court next week, so I’lll find out something then hopefully.

Asmodean…I fully understand the circle of violence and how it affects children which is one of the many reasons I AM as nice as possible. Thanks for the note though :stuck_out_tongue:

Bill and Beth

I’m just curious…because this comes up alot in the world…how is it that YOU managed to fuck such an evil woman, at least, twice, to produce your children?

I am consistently amazed by the number of people who end up in complete hate-filled relatioships with ex-spouses. Who were they when you married them? How long had you known them? How is it you were so completely clueless about their essential natures that you ended up married to them and making children with them?

I’m not trying to give you shit…I’m genuinely curious about this. It seems really weird to me.

Of course, I’ve been with my fiance for almost 6 years, and we’ve been engaged for nearly 3, with no wedding date in sight…but I guess that’s just me.


Why not try converting some of the anger you feel for your X into energy to be used to comfort the kids? I’m sure I’d would be difficult, but its the most positive way I can think of to deal with a bad situation.

Bad parents suck. Hang in there and here’s a tip o’ the hat for being a good Dad.

Just so EVERYONE knows…

It was THREE times not just TWICE. Actually though, she was a nice person when I married her and we had known each other since high-school. Clueless I was not. She changed at some point after I had joined the Army and went mental somehow. Granted, since two of my children were BORN in Germany, I must have noticed something right? Wrong. I was so wrapped up in the Military experience that I didn’t see what was happening. Before I was deployed to Desert Storm, she got REALLY bad, and I will NOT gbo into the details, that I ended up sending her back to the States. Unfortunately, I also had to send the kids with her. At least I was smart enough to send them to stay with my parents, (Dad was an ex-Marine) so that the kids would be able to see what a relationship SHOULD be.

Things went sort of okay for quite a while and then fell apart as I’, quite sure the other divorced members of this board can attest to. The thing that really broke the camel’s back was that on my oldest daughter’s 12th birthday, my ex up and left without even saying Happy Birthday, Goodbye, Fuck you or any other damn thing! I found out later that shhe had forged my name to buy a car, which she subsequently cracked up in Detroit.

My middle daughter has, since the ex left, called the police on her mother because she was smoking marijuana in front of the kids. I have NOTHING against marijauana use and have smoked it myself on MANY occasions but ** never in the presence of my kids!!! **

This is not the first time she has done shitty things like this and I DO plan on bringing it up to the Judge come next week when we go back into Court to decide child support.

MY problem has ALWAYS been that I am just to nice. If anyone recalls, I posted a thread in MPSIMS about my current wife being too nice because she brought a stray dog into our home. Well, we still have the dog and it seems to have become MY dog.

I’ve rambled on more than long enough, but, believe me that I could cite MANY instances of her totally improper behavior when it comes to the kids.

In any case, I’ll stop for now because this is getting maudlin.


Actually had this written out and saved before you posted your reply, Bill…

Didn’t mean to bust your chops, 'cause it sounds like you have grief aplenty. But it just burns me when exploiters–male or female–play out their sick little ego games and hamstring civil, good hearted people. Always seems the way, doesn’t it, that the nicest people end up shovelling dung after the worst?

I’m so glad, for your sake, and your family’s, that you’re drawing the line. No explanations are needed; people do change and all you can do is adapt in the ways you must. In my ham-handed way I just wanted to assure you that aren’t being “mean”, your anger is justified, your intent is good and you should not feel any guilt about doing what’s right.

Rock on.

No, not really. I can say this with absolute certainty, though. There must be something wrong with her, because xploder is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, ever. Since he and I share a city, we spend a lot of time together, and he and the lovely Mrs. xploder have become very good friends. The daughters babysit my kids, and my kids adore them.
Okay, Bill, you can keep ranting now. Unless you’d care to join us in the “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees” thread over in MPSIMS. :smiley: