My first tread, and it's to ask WHY?

That’s the question I really need to ask.
Why do people insist on fcking lying, even when they know they will eventually be found out?
When it would be easier to just tell the G
d Damned truth, and be up front about things???
I don’t know how much sense this is making…but, damn…I just had to do this. I can’t tell anyone. And, I’m the one who feels the fool. As I’m the one who was betrayed. And, what is really sad, I, in my heart knew the truth, and asked certain questions, only to have them denied as well.
It just doesn’t seem too much to ask, honesty from friends and lovers. Am I just naive, or what???

Don’t look at me, I’m just waiting for the fools to rush in.

Why? Well, maybe because your second one will be a re-“tread.”

Can you tell I was p*ssed! Hey, a tread to remember!:smack:

This girl I had fallen in love with, I fell out of love the second she did that to me. I looked deep in her eyes and asked if she was lying about something (the exact thing was pretty inconsequential,) and she looked me deep in the eyes and said no. I knew she was lying, and from that moment on I knew I could never respect myself if I ever believed her again.

She not only thought she could get away with an obvious lie, she disrespected me enough to think i’d believe it. So I feel ya.

So I feel for ya. So i’m witcha. Whatever :wink:

I was gonna go for the angel angle, but you… [sub][/sub]rabble rabble mumble[sub][/sub] :smiley:

What the hell are talking about?

are YOU talking about

Because loneliness is now, and tomorrow is not.

What I want to know, theo, is exactly what a “rangel” is.

I asked the same question when I bought my first pair of treads, way back in 1973. “Why” did I feel such a slave to teenage fashion?




Yes, this was the right forum
I needed a kick in the ass.
I needed a laugh, and was supplied with that as well.
Thanks to all those who participated in my first tread, will re-tread at a later date.

Are we not to desecrate or make possible desecration upon the name of the Almighty Golden Liquid?

Because the truth hurts, often just as much to tell it as it is to hear it. Don’t hold people to such high, idealized standards.

Well, seeing as I am 6’ 7", body by Soloflex, hair by Sassoon, clothes by Armani, brains by NASA, salary by Haliburton and looks by Greek Gods and Mattel, I have never fully understood the need for lies.

But I am here to learn.

Did I mention that I am also humble by birth?

W I se*…

That was a truly great post. :smiley:

My long lost brother! I finally found you!
I’m taking my lessons seriously :wink:

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

It’s okay to trust people from the onset, until they give you a reason not to. After that, you can hardly sit and wail that they lied to you once you realized they were a liar.

Cut them loose, and go find the trustworthy people.