My friend needs social advise.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I was the Phreak you were scared of in high school. Y’know, the nice guy who always looked out for everyone else. The one who had no fashion sense and no athletic ability. The total square, daddy-o. The one who had a small group of tight friends who knew him for his innner self.

Four years later that guy is reforming. The haircut is passable. The clothes are generic office casual. He is now in his mid twenties. Working 5-6 days a week at a well-to-do middle class job. The job is unfulfulling socially. He wants to branch out. He NEEDS to date. (Not that he ever did in the past but now he knows how much he longs for more than a generic friend in his life.) He didn’t make many friends in college, and most of his friends are married. He doesn’t drink (waaay too strict alcohol penalties in this state). So, what advice do you have for my friend Cletus?

PS, he is uncomfortable with large social situations at times, like S.A.D. but just his mental outlook from being sh#t on so much in life. How does he make the first move? It seems he can make friends with anyone he choses but he can’t seem to make the next step. (He is probably more mature for his age as his elders compliment him on the type of person he is-though as a early-mid twenties guy he wants to go out and “party” with the fresh 20 year olds from college. He never partied much in his life-parents kinda made him an old maid before his time)

What are Cletus’ interests? Does he have any that would lead him to take a class or join an organization? Volunteer?

Well Cletus has the typical nerd things going for him, Computers, etc. Classes-Well, he makes a decent living (and colleges are a great place to meet women) but I think he’s waiting for his tenure at the current job so he gets tuition reimbursement. The guy isn’t much for volunteering, he’ll help friends out and such but I can’t see him in a soup kitchen.

I guess what I feel bad about is trying to help the guy make the jump. He could make friends easily however
A.) He doesn’t drink
B.) He doesn’t know anywhere but the bar to meet women
C.) He can’t get over the akwardness of walking up to a complete strange woman in the bar and trying to pick her up. (He’s not good at reading people)

Also I think he’s getting mixed responses from several of his friends. Though we’re building him up, confidence, looks, etc. He doesn’t know how to work it to his advantage. IE He’ll see a hot girl with a loser BF because the BF is in a band or other such silliness, but he doesn’t know how to expand on what he has to offer and keep the girls entertained. (He’s worried that if he isn’t a “player” and knows the club scene, into all the hip ‘bands’ and gets stone drunk every night the women wil get bored with him. )

I reccomend he contact a local cult in the area. Great place to find friends. Though he sounds a little old for it, see if the local college has a Campus Crusade for Cthulhu chapter. I am sure they will let him join.